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Good Morning Saturday

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12Michael Sat 27-Feb-21 06:11:32

Good Morning Everyone,
Its dark, but its gradually brightening up also dry and cold out there , I also look out of my window and see daffodils growing.
Today , a double dose of cycling on Eurosport plus for a change I have decided to have a fried breakfast for a change today, and tomorrow.
Hopefully my brother will pick me up so I can have my first jab today .
Compared to 3 weeks ago , I am beginning to feel more myself .
Take Care,

Ashcombe Sat 27-Feb-21 06:18:26

Good morning, everyone from another chilly morning but with sunshine expected in Torbay. Great news regarding your vaccination and it’s good you have a lift.

I hope your consultant will bring some relief for you NanKate and that Mr. Gagagran has his operation next week as planned. Marydoll your posts always raise a smile here - thank you for making an unpleasant experience for you into an entertaining read!

It seems like almost all of us enjoyed beautiful sunshine yesterday and I revelled in the chance to walk in the local park without a coat! (see photo) People had time to stop and talk, too and I’m never short of things to say! The exception regarding sun was dustyangel who was enquiring about how we dry washing. I have a large airier in my back bedroom where things dry within a day or less depending on the fabric.

Have a happy weekend, everyone and continue to enjoy the improving weather and signs of Spring! 🌹☀️🌷

Pantglas2 Sat 27-Feb-21 06:20:50

Morning Mick from a dry n dark north Wales where I’m about to trot off for a newspaper having already made use of the chamberpot ☕️ Tee hee 🤪

We shall be joining you with the Full Monty this morning and there could be the first cut on the lawn this afternoon - discussion and debate on whether it’s ‘twirly’ beforehand!

Glad to see the crumpet Queen has returned- on my crumpet trails, I found some more sourdough ones in Asda Special range and they’re fivepence cheaper than Tesco Finest - how cheering EV!

Will pop in later to read your doings.....😀

grandMattie Sat 27-Feb-21 06:31:09

Good morning from a dawning E Kent. With the sun rising in the east and, at the same time, the full mon is setting in the west, the sky is full of nacreous colour (pace Urms).
Glad to see happy people on already.
It felt like Saturday all day yesterday, so I have a bonus one today! 😊
Yet another nothing day. Probs make a quiche for dinner tonight as rather England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 vs Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 rugby match finishes late and I don’t have a proper time for it to be on the table.
Keep safe and cheerful, May all your worries and pains drop off. ❤️🌹🌷🌺💐

Bellasnana Sat 27-Feb-21 06:34:56

Good morning from Malta where it is another sunny day.
Couldn’t post yesterday as the internet packed up for some time.

Glad you are feeling so much better Mick and hope you get the jab without any problems.

Lovely photo Ashcombe. I can imagine you enjoyed your walk in the sun.

DD3 and I are going out for coffee this morning. It seems to have become our usual Saturday outing and I enjoy her company so much. She has such a busy life but still finds time for her mum.

Pleased to see EV is back with us. Hope everyone has a good day.☀️

Gagagran Sat 27-Feb-21 06:42:05

Morning all from a chilly south coast .-0.8 at 6am. We are promised another lovely, sunny day today so it will be as nice as yesterday, if so.

The letter and instructions came through from the hospital yesterday so we now need to plan the special medicated showers and pre-op drinks DH has to take on Thursday and Friday morning. He has to report at 7.30am and DSiL is taking him in as it is at the hospital where he is a consultant.

We did some more gardening yesterday and it was such a joy to have the warm sunshine smiling down on us. Felt like a blessing. Then the wonderful "snow moon" was magical as darkness fell. I really don't understand the complexities of space but we do get some wonderful things from it!

Glad you are getting jabbed Mick. They will warn you to still take great care afterwards. It's not a magic bullet.

Hope everyone can enjoy the day and the sunshine. I told you spring was on its way!sunshinesunshinesunshine

Dwmxwg Sat 27-Feb-21 06:53:19

Good morning from a cold and frosty north Surrey, but sunshine is promised.
Busy shift yesterday and will probably be the same today, but looking after some lovely patients and making a difference so makes me happy.
Mick I hope all goes well for your vaccination today.
Looking forward to hear news of Scentia’s new arrivals, and maybe a picture.
Thanks for the reminder of the rugby, DH will be watching, we usually have a bit of friendly rivalry between us when England and Wales play as I grew up with a family affiliation to the Welsh team and have fond memories of being at my paternal grandparents house cheering on Wales.
Wishing all a sunny Saturday

Gelisajams Sat 27-Feb-21 07:10:39

Good morning from a dry Morecambe Bay. I am having an ‘empty’ this morning! DH is off along the canal and along the river for a long walk. I will pick him up about lunchtime from a pre arranged spot. He’s getting some miles in his legs before he hopefully attempts long sections of the SW Coastal path later this year.
In the meantime I’ll have a chat with my friend and get out in the garden.
Take care and stay safe everyone 🌸

NanKate Sat 27-Feb-21 07:15:16

Morning Mick and All.

