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Good Morning Thursday

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12Michael Thu 03-Dec-20 06:14:22

Good Morning Everyone,
Its dark ,and its raining this morning in Brackley .
Anyway , yesterday I had the call from a Doctor from my surgery , explained the symptoms which I have been having , it was suggested I have my twice yearly blood test at the surgery , and this will be followed by aa phone consultation with the nurse after a few days later, i seem to have a reaction to the current flu jab, which may have similarity's to coronavirus .
Today , will catch bus to Bicester to visit a cafe I use c/w with xmas card , plus a small shop as well before ereturning home .
Take care,

Ashcombe Thu 03-Dec-20 06:22:21

Good morning from a rather soggy Torbay!

The picture is a recent addition to my Christmas decorations which I switch on during the dark hours each morning and evening.

After a false dawn in which I thought a trip to France for Christmas was likely, I now find I’m unlikely to be admitted there due to their stringent criteria for allowing foreigners to visit. Macron might relax the rules on 15th December, but only if there are fewer than 5,000 new Covid cases each day. Also, if there’s a chance of me having the vaccine in the New Year, I don’t want to be overseas or in the two week quarantine which would still be required on my return!

Others on here have far more serious concerns, especially grandMattie with Lily and Grammaretto with her recent loss and EllanVannin plus Mick with health issues. Thoughts with them and all who are weighed down with worry at present.

grandMattie Thu 03-Dec-20 06:25:48

Good morning from a dark, chilly E Kent.
Mick, it is interesting that it took so long for the reacto the flu jab to manifest itself. At least, something is being done. I hope you improve soon.
The news o Iris, is excellent. She’s off morphine and more herself. She had the first (terrifying) physio session in the morning to get her to sit on the edge of her bed. In the afternoon, the dressings were changed, very painful but bravely borne. Finally another physio when she managed to get into her wheelchair. This means she can go outside to see her sister this afternoon. She is beside herself with excitement. The cage is enormous from groin to toe, very heavy and cumbersome, loads of screws and bits, but she’s coping well. Thank you for your good wishes.
Got my Spanish class this morning. Although better than nothing, I’m finding it difficult to engage, so have the other four students. We shan’t be face to face until April for the last two classes. It is very demoralising.
Hope everyone has a good day, especially Marydoll, EV, and everyone else with problems. X

baubles Thu 03-Dec-20 06:30:42

Good morning Mick hope you don’t have to wait long to get to the bottom of whatever is causing your symptoms.
Morning everyone, we have snow here in South Lanarkshire! I wasn’t expecting that.

Today my new sofa and armchair should be delivered, fingers crossed. I had tried to donate the old one to the British Heart Foundation but they aren’t taking donations at the moment as they, and we are in tier 4, the furniture store, however are happy to deliver into our house. Can’t see the logic myself. Thankfully a friend has a contact in a local family support network and they were delighted to collect the furniture yesterday and have a family ready to receive it. It wasn’t fun getting it out of the house though, we’re both a bit long in the tooth for humping heavy loads.

I also sorted out all the Christmas shopping I’ve done and can see what I still need. No shops open here yet though, I guess it’ll need to be more online shopping.

Have the best day possible, look after yourselves.

Greyduster Thu 03-Dec-20 06:30:45

Good morning Michael and all GNs. It’s still dark in South Yorkshire and I have been up for an hour. Good to hear the doctor phoned you Mick, and I hope they see you for bloods soon. Take it easy in the meantime.
We had a Face Time with GS and his folks yesterday. It was chaotic as usual. I was tired and just wanted to switch them all off! Hairdressers today and then some shopping on the way home. Have the best day you can folks.

Bellasnana Thu 03-Dec-20 06:38:06

Good morning Mick, and all to follow.
I’m getting in early today as I’ve left it too late the past couple of days.

Weather in Malta has cooled down to a high of 17°C, so still not too bad although today we are promised thundery showers.

How disappointing for you Ashcombe, to have your hopes dashed. It does not make your troubles any less because others have worse to deal with. It’s all relative and you are entitled to feel sad and fed up. 💐

Glad you had a chat with your GP, Mick and hope they will get to the bottom of why you’ve not been feeling too good.

Not much to report from here. I did get my tree up yesterday, nothing special but it did cheer me up to see the lights twinkling away so I guess it was worth the effort!

Wishing everyone the best day possible. Glad to hear little Iris continues to recover from her op. Sending very best wishes to her and all who are feeling poorly or fed up.☀️tchsmile

Ashcombe Thu 03-Dec-20 06:43:01

Bless you, Bellasnana for your kind words - my tears are adding to the rain here!

