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Good Morning Saturday

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12Michael Sat 05-Dec-20 06:08:59

Good Morning Everyone,
Its looking dry and cold out there despite being dark this morning as usual.
Hopefully today , I will bus to Buckingham and then Bicester and may return that way .
I am hoping that someone who I have become friends with gets on the buckingham bus so I can give her a xmas card .
Return home and maybe a Chinese take away later .
Take Care ,

grandMattie Sat 05-Dec-20 06:20:45

Good morning from a still dark and chilly E Kent.
I hope your friend is on your bus, Mick.
Good news of Iris. After two joyous reunions with her sister in a suitably public and CV19 safe area, she is probably coming home today. I suspect that, although she’s doing well, it’s the mobility that concerns them. The family live in a three storey, Georgian terrace, the loo is on the first floor and her bedroom on the second!
Not a lot on today, just some sewing and baking. DH is watching some rugby. Why is it tha every time we subscribe to one sports channel for the rugby, it moved to a different subscription channel? Poor old man.

Dwmxwg Sat 05-Dec-20 06:22:13

Good morning Mick and all to come
Been awake since silly 0 clock due to dog barking, he went back to sleep, I didn’t.
Will get some washing on and am off to the gym, first visit back since reopened.
DD and DGS1 have their virtual Santa Fun Run this morning so will go and cheer them on. We have medals for them which I think GS will love.
Not much else planned for today, hope I might get a snooze this afternoon to makeup for lack of sleep.
Was thinking of Gramaretto yesterday and Mawbe 💐💐

Dwmxwg Sat 05-Dec-20 06:23:32

Yay for Iris and family 👏

grandMattie Sat 05-Dec-20 06:23:40

Sorry, I forgot.
Urms, I’m sorry about your DD’s car. It’s hard when one is powerless to help them, isn’t it?
Be gentle with yourselves, all with sorrow, pain, problems, and everyone else. Stay safe. X

mancgirl Sat 05-Dec-20 06:27:25

Good morning Mick and all to follow from a dark Manchester. Don't know what the weather is like but there is a ❄️ on my phone forecast. I'm awake early again and have been waiting for you to open up shop. Listening to Sounds of the 60's on my phone so as not to disturb Mr manc. I've been thinking about Gilly I do hope she's ok. Used to look forward to her stories about Evie Button. If you're reading flowersfor you. Quick trip to Asda for match time pizzas for dh and ds1. They are the best in my opinion. Be in and out on a flash - I hope. I'll be there early enough today! Time I did some housework after that, few presents to wrap and a walk at some point today. Hoping everyone is well. Lots of us with highs and lows recently. Take care. Hugs for those who are in need of one. Have the best day you can.

cornergran Sat 05-Dec-20 06:33:26

Morning Mick, morning All from a damp, dark corner of Somerset. Goodness I hurt this morning. It’s reminded me of my Mum muttering the damp had got into her bones. Can’t believe Iris will be home so quickly grandMattie. Good to hear, I’m sure she’ll thrive in her own surroundings, could she use a commode for a while if the stairs are too much? There seem to be so many people with worries and problems to overcome. Special thoughts for you and those with heavy hearts this morning. Stay as well as you can everyone.

Ashcombe Sat 05-Dec-20 06:44:07

Good morning, all the early birds and the ones who follow from a damp Torbay.

Yesterday was bracing when I ventured out briefly, although we had sunshine from late morning. The first snow this Winter was seen on Dartmoor, apparently. I’m happy to take their word for it!

My tree is now decorated but the lights need new batteries before it can be photographed in all its glory!! Today I’ll sort out the rest of the display, including decorating the windows with festive adornments. It amuses passersby I think!

What happy news regarding Lily, grandMattie, but I can see the logistics of her home being a concern. Would it be possible to have a commode temporarily? I guess Lily will have to learn to negotiate stairs but maybe not too many times a day at first.

