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FannyCornforth Wed 17-Feb-21 11:51:46

Hello Everyone smile
Just wanted to get this in first wink

Fancy some verbal jousting; a bit of rumble; a good old punch up?

Well, you're in the right place! Enjoy!

Any ideas for potential topics please?

vampirequeen Wed 17-Feb-21 12:03:17

Anything to do with politics or religion is usually good for a punch up.

However perhaps we could debate something different this time.

Something safe like 'Do aliens exist and are they among us already?'

or something more political such as 'Should we sell arms to countries that we know are using them to bomb and kill innocents?'

or 'Should charities do more than appeal for money? Should they campaign against the things that cause the need in the first place?' I'm thinking of the sort of charity appeals we see where they show us starving and injured children and ask for help to feed/treat them when we're selling the very weapons that have been used to put them into this situation.

suziewoozie Wed 17-Feb-21 12:18:30

Are there going to be rules of engagement or will anything go? For example will I be allowed to say FFS without being told swearing is a sign of lack of intelligence? In fact could we just swear? Not at posters obvs but just as a sign of exasperation. Will reporting posts be not allowed? Can we make things up or will we have to provide evidence. If someone provides a link will we have to read it before rubbishing it? Will we have to RTFT or could we come in at any stage of the punch up with no reference whatsoever to what’s gone on previously?

As for topics - well generally you can’t do better than the evil Meghan I find.

You’ve cheered me up


Anniebach Wed 17-Feb-21 12:22:04

But suziewoozie you want the Megan and Harry thread closed ,you said it was in the gutter

Alegrias1 Wed 17-Feb-21 12:28:04

I can't be the only one who thought of this 🤣🤣🤣

suziewoozie Wed 17-Feb-21 12:29:18


But suziewoozie you want the Megan and Harry thread closed ,you said it was in the gutter

Of fgs lighten up - this is all meant to be jokey.

nadateturbe Wed 17-Feb-21 12:30:35

I think there should be a rule on all threads that if you're going to accuse someone of saying something you should be able to prove it.
I don't find all the arguing funny at all.

NellG Wed 17-Feb-21 12:36:32

Alegrias Classic! 😂

FannyCornforth Wed 17-Feb-21 12:43:37

Thank you so much Alegrias - I most certainly did think of that! Thank you for the link!

But sincere 'thank you's' most definitely 'aren't in the spirit' of the thread, so I'll don my tin hat, pull up my big girl pants and await deletion.

Blossoming Wed 17-Feb-21 12:46:27

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Namsnanny Wed 17-Feb-21 12:46:46

suziewoozie oh fgs this is ment to be jokey
I think you've been had!

Namsnanny Wed 17-Feb-21 12:49:03

Might not (well, didnt) last long, ut it was worth it to be reminded of the Monty sketch!
Thanks Aligreas1

FannyCornforth Wed 17-Feb-21 12:49:08

That should be 'hard hat', not 'tin hat'.
The latter is for conspiracy theories.
(Top marks for starting an argument with myself.)

FannyCornforth Wed 17-Feb-21 12:51:14

And top marks to Annie too, quick off the blocks!

BlueSky Wed 17-Feb-21 13:01:37

Have I got time to add “where’s your link”? grin

Anniebach Wed 17-Feb-21 13:04:32

Seems jokey isn’t wanted by some 😀

Jaxjacky Wed 17-Feb-21 13:13:26

Not for me thanks.

Ramblingrose22 Wed 17-Feb-21 13:13:50

FannyC - for the avoidance of doubt please clarify whether the "spirit" of the thread is meant to be jokey or serious as there are some dogged arguers out there who argue to the death rather than for fun whilst others just want to have fun.

And please don't let's have an argument or assertion that it was abundantly clear at the outset what your intention was and anyone who can't see what your intention was is a complete idiot! That wouldn't be fun.

Peasblossom Wed 17-Feb-21 13:18:54

Fannycornforth” I would like to propose *Cushions as a topic for argument.

I am perfectly willing to take either side.

Peasblossom Wed 17-Feb-21 13:19:36

No idea why some of that came out in bold and some didn’t

suziewoozie Wed 17-Feb-21 13:22:49


*Fannycornforth” I would like to propose Cushions as a topic for argument.

I am perfectly willing to take either side.

Great idea - I’d give it half a dozen posts before it descended into a bun fight.

FannyCornforth Wed 17-Feb-21 13:23:47

I'm afraid that there will be no further clarifications of what 'the spirit of the thread' may or may not be.
I am merely the facilitator.

(I would include a link to 'Thread Guidelines' here but I'm not clever enough)

Lisagran Wed 17-Feb-21 13:24:08

Good grief, FannyCornforth, you can’t be serious. If you are, I propose Influencers are a vital part of social media platforms now, without which they would not attract an audience and therefore advertisers. Such a valuable job, starting comments off and allowing - or not - people to have their say.

Lisagran Wed 17-Feb-21 13:25:01

I'm not clever enough. Oh, I don’t know.....

FannyCornforth Wed 17-Feb-21 13:25:29

Okay. Cushions it is.
Ding ding