Dwmxwg Thu 03-Dec-20 06:47:17

Good morning from north Surrey. Not peeped out yet but was glad to pop the heating on.
GrandMattie positive “steps” for Iris, so glad all is going well
Mick hope your GP consultation has helped
Ashcombe I do hope numbers mean you can get to see DH for Christmas but think you are right to have a plan number 2.
My decorations all up now and did make a start on the wrapping which has given me a good idea of what I still need to buy. Had the Christmas Chronicles film on whilst I was wrapping, a bit American cheesy for me.
We had a lovely doggy walk in a new area for us which made a nice change.
Boys here so they will be up soon. They have 2 advent calendars, chocolate and Lego Star Wars, they are lucky boys. Get them off to school and make a start on the ironing.
Thoughts to all with pain, illness and troubles 💐

farview Thu 03-Dec-20 06:48:15

Morning everyone..*Ashcombe*..that's awful for you,felt really sad for you when I read your post...but pray that you manage to get there...💐
granMattie your granddaughter is a little star!!
Keep safe everyone..this too will pass..🦋

Beechnut Thu 03-Dec-20 06:57:32

Good Morning everyone from Severnside where the raindrops are sparkling on the window panes.

I’m off to do my weekly shop a day early and I am going to make the effort to have my haircut today along with a few errands. Get it all done in one go.

Take care all 🌻☔️

cornergran Thu 03-Dec-20 06:59:46

Morning Mick, morning All from a dark and very wet corner of Somerset. Today’s challenge is to set up a bit of new-to-us tech, apparently it should take 15 minutes, we’re assuming all day and possibly tomorrow too! Bellasnanna is right, Ashcombe, of course your hurt is as valid as anyone’s. I’m sorry you’ve had such a disappointment, be gentle with yourself. Thank you grandMattie for sharing the good news about Iris, it sounds as if your sewing skills will definitely be needed. Have you been able to relax yet? Hope you can have your blood test quickly Mick, be good to be certain of the cause, in the meantime look after yourself.. Thinking of everyone with heavy hearts this morning, be careful out and about.

Beauregard Thu 03-Dec-20 07:01:08

Good morning all from Derbyshire. I can hear the rain on the window.

An early shop this morning. DD asked yesterday if we could have DGS today as his teacher is ill and they've been told the children can't go to school. She says it definitely isn't covid related, or we wouldn't be able to have him. I wonder if supply teachers aren't being used at the moment, but it seems a bit odd.

DH's hospital appointment went well and he is now awaiting surgery. He was told February/March next year. This was a real surprise as we'd thought it wouldn't happen before Autumn due to delays caused by the pandemic.

It's good you're being checked over by the doctors Mick
Ashcombe how disappointing for you
I'm pleased to hear little Iris is more herself again grandMattie

Hope today is a good day for all.

Georgesgran Thu 03-Dec-20 07:03:17

Good morning from Durham, where it’s still dark and cold. We are forecast rain today and for the next week - what joy!
Had a lovely walk around the riverbanks yesterday - absolutely stunning- but the amount of rubbish just thrown about and in the water was depressing. Why can’t people use litter bins??
Coffee with a friend this morning - we’ll have to dress for the weather! Off to hospital later with DH for more blood tests - Nephrology this time, to be followed by a telephone consultation on Saturday.

Onwards and upwards, I suppose. Hope everyone has the best day today, given the circumstances. X

Sark Thu 03-Dec-20 07:09:37

Good morning from a chilly Oxfordshire
Ashcombe really feel for you and you must be fed up..keeping fingers crossed though
grandMattie sending best wishes to your brave little lady
Bellasnana lovely tree..I must put ours up soon, I love the lights too.
Work now and later I must have a sort through all the deliveries/presents as I seem to have stuff everywhere!
Have a good day everyonesmile

Sar53 Thu 03-Dec-20 07:14:31

Good morning from a still dark Essex by the sea. I think we are due some rain today and it's not going to be very warm either.
I finally received the elusive parcel yesterday, although that wasn't without it's drama. Looking at my online banking this morning I appear to have been refunded for the first order and not charged for the second. I have to praise the customer service ladies at Molton Brown, they couldn't have done more or been more helpful. Well done them.
Supermarket shop this morning and then sealing two parcels for my daughter's families containing Christmas goodies for my granddaughters.
Good up hear that Iris is doing well.
Ashcombe I'm sorry that your trip to France may not happen. My DH and I had a long distance relationship for two years and it's not easy.
Mick please take things easy and I hope you soon feel better.
Look after yourselves everyone and stay safe xx

Jaxjacky Thu 03-Dec-20 07:14:59

Good morning all from a rainy S Hants. Ashcombe thwarted at every turn, how disappointing, hopefully there will be a chink. GMattie onwards and upwards* and Mick good you’ve had a GP chat.
Kitchen floor latexed, Karndean being laid this morning. Tonight we must empty most of the l room into the kitchen as carpet being laid tomorrow, the fitters are moving the big furniture, I’ll be pleased to stop packing and unpacking. Real tree being delivered today too, to sit outside for a while.
Hoping you all have a gentle day.

Grandmabatty Thu 03-Dec-20 07:34:34

Good morning All from a snowy Polmont! First of the winter. It isn't thick but it looks very icy out. I'm babysitting today so I'll have to organise grandma's nursery. I'm out to defrost the car shortly. Ashcombe that's so disappointing for you. Good to have a back up plan. grandmattiethe tribulations that your dgd is going through make me wince. Poor wee soul. No plans for me today as dgs will keep me busy. Have a good day all.

