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Royalty the queen and her family.

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Grany Mon 08-Feb-21 16:16:48

Some news about our H o S
RF family want their 1969 documentary to be taken off air. The Queen was talking in it about a governor that looked like a gorilla, in one little clip, of docu seen on twitter.

Queen doesn't want her various shares and their values in companies made public too embarrassing. And lobbied in the 70s to be made exempt from new law. She has millions in off shore accounts.

P Charles land owner lobbied to be exempt from new leaseholder legislation that would have allowed homeowners to buy the land their property sits on.

And when people from the Duchy die with no living relatives P Charles gets the money, with other landowners around the country money goes to the treasury

Then there is Andrew

The 20,000 Sandringham Estate gets millions in subsidies

Queen gets her Wendy house refurbished to her own specifications including a new thatched roof.

Meanwhile in other news a little boy stole a tin of soup because he was so hungry, never mind.

MiniMoon Mon 08-Feb-21 16:48:36

I'll be polite.

No thank you.

sodapop Mon 08-Feb-21 16:57:53

Ditto MiniMoon

Oopsadaisy1 Mon 08-Feb-21 16:59:50


GrannyGravy13 Mon 08-Feb-21 17:02:24

Not a fan then Grany ?

Chewbacca Mon 08-Feb-21 18:04:36


Alexa Mon 08-Feb-21 18:27:43

I am disappointed. I did love Queen Elizabeth. I don't like being forced to be cynical.

HomeAgain123 Mon 08-Feb-21 18:28:45

Unfortunately I was a royal fan but these days I just think they have a great life with our money .... All changed about 20 years ago visited a palace in Bangkok Thais people didn’t pay to enter as ‘ it’s ours ‘ it belongs to the country I was told ...... left me with an uneasy feeling

Greeneyedgirl Mon 08-Feb-21 19:06:41

I am concerned that we are supposed to live in a democracy, yet according to a Guardian article on Sunday The Queen successfully lobbied the government to change a draft law in order to conceal her “embarrassing” private wealth from the public, according to documents discovered by the newspaper.

The Guardian is publishing documents this week which they have unearthed in The National Archives. If you are interested it’s worth reading the article.

Alexa Mon 08-Feb-21 19:10:57

I wonder if this was why Prince Harry snf hid wife left the Royal firm

Alexa Mon 08-Feb-21 19:11:08

and his

BlueSky Mon 08-Feb-21 19:13:24

I wonder whether HM and Prince Philip have had the Pfizer or the Oxford AZ?

Calendargirl Mon 08-Feb-21 22:09:08


I wonder whether HM and Prince Philip have had the Pfizer or the Oxford AZ?

Why? Does it matter?

BlueSky Mon 08-Feb-21 22:58:45

Calendargirl just curious.

Eloethan Mon 08-Feb-21 23:08:14

I'm not a fan either Grany. The attempts to hide their wealth says an awful lot doesn't it. However, I'm not sure royal families in other countries are much more commendable - and especially not in Thailand where people can be thrown in prison for years if they criticise royalty.

AmberSpyglass Tue 09-Feb-21 01:36:02

Loathsome parasites. The sooner we get rid of the monarchy, the better.

nanna8 Tue 09-Feb-21 03:12:19

They should just fund the Queen and her husband, no one else. The rest of them should live off their own ill gotten gains. That includes the heir and all the various hangers on. Being as the Queen is so very rich I am sure she could pay them all if she wanted.

Grany Tue 09-Feb-21 10:16:29

The implications of the Royal Consent rule are very serious. The royals have lots of powerful friends here and abroad. Who knows if they lobby on their behalf too?

Royals vetted more than 1,000 laws via Queen’s consent
Exclusive: secretive procedure used to review laws ranging from Brexit trade deal to inheritance and land policy

The Queen has more power over British law than we ever thought
Adam Tucker
The Guardian’s investigation revealing new detail on the impact of “Queen’s consent” in our legal system marks a significant advance in our understanding of an archaic and mysterious part of the UK constitution. It should prompt grave concerns about the practice’s continued existence.

Now we know that the mysterious ‘Queen’s consent’ is more than just a procedural formality, it must be scrapped

Grany Tue 09-Feb-21 10:19:51

Here is more research
The Guardian

NellG Tue 09-Feb-21 10:27:54

I think you might want to do some critical thinking and balance some of these views by reading information from other sources. The Guardian is hardly the most objective source.

BlueSky Tue 09-Feb-21 10:49:35

Thank you NellG! Not sure why it’s considered the Bible, while other papers are rubbished!

Grany Tue 09-Feb-21 10:54:33

While there are 2000 foodbanks in UK, I'd like a moratorium on all Monarchy spending.
Yesterday's Guardian article reveals the Queen was happy to lobby her government for her own convenience. If she does that, but cannot put in a word for the poor, she should go. Her spawn too.

grandmajet Tue 09-Feb-21 11:10:47

Maybe we’d be better of with a presidential system for head of state, like, er, the USA, Zimbabwe, Venezuela, North Korea, Brazil. Lovely places to live.

trisher Tue 09-Feb-21 11:22:34

She could stay as head of state I suppose but any idea that we are actually living in a democracy where the monarch simply exists to open things and sign things has been shattered. She (or the people who work for her) has abused the position for her own benefit. If she stays her powers should be immediately curtailed.
Incidently grandmajet France, Germany, Eire, Switzerland, Italy, Greece all exist without a monarch. Belgium has a king but his duties are limited by a constitution and his role is purely ceremonial.
Let's get rid of the lot of them!

GrannyGravy13 Tue 09-Feb-21 11:28:19

I am a monarchist, keep the Queen and all those who are directly in line (up to sixth eight maybe).