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Good Evening Sunday

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Rufus2 Sun 24-Jan-21 12:57:22

Hi All! It’s 9.20pm and still 30+C, so this newsletter will be fairly brief.
As a matter of fact Megs you can stop reading now as it will be mainly about UK Soccer and very little about Covid,. yours or ours!
The Midlands floods are really something. Cleaning up the muddy aftermath must be really depressing especially as it won’t be at all warm.
Hope you weren’t too badly affected’

Jaxjacky What can I say!? After Liverpool, now Arsenal! What are you celebrating with? tchgrin
Man City saved an embarrassment out West against Cheltenham (Tier 4) at the last minute. I’d only just been catching up with the City v Aston Villa game which went down to the wire and having resisted the temptation to check EPL results on my computer I was sweating on the top line and not because of the heat.

All that rain too! Commentator said it had been raining all day “like typical Manchester weather” which I’d take exception to!

Just off to brew a cuppa and have a sit down on the patio, hopefully to catch any breeze on offer It’s 10.10pm and still around 30C
Hardly any breeze. it’s now 11.45pm and 29C indoors.
Good Health wine wine wine (chilled!)

Megs36 Sun 24-Jan-21 13:07:31

Hi RufusNever mind! No real Covid news here either except we’re still locked down.....Had text from Sydney, sounds fairly relaxed there, grandson going camping for the weekend, not sure where,he said would be 30s there too, hard to imagine when I look at snow falling fast outside and heating going full blast. Have a good night.
Cheers 🍷🥂🍷🥂🍷🥂

Jane10 Sun 24-Jan-21 15:03:38

Frozen snow here. Pavements are lethal so I'm staying in. Just made a big pot of hammy lentil soup. Just the job.
We had a full Burns Supper delivered last night. A couple of days early but we managed. It was huge. We simply couldn't finish all the haggis. The various accompaniments went down well. Except for the whisky. We just can't stand the stuff. Cranachan for pudding was lovely.
Am reciting 'Tae a moose' at our Zoom session next Wednesday. Must rehearse!

Jaxjacky Sun 24-Jan-21 15:41:57

Hi Rufus, good result, just got to beat the Arsenal on Tuesday now, we watched the blues game v Cheltenham, was looking like other FA upset, but saved! Well, we had snow this morning, after an extremely loud thunderclap about 6:30am, a rare phenomenon, thunder snow, it’s all over the news., we had one before, 2004 in the early evening. The snow is well melted now, ready to freeze overnight, but it’s all been a welcome distraction from our hum drum days. Back to football, Man U v Liverpool later, Liverpool have been having a turgid time lately, fingers crossed they win. We celebrate with a glass or two at the weekends to delineate between that and the week days, nothing much else going on, no pub 🙁
Take care 🥂

Jane10 Sun 24-Jan-21 15:50:56

We had 'thundersnow' episode a few weeks ago. It was very loud. I thought it was an explosion. It woke half of Edinburgh up.