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Erica23 Sun 28-Feb-21 10:18:11

I had a nice surprise this morning when I decided to read the government roadmap for England. I’d had it in mind that we’d be able to meet up with be other household from the 12th of April, turns out if all is well it’s from the 29th if March ! Does everyone know this and I’ve been living in cloud cuckoo land 🙄

BigBertha1 Sun 28-Feb-21 10:25:44

Yes thankfully it is 29th March and as its March tomorrow we are on countdown if all goes well. Lovely to be able to make some plans now albeit somewhat tentative.

Jaxjacky Sun 28-Feb-21 10:28:24


Ellianne Sun 28-Feb-21 10:28:59

And the rule of six.

fourormore Sun 28-Feb-21 10:49:13

Jaxjacky could you possibly give us a link to where you found the roadmap that you attached please?

It look really clear but I can seem to be able to enlarge it without it becoming too blurred to read.

I would like to send the link to a few people I know who don't seem to appreciate the rules need to be kept!!!

grandmajet Sun 28-Feb-21 11:03:23

From 29th March outdoors, up to 6 people I think, if the figures keep going down. Nothing has been guaranteed.

grandmajet Sun 28-Feb-21 11:04:55

Crossed posts!
Yes please Jaxjacky, it does look very clear.

NotSpaghetti Sun 28-Feb-21 11:06:36

I can't enlarge it either Fourormore please do send a link jax.

Erica23 Sun 28-Feb-21 11:34:16

Thank you. I’m pleased it’s correct. Don’t know how I missed it 🤔

Ilovecheese Sun 28-Feb-21 11:52:28

Just to say these dates are not set in stone, they are just the earliest possible dates, depending on circumstances.

Mapleleaf Sun 28-Feb-21 12:29:42

Absolutely, Ilovecheese, and my worry is that some people will relax a little too much too soon, and we'll be back to square one (well maybe not quite that far, but held back more than we would have been). We all still have a responsibility to remain cautious, as we are not out of the woods yet. If we do that, then these dates are achievable. If we don't, they aren't.

Jaxjacky Sun 28-Feb-21 13:04:47

I’m so sorry, I don’t know how to do links, this one is West Bridgford Wire

Jaxjacky Sun 28-Feb-21 13:11:19

Jaxjacky Sun 28-Feb-21 13:11:54

I’ve learnt something!!!

Erica23 Sun 28-Feb-21 13:38:08

Me too. You can also meet in gardens.

JaneJudge Sun 28-Feb-21 13:39:20

Maybe it is just where I live but I think most people think it is ok to meet up with people if it is sunny, so yesterday and today everywhere is full with people. One of our local parks was packed to the brim. I took my daughter a drive earlier - she has severe autism, it's allowed-loads of groups on bikes too, people chatting in the street etc. It's bonkers

Sarnia Sun 28-Feb-21 13:43:57

Outside from 29th March, not in other's houses. No JaneJudge it is not just where you live. South East news showed loads of people of all ages out and about. The interviewer asked one large group, clearly not all from one household, why they were ignoring the guidelines and one of the women said they were fed up with being indoors and wanted to get out and meet their friends! Sometimes there are no words for people like them. The rest of us are, of course, delighted to still be keeping apart from family and friends.

Kittye Sun 28-Feb-21 13:45:06

I live near a country park , people are coming from all over and there’s no signs of social distancing. Lots of large groups of people especially families. Our local roads are a nightmare and as for parking 😩

JaneJudge Sun 28-Feb-21 13:50:23

I would like nothing better than to leave my immediate household and meet up with friends and family but it isn't sensible. I understand some people may need to for their mental health but this is covered under a support bubble rule, surely? sad it's the groups of men on bikes too, they can't all live in the same house?

Lillie Sun 28-Feb-21 14:45:45

If that's the case, anyone 50s, 60s upwards vaccinated after March 8th is still going to feel pretty nervous about meeting up at all with family. The younger people will just go for it regardless.

3nanny6 Sun 28-Feb-21 15:06:55

Maybe it was just the good weather yesterday that brought so many people out. There was many people in the local park with their children enjoying a warm day. I had to go to one of the larger supermarkets yesterday and became overwhelmed
with at least three aisles of the supermarket where shoppers were not even keeping one foot apart and the place was getting crowded. Only last week staff in the shop would have been reminding shoppers to social distance but yesterday nobody said nothing. I just bought a few things and left it all seemed a bit much with no rules about anything.
I am hearing all the government saying how things are all going well perhaps that is why people are dropping their guard at the first opportunity.
What bothered me was the fact that the South African variant has been detected close by and they are sending out test kits to the residents of that area. I am getting concerned
as people just seem to want out of lockdown now no matter what the consequences.

fourormore Sun 28-Feb-21 16:43:09

Thanks Jaxjacky - as you say, you have learned something too!!!
These days the rules seems to depend upon each individual's interpretation. Families on our local beaches are apparently 'exercising'
What part of stay at home do they not understand?
Keep safe everyone!

marymary62 Sun 28-Feb-21 16:52:36

It’s true, a bit of sunshine and everyone is out of course, after this winter I can’t blame people - especially the under 50’s - for wanting a bit of fun as they have been mainly keeping ‘us’ safe. But I do wish they would hang on a bit longer as cases are going up in some areas. Fingers crossed that, as the scientists are saying, transmission is unlikely outside. Hope for rain?

Jaxjacky Sun 28-Feb-21 17:03:43

10% of Covid hospital beds are occupied by people under 50, 1 in 5 intensive care beds, no excuses whatever the age.

NotSpaghetti Sun 28-Feb-21 19:15:51

Our "bubble" is my mother in law. It would be nice if we could see our adult children etc as well but obviously can't do this under current rules. Don't get me wrong, I love my mother-in-law, but do feel a bit sorry for myself some days.

We went for a stroll with her yesterday and the roads round her house (which backs onto a large park), were rammed. It was as though nothing in the world was wrong. Huge family groups of three generations including it would seem adult sisters and brothers as well as grandparents were everywhere. Friends on benches chatted merrily whilst the children played in substantial groups. I can't see how this park isn't going to get busier and busier as the weather improves.

Most people aren't waiting for the "roadmap" that's for sure.