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Insomnia - Revelation?

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Woodmouse Wed 03-Mar-21 11:55:19

I have suffered with insomnia for most of my adult life. Sometimes the reasons for waking up in the middle of the night have been obvious - money worries, problems at work etc, but I often wake up for no reason whatsoever. I have never worn any clothing in bed - other than when camping when the kids were small.
A couple of nights ago I felt chilli and just couldn't get warm so I jumped out of bed and put on a light t-shirt. That night I slept soundly - didn't wake up once! The next night I did the same thing and got the same result. I am now wearing a t-shirt and pants every night and my insomnia has completely stopped. I just had to share this with you. Thoughts appreciated.

Woodmouse Wed 03-Mar-21 11:56:08

I meant chilly!

crazyH Wed 03-Mar-21 11:59:41

No wonder you had insomnia!! Fresh nightclothes make you feel cosy and comfortable. All those nudists out there, take note......

Poppyred Wed 03-Mar-21 11:59:50

The thought of sleeping in the nude would keep me awake all night lol!

BlueSky Wed 03-Mar-21 12:00:49

Yes it doesn’t help if you are cold or hot, if too full or hungry, but at times even with all the right conditions, you just can’t get a good night sleep!

Redhead56 Wed 03-Mar-21 12:07:03

Haven't slept in the nude for years those days are well gone. It's fleecy Pjs in winter or soft cotton in summer.

FannyCornforth Wed 03-Mar-21 12:16:59

I wear a night dress, pyjama top and bottoms and socks in this weather.
I always wear socks, however hot it is.
As I get older, the more I realise that I have sensory issues, maybe due to an AS condition.
If I don't wear socks I'm too aware of the sensation of other things on my feet. I can't wear sandals without socks for this reason.
I also hate the sensation of being naked.

Jaxjacky Wed 03-Mar-21 12:25:04

Touch wood, never been an insomniac, very occasionally, I’ll have a restless night, but most nights 7 hours at least, I might get up once for the toilet. Always worn nothing, but I do have an electric blanket on before I get into bed, off when I get in. It must be dreadful not being able to sleep.

Ashcombe Wed 03-Mar-21 12:25:17

Before Christmas, I bought some fleecy PJ"S in Lidl which have been marvellous during the cold snaps and I’ve resorted to wearing socks, too, which I’ve never needed before. All very comforting!

It’s different when DH is here as the bed always feels warmer although we are hardly hot stuff these days!!

downtoearth Wed 03-Mar-21 12:32:34

I discarded night in my teens and have slept naked ever since, now 68, cant bear night clothes all twisted and uncomfortable that keeps me awake.

sodapop Wed 03-Mar-21 12:36:27

I'm feeling hot just thinking about all those clothes you wear in bed FannyCornforth
( please don't misconstrue smile)
For the last few nights I have been turning back the duvet and just having a sheet covering me and my lightweight nightie. Summer would be unbearable without my fan going all night. No heating in the bedroom and the window open. Think my inner thermostat went awry during the menopause.

FannyCornforth Wed 03-Mar-21 12:54:08

Sodapop you just made me literally laugh out loud!
My night wear is really light weight cotton, not thick stuff.
Apparently you are supposed to have a cold room and a warm bed, which definitely works for me. Especially with the additional layer of DDog and DCat.

FannyCornforth Wed 03-Mar-21 12:55:14

I have the window open and no heating too.

bikergran Wed 03-Mar-21 19:40:57

I sometimes put my dressing gown on as well as pjs if I'm chilly, plus the bed socks, might even knit myself a nighcap.

BlueSky Wed 03-Mar-21 19:49:22

“It’s different when DH is here as the bed always feels warmer although we are hardly hot stuff these days!!”
How sweet Ashcombe!
I always take a hot water to bed, even in the summer, except perhaps during a heat wave. It’s so comforting! I do have a DH but with a super king bed, he could be in a separate bed most of the time!

BlueBelle Wed 03-Mar-21 20:06:03

Fanny I m with you always wear socks .....and pyjamas two hot water bottles and two duvets I live in a large Victorian house with no central heating I m perfectly happy but would rather cuddle up in toasty clothes
I cannot sleep if my feet are cold I m never overheated and never had a hot flush in my life never sweat but then I am a Pisces

tanith Wed 03-Mar-21 20:21:36

I occasionally have a wakeful night thankfully not often enough to worry about, it must be a relief to you to find something to help you.
I’m another who can’t stand to wear anything in bed it just tangles around me if I have to wear it when on holidays for instance, I can’t wait to get home again.

Sara1954 Wed 03-Mar-21 20:31:31

I like a cold bedroom, but a warm under blanket and my beloved hot water bottle.
But I still have many sleepless nights, I drink night time tea before I go to bed, and spray my pillow mist everywhere, which seems to knock my husband out, but not me, and this morning I have ordered a weighted blanket.
I suppose I’ll still be up and down all night, and he’ll be sleeping like a baby.

EllanVannin Wed 03-Mar-21 20:48:41

Fleecy jim-jams and heavy bedding is the only recommendation for a good night's sleep. Well for me anyway.

GagaJo Wed 03-Mar-21 21:10:09


I have the window open and no heating too.

Ooooo yes, me too. I slept all night last night. The trick I have found, is to NOT set your alarm in time for work. Guaranteed that I won't wake up at all, not even to get ready for work. 🙄🤦 💆🏼

Woodmouse Wed 03-Mar-21 21:37:41

I've enjoyed reading all of your posts. Some of wear more to bed than I would wear if I was crossing the north pole!
Thanks to all of you for sharing. X

Woodmouse Wed 03-Mar-21 21:38:04

Some of you....

LadyStardust Wed 03-Mar-21 22:11:49

Ok, so how do you actually move in bed when you are covered in fleece! It's my idea of hell to be all muffled up in clothes in bed. It's funny isn't it how we are all so different! Woodmouse I agree with your comment about crossing the North Pole! smile

BlueBelle Wed 03-Mar-21 22:13:52

If you lived in my house you wouldn’t be sleeping naked I can be sure 😂😂😂

annodomini Wed 03-Mar-21 23:04:32

Always a short-sleeved cotton nightie and warm bed socks. I can't get to sleep if my feet are cold. I don't like a long nightie that winds itself round me, so it's usually just about knee length. Ideally I'd have the window open, but when tree pollens are flying around, it's firmly closed.