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Good Evening Thursday

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Rufus2 Thu 21-Jan-21 13:50:38

Another unwanted record! Surely these figures must start to come down regardless of how quickly!
Pity the trip “Down Under” can’t be on the agenda yet.
Yes BlueSky We have one family in Melbourne and the other in Brisbane!

In England ; Granddaughter in Devon (the one with her menagerie) and two nephews with families in and near B’Mouth. (remember Michelle and the beige cardis!?)
So the passing years have taken their toll with only one great grandchild due in May as replacement stock! tchsmile

Jaxjacky Cricket!? What cricket?
Cricket Australia is in trouble over Australia Day next Tuesday by not promoting the current “Share” nature of the day, although I haven’t paid much attention as to what happened.

Talking football though and both Man. teams back on top! I’m amazed at the freqency of matches lately, which can only show the depth of talent that money can buy. I’ve now got a full day’s worth of binge watching of City now that I know they’ve won them all!
What’s happened to the Saints since that epic win against the Scousers?

How can sleet not be cold? Brrr!
It’s now almost midnight and as I slave over my keyboard with sweat dripping off my forehead, it’s still 30C indoors with temps forecast to rise to 44C by next Monday! Dont think even for a moment that I’ll be down at the beach frying eggs on the hot sand.!

Our local Council’s “social inclusion” team has produced a quiz sheet for Australia Day to test our knowledge of Aussie slang! Some surprises there!
I’ll try to send a copy so that you can refresh your memories before you arrive talking posh like Poms! tchgrin

Good Health wine wine wine

Megs36 Thu 21-Jan-21 18:45:55

Hi Rufus bit late now, guess you’ve been to bed and getting up again so you may miss this.
Anyway not much to say, still not going anywhere, it will be a while before the vaccination has any real effect on our immune systems, still people are thinking it’s a magic bullet, and still idiots ignoring the rules, party of 100 somewhere in London and 40 in Herts despite warnings that hospitals are at saturation point. Now bigger fines from £800.
Enough! I am afraid I can’t join the ‘sports’ discussions, The only sport I follow is emmm, none! My husband a bit more interested ,GP and golf🏌️‍♂️on the TV are about the lot. We are just plain boring.
Cheers , enjoy your lovely weather.

Jaxjacky Thu 21-Jan-21 20:16:18

Hi Rufus, well Saints had our main man Ings out, Covid, back now, but Saints are 9th in the table, not too bad. Yes, a congested fixture list, with FA cup and European stuff, but they get paid well enough!
44...too hot for me, is it humid too? Dry heat is slightly better, but I’d rather have our chilly dampness than 44.
Tedious lockdown continuous, but I doubt we’re even a quarter way through yet, can’t be doing with estimating when
or what, it’s all conjecture. But the vaccine is here, although it’s not the great salvation, it’s a step; good job we’ve got sport to watch!
Take care 🥂