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Good Morning Friday

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12Michael Fri 04-Dec-20 06:11:37

Good Morning Everyone ,
Its dark, and its dry at the moment here in Brackley this morning.
Today , pick up wreathes for family graves , do a shop undecided which supermarket to use .
Did bus to Bicester yesterday , did my usual cafe stop with snack , was tempted to get my haircut as well , as men's hairdressers had nobody in there.
Take Care ,

Dwmxwg Fri 04-Dec-20 06:16:41

Good morning Mick and all to come from north Surrey. Gosh we had some rain yesterday, not a a day for going out and about.
I can hear one of the boys and DH making tea to won’t be peace for too long here.
Get DGSs off to school and have a tidy from their visit. Working this afternoon
Have a good Friday

Beechnut Fri 04-Dec-20 06:20:49

Good Morning everyone from a dark and damp Severnside.

I am meeting up with my daughter today. She is taking me somewhere for a surprise and said “Can we go in your car mum, I’ll drive” I said “You’ll have to, I don’t know where we are going 😂

Thinking of you today Grammaretto 🌷

Take care all 🌼

baubles Fri 04-Dec-20 06:35:09

Good morning Mick, morning all from a very snowy South Lanarkshire.

Thinking of you today Grammaretto.

Not a lot happening here today.
Have as good a day as possible everyone, look after yourselves.

Scentia Fri 04-Dec-20 06:35:11

Good Morning all from East Staffordshire where it is still dark and feels cold out there.
Working today, we are quite busy for this time of year so no WFH for me today!
I am going to brave booking a hair appointment for myself to LG and my DD today, not only will it cheer her up but if I book them for the same time I get to spend 2 hours with her in the warm without breaking any rules.❤️ DH has said he will have DGS if DSiL is away so I am good to go!!
Tomorrow DD and DSiL are having a gender scan so we will know if we will be having another DGS or DGD by lunchtime tomorrow. Whatever it is, I hope they are robust as DGS is a little ‘bruiser’ and loves to play rough!!
I know that by the time I have posted there will be loads of people before me, so I am going to read all your posts with my tea at 10 and post again if I need to.
Meanwhile, time for breakfast (I have some vegan ‘omelette’ mix and I am too scared to try it, it can’t taste good, can it????😂😂
Have a great day all and keep smiling.😀

Ashcombe Fri 04-Dec-20 06:39:02

Good morning, Mick, Dxmxwg and all who follow from a distinctly chilly Torbay!

I’m still feeling very humbled by the wealth of support from so many folk yesterday over my predicament re travel to France. Thank you to everyone for your heartwarming comments which were very touching. DH and I alternate between France and the UK for Christmas but it isn’t possible for him to leave as things stand, Gwenisgreat1, although Macron might lift travel restrictions if numbers of cases decline.

Today, I shall continue putting up the decorations which take me a while - definitely slowing down as the years go by! Yesterday, I decided to make use of a vase which was hand painted by DD1 years ago for my late Mum. DD1 lives in Australia so it’s good to have this as a link between the generations. (photo)

An exciting time for you tomorrow, Scentia. Enjoy your mystery tour, Beechnut! Your quip made me smile! I look forward to hearing from grandMattie about Lily's progress and my thoughts and prayers are with Grammaretto today. 💐💕

Sark Fri 04-Dec-20 06:48:52

Morning everyone from Oxfordshire.
I think it is still dark but haven't peeped out yet
Ashcombe love the vase. I have done the same with a fat round vase full of gold and red baubles ..if I was any good at this tech stuff I would post a photo!
Just a work day for me.
Thinking of all with worries and sending best wishes to allsmile

cornergran Fri 04-Dec-20 06:50:21

Morning Mick, morning All. Seems extra dark in our corner of Somerset so I’m guessing the heavy cloud is still with us. Looks damp too. Sidetracked from our tech challenge yesterday so that will be today’s task. Need to catch up with some admin and generally try to feel as if I’m almost in control. Christmas cards are arriving, I’m delighted to get each one. Your omelette mix sounds, err, interesting Scentia, hope it tastes good. Enjoy your surprise Beechnut, sounds fun. Thoughts are with Grammaretto and all with worries or heavy hearts. Take care everyone, hope Friday is kind.

