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I am a reader but my family aren't

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polomint Wed 24-Feb-21 11:08:53

I love reading, books, magazines even sauce bottles! My children dont read and neither do my grandchildren and they are now adults. They have had plenty of opportunities as there have always been books about and my nose is usually in one. My parents were great readers. My husband reads but not a great deal. I think they are missing so much enjoyment and learning things about life etc. Is reading not popular now due to internet? Yet waterstones are busy, amazon sells books. Granted libraries are closing. Are you reading more than usual due to lockdown or dont you read?

GrannyGravy13 Wed 24-Feb-21 11:15:52

I have 5 physical books and approximately 30+ waiting on my kindle to be read.

Under non Covid circumstances I read two books a week, since March 2020 I have really struggled to concentrate, so I am flicking through magazines and of course the internet.

AC and GC all read when they have the time.

Witzend Wed 24-Feb-21 11:24:57

I go mad if I don’t have a good book to read. And plenty more (physical or Kindle) if one or the other doesn’t live up to expectations.
Dh always has a book on the go, but usually fairly heavy non fiction and he reads much more slowly than I do - but I think retains rather more.
I used to buy and read magazines but don’t any more, after I worked out that about 70% of the one I’d bought was advertisements!

One dd reads when she can and enjoys it, but she works very long hours so time is limited.
The other hardly reads at all any more, but that’s largely down to having 3 little dcs plus trying to work p/t from home.

Sar53 Wed 24-Feb-21 11:27:15

My husband I both read a lot. Last year I read 82 books, so far this year I have read 8. My daughters both read when they have the time. My granddaughters also read but I feel it's because they have to rather than want to.
I have always been a bookworm since the time I could first read.

eazybee Wed 24-Feb-21 11:30:33

I always read and my parents did too; I produced an avid reader and a would-be non reader, although things are read via the internet and online. I cannot imagine life without books and always have a stack by my bed; I have four and a half bookcases and would love more, but no room.
I like real books, but may have to give in and go down the kindle route as books are becoming increasingly expensive and my local library is poorly stocked.

NellG Wed 24-Feb-21 11:31:38

I've listened to more audiobooks than read physical or Ebooks since lockdown.

I find it quite soothing to be read to, and it allows me to get on with other things.

Grandmabatty Wed 24-Feb-21 11:44:35

I was a real bookworm as a child and when younger. Mum had to force me to go out to play. I could read before I went to school. I became a librarian and then a teacher. Often I would have four books on the go. My son is a reader too. My daughter isn't as keen. My grandson who is 2 loves books but they have to be interactive. He's not keen on being read a story. I think there are more distractions for people nowadays. I find it difficult to concentrate on books.

Peasblossom Wed 24-Feb-21 11:55:43

Most people who really enjoy something, think that everyone else could enjoy it too and that they’re missing out on all that lovely enjoyment.

Sport, music, baking, pets, whatever.

Georgesgran Wed 24-Feb-21 11:59:08

I’m a keen reader of fiction, DH doesn’t read at all and but DD’s are dyslexic. DD1 managed to get through the Harry Potter’s as she was really into the stories. She’s in sales and could sell ‘coals to Newcastle’. DD2’s dyslexia is more serious and she doesn’t read - just a flick through a magazine. Incredibly she’s found her niche as a Senior Data Analyst! We are so proud of both of them.

Georgesgran Wed 24-Feb-21 12:00:16

and but!! I need to preview before posting. X

Boz Wed 24-Feb-21 12:06:08

I am now into Audible as my eyes grow sore with print; especially in the evenings. My H doesn't read fiction. I think I am sometimes distant, because you can get on with your chores plugged into earphones with the phone tucked under your bra strap or in a pocket. Thank God for modern tech..

Mollygo Wed 24-Feb-21 12:17:19

We both read a lot, possibly more in lockdown, either rereading books from the shelves or buying new e-books.
I have listened to far more audio books though. Now even my husband would prefer to listen to a book than watch TV.

GagaJo Wed 24-Feb-21 12:30:55

I am lazy and watch more TV now than reading (shameful for an English teacher). My GS appears to love books and loves being read to, but I know from experience with my daughter that it is no guarantee he will read as an adult.

Grandma70s Wed 24-Feb-21 12:36:39

I read a lot, but very rarely fiction now. Some of the books I like to read are too obscure to be available on Kindle, but I do find small print a problem now.

One son, a voracious reader until he was in his teens, now reads very little, and never fiction. The other son reads everything, and is embarrassingly far better read than I am. They are in their late 40s. The grandchildren read quite a lot so far, but the lure of computer games is irresistible, apparently.

