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Your favourite coffee and tea?

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nanna8 Tue 02-Feb-21 12:57:50

I always get a skinny flat white except if it is very hot and then I get an iced coffee. Never never never drink ‘instant’.
I like Earl Grey tea but also don’t mind green tea. English breakfast at a pinch but it must be Twinings.

GagaJo Tue 02-Feb-21 13:02:55

I like your coffee choices Nanna. Similar to mine. I will have a machiato (spelling?) in a pinch, but like a flat white too. Instant is disgusting.

Yorkshire tea, for me. I take it abroad with me, wherever I go. I'm running out now tho. Irish Tea has a similarish taste here, so that will have to do until I get supplies in again.

In China I WAS converted to green tea. There are so many varieties and I was given gifts of VERY expensive green teas.

Judy54 Tue 02-Feb-21 14:11:30

Definitely a strong Yorkshire tea brew for me and I like macchiato too GagaJo, have been drinking it ever since our first visit to Italy many years ago. I love it!

Esspee Tue 02-Feb-21 14:14:11

My OH was also gifted extremely expensive tea in China. Stupidly it has not been used (personally I only like decaf black tea).

GagaJo Tue 02-Feb-21 14:15:08

Some green teas are lovely. Although I am not quite as keen on leaving the leaves in the cup while drinking as the locals.

Deedaa Tue 02-Feb-21 14:18:15

Yorkshire Tea for me. DS brought PG Tips with him when he moved in but it didn't taste the same . Coffee is either a single espresso or a proper Italian size cappuccino. Instant does not exist in our house.

NotSpaghetti Tue 02-Feb-21 14:21:01

I'm a "lots of different sorts of teas" person.
Don't like any of them strong.
Current favourite is a Yunnan from Fortum & Mason, gifted at Christmas!

Also, was gifted a nice Lapsang... but like lots of black teas, lots of fruit/herb teas and the occasional green or white.

BigBertha1 Tue 02-Feb-21 14:33:47

This question reminds me of Victoria Coren-Mitchell on Room 101 when she gave a very funny account of why she only likes ordinary tea with milk. I'm with her there.

Lavazza coffee in a French press is the only way for me at home but in the glory days of being allowed in a coffee shop its Cafe Nero or other Italian coffee shops - cannot stand Starbucks- weak and a strange colour.

lizzypopbottle Tue 02-Feb-21 14:52:23

I like Sainsbury's Italian Style ground coffee, made in a cafetiere, and with a little milk for my morning brew. I don't drink black tea any more, so if offered the standard choice at a friend's, I'll drink instant coffee rather than tea but I agree, it's pretty awful. I prefer redbush tea with soya milk. Most branded ones are OK but are very expensive compared with supermarket own brands, although Tetley are often discounted. I use Sainsbury's redbush.

Namsnanny Tue 02-Feb-21 14:54:57

Miles tea for me.

MissAdventure Tue 02-Feb-21 15:04:38

I enjoy others, but my absolute favourites are Yorkshire Tea and Gold Blend coffee.

Redhead56 Tue 02-Feb-21 15:25:12

Breakfast teabags gold blend coffee not particular about brands.

LadyGracie Tue 02-Feb-21 15:47:33

Lavazza coffee beans and M&S Gold leaf tea.

sodapop Tue 02-Feb-21 15:52:20

Lavazza coffee for me too. Haven't drunk tea for over forty years since I was last pregnant.

maydonoz Tue 02-Feb-21 15:58:56

Nescafe gold blend coffee and Yorkshire tea bags for me too, followed by PG tips.
We always have Yorkshire for breakfast and other times PG tips but decaffeinated in the evening.

Jaxjacky Tue 02-Feb-21 16:07:41

Tea is Yorkshire, I rarely drink coffee in the UK, DH is another Nescafé Gold Blend. I drink coffee when out in France, where we used to live, very fond of a grand crème and the cafe culture is different from here.

Beauregard Tue 02-Feb-21 16:43:25

I'm only used to instant coffee such as gold blend or douwe egberts, so by no means a connoisseur. I do know, however, that all coffee is massively improved by a large splash of double cream in it!

tidyskatemum Tue 02-Feb-21 16:50:08

Sainsbury’s Sumatra Mandheling ground coffee, though never more than 2 cups a day. I don’t like instant, except from a flask when we’re out in the car, which is a bit weird. DH drinks Earl Grey from the Brew Tea company - proper tea leaves - but I’m more of a tea pleb and stick to builder’s strength PG Tips

Susiewong65 Tue 02-Feb-21 16:53:44

Any tea and any coffee for me, as long as it’s wet and warm I’m happy!

TrendyNannie6 Tue 02-Feb-21 16:58:48

Douwe Egbert caffeine free coffee, and tetley teabags every time

NanaandGrampy Tue 02-Feb-21 17:04:50

I swore after uni to never drink instant coffee again or out of a plastic cup :-)

I love Maragogipe, Kenyan Blue Mountain or Sumatran Mandheling ( great choice Tidyskate) !

I hate green tea of any description. I like Lapsang Souchong tea but if I'm having a biscuit good old Tetley is my cuppa of choice.

muse Tue 02-Feb-21 18:54:34

Black Tea - Earl Grey Tea bags for my morning drink. Tried most makes over the years but buy Clipper regularly. Sometimes from Brew Tea Company
Tregothnan Earl Grey Tea Loose - as a special treat.
Husband drinks Builder's Tea (any strong blend on offer) At the moment it's Yorkshire Tea.

Black coffee - daily it is Nescafe Alta Rica
Couple of times a week we'll put the Stovetop Espresso Maker on and use Taylors of Harrogate Hot Lava Java Ground - 6 or High Voltage - 7

AmberSpyglass Tue 02-Feb-21 19:47:24

If I drink coffee from Starbucks etc, it’s always iced. From a decent coffee shop, I’ll just get a good single origin pour over or a nitro cold brew in the summer. Tea wise, lapsang souchong all the way

Georgesgran Tue 02-Feb-21 19:54:45

I only ever liked a ‘coffee flavoured’ drink - if anyone can remember Mellow Birds? I’ve given up coffee at home but will have a one-shot latte when out.
Otherwise it’s Yorkshire tea for me - several cups a day!

cornishpatsy Tue 02-Feb-21 20:03:26

I prefer instant coffee, Kenko rich. PG tips gold for tea.