Beautiful blue and apricot sky in South Bucks.

Thank you Ashcombe I can’t wait to get sorted by the consultant, I haven’t been able to eat a proper meal in 3 weeks! The upside is that I have lost the weight I have put on in Lockdown.

Glad you are feeling better Mick.

Urmstongran Sat 27-Feb-21 07:19:49

Good morning everyone from South Manchester where the sun is coming up behind the Pennines. Another sunny day is forecast which means we will be able to meet up in the park with daughter, son in law and the smalls. Himself has stored his new bicycle & helmet in their garage so we will walk there first as he and our grandson have their own circuit planned!

Other than that - not much. There’s rugby and football for Himself. I shall read and phone a couple of friends for a catch up chat. Takeaway curry is our Saturday night treat.

Hope Saturday is kind to us all. Glad you’re getting your jab today Mick and that you’re starting to feel more yourself. Looking forward to a photo of the baby guinea pigs in a bit Scentia! Keep safe everyone that’s the main thing. x

Scentia Sat 27-Feb-21 07:21:46

Good Morning all from East Staffordshire where it is a bit chilly.
The little guinea pigs arrived safely, I try to take a photo but the are currently hiding in a tube, the lady said I need to give them a day to settle in before I handle them too much. Fin and Gus they are called. Photos to follow!!
Patio has been cleared of moss and weeds, my new washing line is getting its first trial in a bit and I am off to pick up my new water feature just as soon as I have been to get some vegetables, dropped suitcases off for DFiL and been to measure the new curtains at DGS window before I hem them.
Ooh I am a bit tired just writing all that😂
Take care everyone and stay safe and enjoy the sunshine ☀️

cornergran Sat 27-Feb-21 07:22:14

Morning Mick, morning All. A frosty, clear start to our corner of Somerset. So pleased we have more sunshine forecast.

Yesterday’s foray in the garden was satisfying and enjoyable. Today it’s more of the same after taking the results of yesterday’s labours to the tip, too many large branches for our collection service. Much cake remains from Mr C’s birthday so the exercise is definitely needed.

Good news you will have your jab today mick. Hope you are comfortable today after your dental traumas marydoll.

Take care everyone. Hope Saturday is gentle with us all.

maydonoz Sat 27-Feb-21 07:22:17

Good morning all from Welwyn, Herts where a beautiful sunrise is just coming up, after that wonderful full moon we had last night. Hopefully it will be sunny again today, like yesterday although it was cold.
Will probably cook sausages with cabbage for supper, but I may set aside a few sausages for sausage rolls to try out my ready puff pastry.
Wishing you all a restful Saturday.

Kim19 Sat 27-Feb-21 07:25:27

Saturday again! How the weeks fly by. Hope everyone saw the stunning snow moon last night. Weatherman did suggest it might still be around this morning but too many clouds here for me to spot it. However, the prospect of a lovely sunrise is on the horizon. I will watch that evolve with joy. This is my favourite day for radio programmes with tomorrow a close second. Did a stint in the garden yesterday. Decidedly rewarding and good for the soul. The body is having a word with me! Hope everyone has a good day in the simplest of ways.

Urmstongran Sat 27-Feb-21 07:26:51

I felt exhausted reading all that too Scentia! I’ll have a nip of whatever you’re on thanks. Where do you get all your energy from?

Sar53 Sat 27-Feb-21 07:28:30

Good morning from a beautiful, bright and sunny Essex by the sea .
There is frost on the cars but it looks like being another lovely day.
It will be busy here today and tomorrow so we shan't be going far.
There is rugby to watch this afternoon and maybe snooker so DH will be happy.
Enjoy the sun and have a pleasant Saturday xx

Nannagarra Sat 27-Feb-21 07:35:45

Good morning from the Sefton coast where it is 5C and looks quite promising.
We can make really good bread in this house but we have both accepted defeat on the oven bottom muffin front! Ah well, at least the gulls have plenty to eat. grin It’s back to the lightly-floured worktops...
As sheep hasn’t posted for a few days I assume she’s putting in long hours and making sure all her ladies are safely delivered. Frolicking lambs are yet to appear in the fields here.
Will pop back later to read your news. Have the best day you can. 🌷

brook2704 Sat 27-Feb-21 07:38:19

Good morning everyone from Inverness where we’ve got a dry sunny day planned, with the temperature forecast to be reaching double figures this afternoon 😀
I think I’m meeting DD2 later and the DGC, I’ve probably said before but she’s such a last minute type of girl and doesn’t plan ahead, she’ll just message later if she wants to meet up.
Looking forward to meeting Fin and Gus scentia once they’ve got over their shyness!
Pleased to hear you’re feeling better mick and hope your jab goes ok today
Thinking of everyone with worries and struggles, take care all whatever the day brings 💐

Susan56 Sat 27-Feb-21 07:43:57

Good morning from Shropshire.Another sunny day forecast.