I read poetry, which seems to be a rare interest. My mother gave me two poetry books when I was about 8, and I’ve been addicted ever since.

Esspee Wed 24-Feb-21 12:38:01

I find that these days I tend to read factual stuff. Getting lost in a novel is something that now seems to be relegated to holidays. We do watch far too much TV but try to choose films, series, history and natural history programmes.
We never watch trash. Wouldn’t know anything about soap operas or game shows or the like.

Greyduster Wed 24-Feb-21 12:41:32

I love to read and have read more since lockdown. I can’t get on with audio books, and prefer a physical book to the kindle but most of my reading is online now. DS reads a lot (sends his “spares” down to DH, who leaves them in a pile 😏 “ready to read”)as does my son in law; DD when she has half an hour to spare, which doesn’t seem often enough. GS was always an avid reader until he hit double figures and now has to be persuaded that it’s a good way to spend time that doesn’t require him being attached to a game controller. He has just finished “Troy” by Stephen Fry and told me he enjoyed it. Onward and upward!

Greyduster Wed 24-Feb-21 12:44:51

For some reason, I find I can’t read a newspaper anymore. A weekend broadsheet would be read from cover to cover, but I don’t seem to have the attention span anymore.

Oopsadaisy1 Wed 24-Feb-21 12:47:42

I read at least 2 books a week, DH only reads on holiday, DD1 and the GCs are avid readers and own hundreds of books, DD2 is not so keen but has stocked up for next week after her op.
I’ve always read lots of books but DH was more ‘sporty’ , not that he can use that as an excuse any more!

Jane43 Wed 24-Feb-21 13:00:21

My nickname as a child was ‘Bookworm’, I have always loved to read but my brother didn't read much, just a few Just William books and the Eagle comic. Our older son also loved to read but not so much now he has a demanding job and three children. Our younger son was never a reader, he did like to read the Paddington books when he was a young boy but seldom read afterwards. My DH also reads a lot and always has done, his older sister loved reading too but sadly her sight is fading now whereas his younger sister has never read much apart from magazines. None of our grandchildren have been big readers, our oldest granddaughter read more than the two younger ones but stopped when she finished university. I do have a Kindle but prefer a physical book. Kindles are good to take on holiday though and if a book is very big. I had one by Alan Bennett which was huge and was amused to hear him say that reading it was like holding up a wardrobe.

polomint Wed 24-Feb-21 13:01:01

I have not read a newspaper either greyduster and I was like you, read everything in it. I miss the tv supplement though.
I don't read fiction now but used to when younger. I just cant get into fiction, it seems so trivial although my husbandxreads crime fiction. I like biographies, true life accounts, animals, history, etc

grandmajet Wed 24-Feb-21 13:04:05

I love reading. I have heard a good book described as ‘going on a journey while staying at home’. That’s is exactly for me.
But I accept that some people just don’t get it, in the way that I don’t get video games and the like.
Some of my family read for pleasure and some don’t, although they all loved stories when they were little, and had books all around at home.

Sarnia Wed 24-Feb-21 13:13:31

I am a member of my WI's book club. We put forward book recommendations and each month we all read one of those choices. It has widened my reading no end. I used to stick to the same authors. I have read a lot more during this lockdown because the weather has been miserable most of the time and I haven't been able to get out in the garden. My daughters like to read but my sons never pick up a book. I enjoy both fact and fiction. I am not a fan of Mills & Boon or chic-lit. A world without books would be a glum place for me.

NonnaW Wed 24-Feb-21 13:21:17

I have devoured books since I first learnt to read. As a child I went to the library every Saturday and got the maximum 4 books, which I had generally read by Sunday night. My best presents ever were book tokens.
Out of 3 sons, one never reads and the other 2 read a lot, as much as work allows.

sodapop Wed 24-Feb-21 13:22:34

Can't live without books, I spend a lot of money buying them and having them shipped to France - I don't like e-readers.
All my family are keen readers both fiction and non fiction. I am that person who reads the cereal box and sauce bottle if they are around.

Sara1954 Wed 24-Feb-21 13:35:52

I read every available spare minute, always have. I love physical books, a kindle wouldn’t do it for me.

I have one daughter the same, one who does read, but a book will easily last her a month, and a son who probably hasn’t picked up a book since leaving school.

Out of six grandchildren, I was delighted to have two little granddaughters (cousins) who were real little bookworms, I loved taking them book shopping, sadly, at eleven, they seem to find their phones rather more exiting, very sad.