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Another age gap question.

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Katek Mon 01-Mar-21 16:11:26

What’s the shortest gap any of you have had/knew of between babies? Closest I ever knew was a friend in the 1970s who had 41 weeks and 3 days between her two. One girl born in February and another in December and no prematurity involved.

Calendargirl Mon 01-Mar-21 16:15:45

There were 2 brothers in my daughter’s class at primary school, think just ten months between them, their mum said it was hard work.
Don’t think she had a period in between pregnancies.

She had no more children!

kittylester Mon 01-Mar-21 16:52:25

Years ago I worked with someone whose mum had twins 11 months after she was born. And, dd2's friend has her birthday in Seotenber name brother's birthday is the following August which meant they should have been in the same school year but the school put the daughter up a year.

Oopsadaisy1 Mon 01-Mar-21 16:53:32

DH and his late brother were 9 months apart.

Oopsadaisy1 Mon 01-Mar-21 16:55:43

PS I think though that DH was 6 weeks early

Coolgran65 Mon 01-Mar-21 17:02:00

My friend had a third child to complete her family. Then got immediately pregnant with twins born 11 months later.

Fennel Mon 01-Mar-21 17:02:09

My first 2 were 13 months apart and that was hard enough.
Both very welcome though.

Callistemon Mon 01-Mar-21 17:21:29

My friend had two girls 10 months apart. She was told that breastfeeding would work as a contraceptive.

I knew twins my age, born on the same day but one was full-term and the other a month premature.

Coolgran she certainly had her hands full!

M0nica Mon 01-Mar-21 18:01:59

My uncle (by marriage) and his brother, were born 11 months apart.

Spinnaker Mon 01-Mar-21 18:10:17

I went to school with three brothers. The eldest was born in January followed by twins in October !

timetogo2016 Mon 01-Mar-21 18:19:10

My two were 17 months apart.
But Dh`s first wife had 13 dc in less than 14 years,sadly she died at a very early age.

cornishpatsy Mon 01-Mar-21 18:31:13

My friend was pregnant when she went for her postnatal check-up at 6 weeks!

As the children got older most assumed they were twins as they were the same age for some of the year.

Franbern Mon 01-Mar-21 18:47:02

My first two - a boy and a girl were exactly eleven months apart (and the second, my daughter was born absolutely on date). Later on I did have twins - actually much easier than those first two as, at least with the twins, they were doing much the same things at the same time.

For one month each year, my eldest two had the 'same age', much to the delight of my daughter and the often confusion of the teachers at different places who would ask for all the 6-year olds (etc) to stand up, and they both did.