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My Jaffa Cake was spiked ......

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Katek Sat 23-Jan-21 20:40:26

Just had nasty experience with my Jaffa cake - tasted awful and lips went all cold/burny like toothpaste sensation but taste was awful! Just waiting to see if we’ve been poisoned! Don’t suppose it’s anything toxic, just something gone wrong with machinery so ingredients not properly mixed. Lips still tingling and that’s half an hour since I bit into it. You think someone has spiked my Jaffa cake? x

Jaffacake2 Sat 23-Jan-21 20:55:11

I don't want to alarm you but this is how I initially felt several years ago when I started to become seriously allergic to foods I have eaten all my life. Initially it was a strange tingling sensation in lips and in the mouth,then next exposure was a scratchy feeling in the throat. Sadly following that I have had series of anaphylactic shocks needing emergency hospital treatment.
Just don't dismiss what you are feeling and maybe buy some antihistamine tablets to have at hand.
I never realised that you could become allergic to foods late in life.

SuzannahM Sat 23-Jan-21 21:07:51

I used to love kiwifruit until a couple of years ago I ate some slices and my mouth and lips started to prickle and burn and my throat felt like it was closing up. Lasted about an hour and took me that long to realise what was happening because it had never happened before. Haven't touched one since. Didn't taste bad though.

I have a box of Jaffas in the cupboard. Perhaps I ought to check them out ????

Nonogran Sat 23-Jan-21 21:09:31

I'm not a medic but I think it's possible to happily eat all sorts of foods and thence suddenly find you're allergic or intolerant to something you've always eaten!
Food allergies I think can creep up on us until suddenly you are in trouble. OP, take care. Don't assume that because you've always eaten Jaffa cakes that you can't possibly have become sensitive in some way.
My mum is allergic to sweet potato, my daughter cannot eat any fish from the cod family. I used to love to order oysters (in a previous life) but the last two times I ate them I was soooo ill. Strange but true.

Jane10 Sat 23-Jan-21 21:17:02

That sounds very scary Katek. Are you feeling OK now? Did your DH try one? If he's not affected maybe you have suddenly developed an allergy to some part of the jaffa cake.

SueDonim Sat 23-Jan-21 21:58:14

You should maybe take an antihistamine, in case it is an allergy. flowers

Katek Sat 23-Jan-21 22:39:16

It seems to have settled down now-I shall try nibbling a small piece tomorrow and see what happens. I do have antihistamines in the house should they be necessary. Thank you all for your thoughts/advice

Katek Sat 23-Jan-21 22:43:14

I wouldn’t have minded so much but I’ve had a rotten week and was just having a little treat. Not my day at all!

Ellianne Sat 23-Jan-21 22:45:16

Glad it has worn off now.
I would deconstruct it, (that's very fashionable with food!), tomorrow. Then you can taste the chocolate, the cake and the soft filling separately to see which part has the weird taste.
Do report back!

welbeck Sat 23-Jan-21 23:01:37

i bet it's the orange jelly.
do be careful OP.

Blossoming Sat 23-Jan-21 23:15:32

Very glad you’re feeling better, be careful tomorrow.

cornishpatsy Sat 23-Jan-21 23:48:36

You said "we" if it happened to both of you then it is not an allergy.

FannyCornforth Sun 24-Jan-21 04:54:57


i bet it's the orange jelly.
do be careful OP.

That was my thought.
I used to teach a girl who was allergic to citrus.
She ate some school dinner cake and had a similar reaction. It transpired that there was orange juice in the cake.
Hope all is well Katek

CanadianGran Sun 24-Jan-21 06:26:50

Make sure to keep the package, and check online to see if there are any food recalls. Our government food inspection has a list online of any warnings or recalls, and I'm sure your government does as well.

You say it tasted awful, so perhaps it was somehow tampered with, or the ingredients were off. I would not try it again tomorrow! If you did have an allergic reaction, they can be worse on following occasions. Maybe ask someone else to give it a sniff!

Calendargirl Sun 24-Jan-21 07:26:30

Have they altered the recipe, some new ingredient that wasn’t in it before?

silverlining48 Sun 24-Jan-21 09:25:41

It’s not just food which can suddenly affect someone. I know of a case where an
Adult who had lived with cats since childhood suddenly became seriously allergic to them, and 20 years later still is.

Ellianne Sun 24-Jan-21 09:37:44

I can sort of understand that Kate might have suddenly developed an allergy to one of the ingredients, but the fact she said it tasted funny too seems weird.

B9exchange Sun 24-Jan-21 09:49:48

Agree it sounds less like an allergy and more like contamination. Unless it is happening with other things as well, in which case you had better book a Covid test!

M0nica Sun 24-Jan-21 09:54:59

Yes, I agree, this is an allergic reaction. Nothing wrong with the cakes. Share a cake with someone else and compare your reactions.

I have found that the range of my allergies increased considerably after the menopause. In my case, not food allergies but anything I put on my skin. I had to stop wearing contact lenses because I became allergic to the preservative used in all the fluids used to lubricate and clean them, and then had protein problems when I tried to wear them. Within 10 minutes they were coated and smudgy and I could not see out of them.

Ellianne Sun 24-Jan-21 10:14:41

Fear not Kate, I have found this as an alternative.