I wonder how Gramarretto is feeling today. Kind thoughts to her and to all who feel sad or anxious.

mumofmadboys Sat 05-Dec-20 06:51:26

Good morning all from Cumbria. Snowy peaks still. Going out with the U3A Fell walkers group today doing some of the peaks north of Grasmere. Micro spikes at the ready! Glad to hear Lily is getting home today. That is good news. Keep safe everyone. Hope Gilly is doing ok.

Nortsat Sat 05-Dec-20 07:04:43

Good morning Mick and the GM team from very dark east London. I am still struggling with these dark mornings ... I know we experience them every winter but this year they seem more oppressive.
Mick, I hope you see your friend on the bus.

Posted the Christmas cards, next are the parcels to be wrapped and posted. I plan to put the tree up tomorrow. 🎄

Today is the usual on line grocery order, then it’s film night and a takeaway for us. Sometimes we struggle to find a good film ... there are such a lot of action movies and horror films and grim films ... we tend not to watch those. If I find something good, I’ll recommend it tomorrow.

Thinking of Grammaretto today and Maw.
Mattie, so pleased to hear that Iris is coming home.
Still thinking of gilly.
Have a good day all ... and keep warm. 😎

Pantglas2 Sat 05-Dec-20 07:08:16

Morning all and here’s some 🍾🥂 from me as it’s my birfdae!
Another year to wait for that dratted pension - we woz robbed!

Good to hear the news about little Iris (are folks getting their flowers mixed up - Lily?) GrandMattie, I’m sure they’ll sort some toilette logistics!

Hope everyone has as good a day as I’m bout to!

kittylester Sat 05-Dec-20 07:31:22

Good morning all from a very cold North Leicestershire. We had sleet and lots of rain yesterday but, apparently, lots of Leicestershire had good coverings of snow.

Today I WILL write the Christmas cards!! And put up the decorations!

Great news for Iris!!

Have a good day everyone!

MissChateline Sat 05-Dec-20 07:32:49

Great day today as my partner has managed to get a flight home having been stuck on a small Spanish island since March. She is very nervous as she is coming from an island with almost no cases to a area in T3. Life for her will be very different, it’s cold and snowy here, no glorious sunshine and definitely no sitting in the plaza for coffee or lovely restaurants. It’s a good thing that I love cooking and have lots of fab meals planned.
Sadly it’s not the home coming to the perfect finished building project that I had planned. Problems with the new kitchen renovation mean that the flooring will have to come up and much of the plaster in the attic has had to be removed due to a serious damp problem. None of this will be done before Xmas and we will just have to live with it. Just having her home will be the best thing ever. It’s been a lonely few months despite several FaceTime calls a day.
So today will be cooking, tidying and feeling excited.

kittylester Sat 05-Dec-20 07:33:20

Many happy returns, pantglas.

harrigran Sat 05-Dec-20 07:34:53

Good morning from a dark damp NE.
It rained all day yesterday which meant I had to be pretty nifty at retrieving parcels from the doorstep.
I wrote a handful of cards in between doing housework, this hoovering lark is no fun as DH used to do the heavy stuff.
No decorations up because everything is in the attic and neither of us are fit enough to go there.
We have lived next door to our neighbours for 49 years and this year they surprised us by covering the house with multi-coloured lights, at dusk it is like living at the end of a rainbow.
Will finish my novel today, TV is unbelievably boring.
Stay safe.

Sar53 Sat 05-Dec-20 07:38:15

Good morning from Essex by the sea where it is forecast to be brighter than yesterday although still cold.
Glad to hear that Iris may be home today, onwards and upwards.
We have no plans to go anywhere today and I believe that there is a lot of sport on tv this weekend. I don't mind as I'm quite happy to sew and read.
I hope yesterday went as well as it could for Grammaretto and I hope Maw had a gentle day 💐.
A very Happy Birthday to Pantglas 🎈🎂.
Have a pleasant Saturday everyone and stay safe xx

NfkDumpling Sat 05-Dec-20 07:39:53

Morning All

Happy Birthday Pantglas!