It was very quiet in our little town yesterday but lovely wandering round the market.Saw a couple of people we know which was nice,

A garden day today I think.

Thinking of Georgesgran and her husband,Auntieflo and all with anxieties and illness.

Have a good day all.

Jaxjacky Sat 27-Feb-21 07:45:57

Good morning all from a bright, frosty S Hants. Mick good you’re improving and getting your jab today, enjoy your fry up. NanKate not the best or most comfortable way to lose weight, here’s hoping the consultant provides some magic and for MrGG a successful few days at the end of next week.I’ve got to sort out some blackout curtains/blinds for our bedroom, it faces east and as soon as it’s light I’m wide awake, however tired I am, MrJ is still happily snoozing. I was so glad to see Gogglebox back last night, it makes me laugh and cheers Friday evenings. Today no real plans, sport on the TV, a walk and frittata for dinner. We’ve sent our friend some flowers as she lost one of their dogs a few days ago.
Have a sun shiney day all.

Beechnut Sat 27-Feb-21 07:47:59

Good Morning everyone from a frosty Severnside. The sunshine is streaming through the bedroom window and makes me feel good.

I have got into a muddle with the days too Mattie thinking it was Saturday yesterday.

My weeding went well and I just have the drive by the side of the house and the border by the front wall to do and I shall be happy.

Have the best day you can all 🌻

BlueSapphire Sat 27-Feb-21 07:49:49

Good morning everyone from a very frosty and bright East Northants. I am staying at DD's (my bubble) this weekend for the first time since Christmas, and it is so nice to be back in company, and to see the dogs again.

Three years ago today I lost my darling DH, and can't believe how quickly those years have gone by - apart from this last Covid year which seems to have gone on for ever. Much missed by all the family, but I'm sure we will be raising a glass to him at some time today. I expect that wherever he is, he will be joining us in spirit, and raising his glass of Famous Grouse!

Hospital appointment for an ECG this morning, which DD is kindly taking me to. This is as a result of my visit to the GP back in November when I had a trapped nerve; she had a listen to my heart and detected a heart murmur, so referred me. After 3 months I thought they had forgotten me!

Then back here to watch the rugby, and then I think we are having fish and chips tonight. I may start on my new cardigan, but the instructions look very complicated.

Glad you are feeling better Mick and hope all goes well with your jab today.

Looking forward to seeing pictures of the baby guinea pigs.

Have the best Saturday.

amselerin Sat 27-Feb-21 07:53:12

Good morning to you all from a chilly Lueneburg.
I just had to get this out early: I found some crumpets. As I searched for some bread in my large chest freezer in the cellar, right at the bottom, I came across a packet of crumpets from Tesco. I had bought them on my last visit to England in February 2020. What excitement. They are just as good, if not better, than the ones I make. Another 8 days of pleasure at breakfast.
I have been busy in the garden (It`s too large for one person), so I really have to find something smaller. My gardener is coming about midday - he can`t get going before then.

He is going to finish some painting in the hall and toilet. He also does all manner of odd jobs. I have to drive to the next village to get some more paint first.

Later I play virtual bridge in a club in Cambridge. Technology is marvelous , if only I was as good as some of you - especially Marydoll.

I read all your news every day - I love to hear (amongst other things) what you are cooking. The english cooking has soo changed since I came to Britain as an au pair girl 1963. You are now making meals of which I have not heard.

I wish you all happiness and if you have illness and worries may they disappear.
Take care.

GrannyGravy13 Sat 27-Feb-21 07:53:15

Morning Mick and all

Suns out but it’s only 2 degrees, should reach 11 later.

No plans at all today, so I shall read and relax!!

Keep safe and well folks 🙋‍♀️

ginny Sat 27-Feb-21 08:03:12

Good Morning all. A sharp frost but beautiful blue sky here in N. Bucks.
Wattsapp calls from my 3 DDs yesterday. We are all so looking forward to being able to meet in the garden by April. Hopefully one at a time after next week for a walk.
Local food shop this morning and a walk along the riverbank.
Feeling brighter this morning so will also make a list of jobs to be done in the garden over the next few weeks.
Hoping you all find a 😁 today.