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Special birthdays in lockdown

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ZadieGransnet (GNHQ) Mon 01-Mar-21 13:04:10

Hi everyone,

We're updating one of our birthday ideas pages, and we want your input on how you or someone close to you have celebrated a big birthday in lockdown/during the coronavirus pandemic. smile

Have you had a virtual birthday? Have you planned anything special for someone else? Are there any particular gifts you've received or given in the past year that have made the day extra special? If you couldn't spend the day with loved ones in person, what would you want them to do for you instead?

Please let us know your thoughts on this thread - it's very much appreciated! flowers

Auntieflo Mon 01-Mar-21 13:32:25

We haven't had a special birthday during this year, but, it will be our 60th Wedding Anniversary in September.
I have a suspicion that our daughter will be arranging something.

Maggymay Mon 01-Mar-21 14:02:15

Had my 70th birthday in October just before lockdown had a small family meal at DD house.This week it is our 50th wedding anniversary before covid we had so many plans,but now all it will be is video calls from the family.Hopefully we can have some celebrations later in the year.

Redhead56 Mon 01-Mar-21 14:17:30

My husband was was 70 on Friday we just had a nice meal I prepared. He was upset as he wanted to be with our family but couldn't had to make do with Whatsapp.

annodomini Mon 01-Mar-21 14:24:21

The worst luck was turning 80 on the first day of second lockdown - November 5th. My sons and their partners managed to reserve a table for the preceding evening, but we might have a family party after this lockdown ends as DS1 will be 50 in April the day after retail outlets can open, as can hairdressers.

Marydoll Mon 01-Mar-21 14:26:04

I was 65 in May and DH 70 in June 2020. As I was shielding, we couldn't do anything. However, my children came at various times throughout the day on both birthdays, to stand in the pouring rain in the garden to wish us a happy birthday.
It wasn't what we had planned, which was a joint family weekend celebration at at the seaside.

They did go out of their way to give special gifts, into which they had put a lot of thought.
My friends, who are also my neighbours, stood in the street to toast me. Other friends also left flowers on the doorstep as
a surprise.

We will do something once it is safe to do so.

EllanVannin Mon 01-Mar-21 14:27:54

My 80th came and went last October. It was a day like any other, apart from the room full of flowers that I received, but didn't see a soul.

janeainsworth Mon 01-Mar-21 15:07:41

It was our Golden Wedding last July.
I had been planning a party with music and dancing and of course that didn’t happen.
We saw DD2 and DGD3 in the morning in their garden, which was allowed at the time.
Then we went home and had champagne and a 3 course dinner from Cote at Home.
And I had a new dress,
We had a very small modest wedding and on the day I felt a bit sad thinking about the older generation who had been at our wedding and who are now all gone.

janeainsworth Mon 01-Mar-21 15:09:40

I should have added that the house was full of flowers and cards from our family and friends.

Chakotay Mon 01-Mar-21 17:29:15

I have a special birthday this week I am 66 , this something I have been looking forward to for years as I finally get my pension - YIPPEE. We had planned lunch in our favourite spot followed by a bus trip around the countryside using my new bus pass, alas our favourite spot is closed and there is nowhere open for me to order my bus pass, so we shall have a zoom meeting with the family and I shall mention it on Facebook so my friends can say happy birthday, everything else including my pension gift of a new ring will just have to wait

threexnanny Mon 01-Mar-21 17:45:13

We've had several special birthdays during the year, and another to come before Lockdown is over. Extra thought about the gift and a Zoom meeting are the best we can do, but they are all adults, it's a small GS I think is hardest hit. He had his last birthday under Lockdown and another due before this is over. He is an 'only' so it's hard for him not to have his cousins and friends with him on the day.

Davida1968 Mon 01-Mar-21 18:36:39

I had one last year. Luckily it was at a time when we were allowed visit another household in a garden: friends invited us over and we took out own picnic (my insistence) plus a cake and champers to share. (DH was driving so basically sniffed my glass!) Not quite the birthday celebration I had hoped for, but it was still happy and memorable.