There's a clear sky in the east but we've just had a rain shower and more are forecast for us in that bulge on the east coast, but a bit of sun will be really welcome.

Good to read that Iris is coming home too Mattie. A commode is definitely needed by the sounds of it!

I keep popping in to see if Gilly has happened by. I hope she's ok.

Nothing planned for today. Again.

Ashcombe Sat 05-Dec-20 07:40:47

Happy birthday, Pantglas2!🎉🥂🎁🍾💐

Guilty as charged - how did my brain translate Iris into Lily? Senior moment for which I do apologise, grandMattie! Doh!

NanKate Sat 05-Dec-20 07:47:26

Morning Mick and All.

A clear cold day in South Bucks.

So pleased young Iris is home and surrounded by her family.

DH and I are going down to our favourite Italian cafe in the town for a toasted panini topped with roasted veg on one Palma ham on the other I hope they class it as a substantial meal so that I can have a glass of wine with it.

Posting my Christmas cards today and finishing off the ‘by hand’ ones this afternoon.

Hope all went as well as could be expected for Grammaretto and that it was a celebration of her DH’s life 💐

NanKate Sat 05-Dec-20 07:48:32

Happy Birthday Pantglas have fun. 🥂

brook2704 Sat 05-Dec-20 07:48:54

Good morning everyone from Inverness where it’s very wet but just slightly milder than yesterday. No snow here only rain and more rain although we did drive down the A9 yesterday towards Aviemore and enjoyed a good long walk crunching through the snow. Very festive ⛄️
A very Happy Birthday to you Pantglas and enjoy whatever you’re doing on your very special day🎉🎂🎈🥂
Enjoy your walk in the hills momb and take care if it’s slippy
Mick fingers crossed your friend catches the bus and you can give her your Christmas card.
What a star Iris is grandMattie! I hope she makes it home today
For those facing worries and struggles whatever they are I hope today is kind to you all. Take care everyone whatever the day brings 💐

grandMattie Sat 05-Dec-20 07:49:07

Happy birthday, Pant. 🥂🍾
Yes, poor Iris. Not just mixed flowers - she’s been called Alice, Rose and even Ingrid...

Beechnut Sat 05-Dec-20 07:50:56

Good Morning everyone from Severnside. No idea what the weather is like as I haven’t looked out yet.

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday Pantglas 🎉🎂

I thought I’d guessed where I was being taken to on yesterday’s mystery trip. How wrong I was. We headed off on the road to Oxford and it was only when we were nearing our destination that I guessed we would be going to Blenheim Palace but didn’t know what for. I thought the lights were wonderful and then on the trip home we’d just crossed the county line and it started to snow.

I’m late posting this morning for me so I’ll go back and read everyone’s news.

Take care all especially if you have snow etc 🌺🎄

Bellasnana Sat 05-Dec-20 07:52:09

Good morning from Malta where it is dry so far. I’m wondering whether to hang the laundry outside as showers are forecast for later.

A bit of housework beckons today, a quick walk to the shop for milk, and call in at the vet to discuss poor Buzz who is still scratching himself silly despite two home visits from said vet.☹️

Happy birthday to you Pantglas. Hope you enjoy your day.🌸
Wishing everyone the best day possible.☀️

GrannyGravy13 Sat 05-Dec-20 07:57:30

Good morning Muck and all

I expect Iris is excited at the prospect of going home. MissChateline pleased for you that your partner is coming home.

Happy Birthday pantglas 🎂🥂🍾🎊🪅🎉

Tree is decorated, all gifts wrapped and cards sent now I can relax!!!

gillybob if you are reading, sending you love and hugs 🌸

How frustrating for your DD Urmstongran the saying that we are only as happy as our unhappiest child rings true 🌸