NanKate Fri 04-Dec-20 06:50:35

Good morning Mick and All.

Too dark to say what it is like today in South Bucks.

Perhaps next time you are near the barbers Mick you could pop in for a trim. I know 3 people who have not had their hair cut since March and IMO look rather like Dickens characters. It is of course their choice.

Thinking of you especially today Grammaretto 💐

Will try and finish my Christmas cards today.

grandMattie Fri 04-Dec-20 06:51:20

Goood morning from a chily, stormy, frankly horrible E Kent. Hope you're feeling better today Mick.
Iris is doing OK, I have only had a photo showing her in her wheelchair, so obviously she is more mobile. I don't like to call DD.
Thinking of you today in particular Grammaretto, stiff upper lip even if you need a bucket of starch for it.
Going to post a parcel for the girls; more knickers for Iris and a long skirt of black crushed velvet with an emerald green duchesse satin hem, and Famous5 books for her big sis.
Sewing today. I'm trying to finish a patchwort lap quilt for myself for the cold evenings.
Ashcombe, sorry that you are finding hard to get to France; perhaps if you disguise yourself as a vaccine box, you can be returned in? grin
Please be gentle with yourselves everyone, esp. EV and MD. Stay safe. X

MawBe Fri 04-Dec-20 07:01:26

Good morning Mick and all from chilly N Bucks. I hope you are feeling better today Mick .
I was awake far too late last night (well more like 1.30 this morning) finishing my book for today’s book club. Many of you will have read it “Where the Crawdads Sing” and it is beautiful, lyrical, serene, not mawkish or sentimental, it a welcome “feel good” read.
It is exactly three years to the day that we buried Paw, and Grammaretto you are very much in my thoughts today -it is a day you dread. I have often wondered who ever really thinks about what they were saying all those years ago at the altar. But you have done what you promised . Be brave and be comforted by your children. 🌺
Wishing us all, wherever we are a peaceful and blessed day.

Bellasnana Fri 04-Dec-20 07:07:40

Good morning from Malta where it is wet and chilly.

I have a hair appointment today for colour, cut and blow dry, so a general refit!

A difficult day for you Grammaretto. I will be thinking of you. 💐

Must get up and get the exercises out of the way before I go out. It’s a supreme effort to get out of bed but what’s new?

Wishing you all the best day possible especially if you are unwell or unhappy.tchsmile

kittylester Fri 04-Dec-20 07:12:35

Good morning all from a quite damp North Leicestershire.

I have missed posting a couple of times this week and I'm not sure why.

I was due to have a pedicure today but it was cancelled last night as my beautician is pregnant and been told not to risk working anymore.

So, I will write the Christmas cards and post them.

Sending love to gramaretto. I hope today is the best it can be.

Beauregard Fri 04-Dec-20 07:22:01

Good morning all. More rain expected here today in Derbyshire.

I'm just having some peace and quiet time until DGS arrives in about 5 minutes. Then it's all go for the day - the second day his class is closed because his teacher is not there. Oo ooh there's the door, better go.

My thoughts are with you today Grammaretto

Hope Friday is kind to us all.

Elizabeth1 Fri 04-Dec-20 07:22:04

Good morning all from a snowy freezing cold east coast of Fife where my dh still has breathing issues . He’s a stubborn b........... I think he’s needing medical intervention due to his shortness of breath but who am I to suggest this to him? Thankfully my ds who is living with is taking charge of the situation. Hope resting today helps all. Take care you lovely people keep safe and keep warm no need to tell us to stay put we’re in hibernation now.