Harris27 Mon 01-Mar-21 18:48:22

Had my 60 th last January just before lockdown and was so grateful I think it was the last time I went out properly!

timetogo2016 Mon 01-Mar-21 18:58:35

I had my 60th b/day last May and dh had his 60th two weeks ago tomorrow.
My family turned up ay the front door,we all kept our distance
But oh lord it was emotional seeing your son`s/Dil`s/grandchildren and not being able to have a love/hug and kiss.
I cried my eyes out when i shut the door.
And dh`s daughter and family did the same for him.
Once this nightmare is over we are going to have one heck of a party.

arosebyanyothername Mon 01-Mar-21 19:05:28

Hear hear timetogo2016!
We’ve had 2 40th and 2 70th birthdays during the pandemic also several friends have had significant birthdays.
We will have a huge joint do when we are allowed 👍👍

Hetty58 Mon 01-Mar-21 19:07:10

We've just done extra special presents, phone calls and Zoom meetings - with an IOU for a big, double-celebration 'do' next year, that's if circumstances allow!

PurpleStar Mon 01-Mar-21 22:24:51

I turned 50 a week after our 1st lockdown in 2020.No chance of getting Balloons or even a cake then! My DD turned 30 in April,by then we were able to order some nice surprises online for her,but she spent the day alone and,and then DS turned 21! We had huge plans for a big summer party with all the family flying over (We are in Ireland) most family in UK including DD and Grandchildren,my DM and siblings were booked to fly over.It was to be a big Gala with a coach trip and Caravans for guests to stay in.We had been talking about it for 2 years previously.And now my Birthday is coming round again and I can't believe we are still in this disaster! My DH (who turned 50 a few days before lockdown) was able to have dinner out and do an activity I'd arranged,plus beautiful balloons and cakes says "what's the big deal and I should get over it!" I feel for anyone who have had plans spoiled.But for some of us,its the 2nd time round...and hopefully the last! Fyi I'm not bothered too much about normal birthdays,just the big ones.When I turned 40 I'd just had major surgery and almost died,so we always said we would go all out for the 50! Thankfully we all have modern Technology,its not the same but is wonderful nevertheless. Plus the end is insight now thanks

PurpleStar Mon 01-Mar-21 22:26:55

Ps sorry I didn't actually answer the OP question.I just needed a moan.. Ooops

lilypollen Mon 01-Mar-21 23:43:07

A significant one came and went during lockdown. I didn't want a big event though we would have had a good meal in a restaurant with close family. Main treat was a cancelled luxury Caribbean cruise.

CanadianGran Tue 02-Mar-21 03:46:49

My DH had his 60th in January, and we had planned to be 'somewhere with our toes in the sand'. Of course that didn't happen.
I sent out invites on an app called VidDay, for people to add a short video with birthday greetings. Then you add a background and put all the videos in order, and they send it to the recipient on the day. It was really lovely, we had laughter and some tears.
Througout the day he had quite a few phone calls as well, and the kids and GC showed up on the doorstep so it turns out he had a very happy day indeed.
I will turn 60 later this year and don't really want a fuss anyway, but hopefully we can get together then for a family dinner.

SuzieHi Tue 02-Mar-21 08:19:30

Our daughters sent us a Rick Stein meal( kit to make), a 3 month subscription for flowers to arrive and we arranged champagne FaceTime. And got cards and bottle of lovely perfume & vouchers for garden centre through the post.
Had a lovely birthday !

Purpledaffodil Tue 02-Mar-21 10:24:40

Last year was our Golden Wedding, son’s 40th and elder son and wife were coming from abroad. We celebrated as much as possible with Zoom and wonderful on line presents. But feel that’s that. It’s gone. So will just move forward hopefully.

Mapleleaf Tue 02-Mar-21 10:38:26

Many in our family have had significant birthdays during lockdown or tier 3. I think it will be a case of one big family party once we are given the ok to do so.

Rowsie Tue 02-Mar-21 10:43:42

My son will be 50 on Friday. Luckily I am in a bubble with him and his partner and their teenage son so they are coming over to me. Unfortunately his two other sons will not be able to come and nor will other family members. (We usually have quite large family get togethers). I have tried to make it special and I have had posters made with pictures of him each year of his life. With regard to presents I have made a box full of brochures and a note saying I will pay for him and his partners to have a break away when they can. His (grown up) sons are promising to take him out for a meal once this is over as their presents to him.

Paperbackwriter Tue 02-Mar-21 10:44:02

My OH was 70 in January. Our younger daughter got a load of friends (some of them from way back!) to make a little video each to say happy birthday and whatever else they wanted to say and she edited it all together. It was a total surprise and just wonderful! She has also put together a book of photographs from during his lifetime but he doesn't know this yet as we haven't been able to see our daughters since before Christmas.