EllanVannin Thu 03-Dec-20 07:45:20

Good Morning All x.
Dark and cold--that's all I can see/feel. Thankyou all, I'm back to near normal now after my " turn ". xx

So many hurdles Ashcombe, I feel your frustration and sadness. Let's hope after all this that you can achieve your goal. x

Mick, I hope you get sorted too.
So glad to learn that Iris is doing well GrandMattie, the news really is cheering and may it continue, bless her x

Early shower for me this morning as I have my INR @ 9am, so hoping all's well there. It should be because apart from that one blip I've been alright for the past 3 months since it was last done.

So much for the long rest yesterday, I hoovered all round in readiness to add more clutter decorations around to cheer the place up. I have a row of bright candles like Urmston's and a new pack of batteries so I'm all set. Not sure about the tree yet as one set of lights went caput last year and the remaining ones are the LED things which aren't the same.

I'll titivate around as best I can with the lighted " twiglets ", there are 4 of them so that'll suffice I think. You've only got to pack it all up later on grin

Expecting a volley of parcels this next couple of days so I hope I don't miss anyone while I'm out, though I won't be long. This is my downfall you see, I worry about things and get myself all of a do-da which isn't good for me.

Must get cracking now and will probably have my crumpets when I return rather than throw them down my neck and not enjoy them.
Hoping everyone is keeping well. Stay safe and I'll catch up when I come back. xx

Pantglas2 Thu 03-Dec-20 07:53:25

A damp morning all from the north Wales coast where I’m enjoying the chamberpot whilst making kedgeree for breakfast.

We’ll be joined by DD on her way back from dropping Son in law off at Yspyty Gwynedd for a minor op - how lovely to have her all to myself for a few hours! Once they’re married with children they arrive en masse don’t they!.

Good to hear little Iris is doing well and sad for Ashcombe that Christmas reunion may not happen 💐. Your Christmas trees are looking good ladies - we all seem to be latecomers on that score in this street!

Had a lovely overnighter in one of our local taverns and yes Cherry the food was delicious 😋- so sad their business will be declining over the next few weeks, the temperance society in Wales is back with a vengeance!

Hope all with health worries have a little respite and everyone stays safe x

NannyJan53 Thu 03-Dec-20 07:56:52

Good Morning from a dark and rainy Black Country.

My Partner has a consultation at the Eye Hospital in Birmingham today, regarding a cataract. It is a private hospital but sent there by NHS.

I will try to keep busy at home, looks like the house will be having a thorough clean smile

As Bellas says Ashcombe your disappointment is very valid, don't feel guilty about it flowers.That is a fab decoration, where did you buy it from?

Great news about Iris grandMattiechildren seem to bounce back so quickly.

Wishing you all a good day, with special thoughts to all who are feeling down or struggling.

NanKate Thu 03-Dec-20 08:01:44

Good morning Mick and All.

It’s grey and raining here in South Bucks, my waterproof trousers will be in use today. Plus my new waterproof winter boots I bought online from the US. I wondered if I was mad buying shoes I hadn’t tried on but they are ace, only cost £29.99 in the sale and are fur lined too in a rather nice maroon colour.

What a lovely name grandMattie, Iris is such a brave little soul.

I love your Christmas tree Bellasnana. Do I spy silver tennis balls on it or is that wishful thinking ?

Love your lamp Ash so sorry about your disappointment.

Had FaceTime with my lovely older DGS last night. He wanted to repeat his performance for Assembly of King David, then DH walked into the room and he did an encore for him.

One day neared the vaccine 👍. DH is 75 so will get it before me at 74.

NanKate Thu 03-Dec-20 08:02:16

Morning NannyJ.

Lins1066 Thu 03-Dec-20 08:02:47

Good morning Mick and all. It is raining here on the S Welsh coast. Good news about little Iris grandMattie.
I'm sorry that your hopes appear to be dashed Ash, you have every right to be sad, thinking of you.
Mr Lins' appointment at the Eye Clinic went well and he has been discharged. They told him that he may have a cataract in a year or two.
Glad you are feeling better Ellan look after yourself. Hope that Cherry is ok and gilly too.
Hope everyone has a pleasant day. Stay safe.

dragonfly46 Thu 03-Dec-20 08:09:27

Good morning from a damp Leicestershire.

What a star Iris is GrandMattie so pleased she is doing well.
Ashcombe so sorry about your trip to France. It may still happen but uncertainty doesn’t help does it?

I must open some of those packages which have arrived and sort them out today.

Hope everyone stays well.

Pittcity Thu 03-Dec-20 08:12:28

Good morning from a grey, damp Colchester.
Another pile of bric a brac outside the door for various people to collect. One man's junk is another man's treasure as they say.
Ironing and admin to tackle today and Jay's online quiz tonight.
Much love to all. xx