Sar53 Fri 04-Dec-20 07:25:46

Good morning from a damp Essex by the sea. Yesterday was a horrible wet day and I think today may be the same.
Thinking of you today Gramaratto 💐xx
I put our little tree up yesterday and it looks pretty, but we have decided that next year we will have a new, taller one.
I have two parcels to seal and take along to the PO this morning. Boxes of goodies for both girls and families. I definitely won't see one any time soon not sure about the other. I've put together some treats for all plus my cross Stitch pictures for my granddaughters. I'm sure I'll need a second mortgage to send them.
Have the best Friday you can. flowers for those with worries and do stay safe everyone xx

mumofmadboys Fri 04-Dec-20 07:27:30

I have woken up to quite a covering of snow which took me by surprise. No cycling for me today! Various home based jobs today including ordering a new dishwasher. Our washing machine and dishwasher died in the same week! We have bought a new washer which arrived a week ago. Can't manage without one!
Thinking of Gramaretto today.

aggie Fri 04-Dec-20 07:30:03

Good Morning all, very frosty , all the cars parked opposite are wearing a white coat !
Thinking of you Gramaretto , I hope all goes as well as possible xxx

brook2704 Fri 04-Dec-20 07:32:01

Good morning everyone from Inverness where it’s very cold with sort of sleety rain bucketing down so it’ll be very icy outside too.
Thinking of you today grammaretto 💐
I’ve not really got much planned for today but just like you Sar I’ll be finishing getting some Christmas parcels ready for posting for family that we’re not seeing this year. A few extra treats going in too!
Hoping everyone finds something to enjoy today and take care all whatever the day brings 💐

GrannyGravy13 Fri 04-Dec-20 07:32:08

Goo morning Mick and all

Still dark here in S E Essex.

Holding you in my thoughts Grammaretto thanks

Gym for me this morning, nothing else planned as I appear to be organised and ready for Christmas tchgrin

Keep safe and well folks 🤶🏻

Lins1066 Fri 04-Dec-20 07:32:51

Good morning Mick and all.
Still in bed so no idea what the weather is doing, hope Cherry sends over some drier stuff than yesterday though. We did get out for a walk late afternoon, our first together in three weeks since MrLins' eye op. It was good to get out.
I have mislaid my Christmas stamps, have looked everywhere so I will have to buy more, I also dropped my phone down the loo, it is languishing in a bag of uncooked rice in the airing cupboard. Will ring the butcher for a delivery this morning and have ordered a Christmas tree for delivery next Friday.
Grammaretto a very difficult day lies ahead for you, you will be very much in my thoughts today. Maw 💐
Have the best day you can everyone, and stay safe.

Pittcity Fri 04-Dec-20 07:34:29

Good morning from snowy Colchester. It's snowing quite heavily here and there's a white blanket. Don't know if it's going to last.
Need to change the beds as DS is due home for the weekend. I must also get to Lidl to stock up.

Gingster Fri 04-Dec-20 07:34:50

Good morning all and I think it’s rained all night here in Essex and it’s still coming down. Doesn’t feel too cold though.

DH had his stitches out yesterday and his ear is still very sore. He can go to the Surgery next week to have it dressed again.

I think I’ve got all the Xmas presents now and I’m wrapping them as they arrive. Just a couple more for each children’s stocking. 🎅.

Thoughts with you today Grammaretto .💐 And you will have your memories today, Maw 💐.

Scentia it’s always exciting to find out the gender of your new GC. Do let us know. 😉. Also, how the omelette turns out 🤔.

Beechnut have a lovely outing with your DD. Let us know where you go. I’m sooooo nosy 🤥.

Ashcombe what a beautiful vase of baubles . Extra special and a connection with your mum and DD .♥️.

Hoping you all have a good day, whatever the weather. 🎄

Gingster Fri 04-Dec-20 07:37:43

Snowing in Colchester Pittcity 😳. !!!!! I wonder if it’s heading down the A12 to us 🌧🌨

Jaxjacky Fri 04-Dec-20 07:37:50

Good morning all from a dark, cold S Hants. L room practically cleared for new carpets today, fortunately DD is out this morning, so we will sit round there and leave the fitters to get on.
This afternoon the Bosch engineer is scheduled as the fridge door in the new f/f is not sealing properly. The karndean flooring in the kitchen looks lovely, it took all day to be put down.
Thoughts with gm today.