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Another scam, please be aware as Mothers Day approaching.

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Ellylanes1 Fri 05-Mar-21 20:51:06

We all like to think we are aware and wouldn't be caught out, but here is a scam I've been made aware of, with mother's day delivery of packages possibly expected.
Phone call to check you are available to accept a delivery.
Delivery of flowers and wine are brought to you within the hour
Delivery chap says he needs a £3 payment to prove delivery was made to an adult as alchahol is involved, isn't allowed to accept cash.
Produces card machine and gives you a receipt, saying the senders greeting card is enclosed with the wine.
Shortly your account has been cleared.
This was sent to me on Facebook and I thought it was worth passing on given the time of year

granfromafar Fri 05-Mar-21 21:00:23

Thanks for the warning, Ellylanes1. Hopefully no-one will fall for this awful scam. I would never pay anything to a delivery driver as any delivery charges are always paid for by the buyer, but some people may not realise this.

Jaxjacky Fri 05-Mar-21 21:00:25

The horrible thing with these lowlife is that some must fall for their scans or they wouldn’t carry on 🙁

BlueSky Fri 05-Mar-21 23:27:10

This has been around a while but it’s worth reminding us. Many people would pay a delivery charge without thinking, I guess they would ask for a debit card in order to access with your account? Still not sure how they clear it though.

welbeck Sat 06-Mar-21 06:33:34

i would simply reject the wine.
the delivery person's reaction to that would probably be quite revealing.
it's like when people ring saying they are from the bank.
i fire questions at them, nothing to do with the account, eg where do you go to work normally, which station do you use.
some interesting answers. one told me that he worked at a branch which has been closed over 10 years, and parked there too, in their yard, where there never was one.
i heard years ago of a scam who said they were based in canary wharf in the same building as reuters. sounds pukka. except he pronounced it rooters. which proves he had never heard anyone say it correctly and did not share a building.

EkwaNimitee Mon 08-Mar-21 15:22:46

This sounds similar to a Royal Mail scam going the rounds. I’ve had a text message:- Your Royal Mail parcel is waiting for delivery. Please confirm the settlement of 2.99(GBP) via
I don’t think I would have sent money but I’m glad to have seen your post Ellylanes1

LauraNorder Mon 08-Mar-21 15:43:37

Ellylanes1, thanks for the warning.

lemsip Mon 08-Mar-21 15:49:36

yes, there is a warning on the official Royal Mail site warning of the scam being conducted using their name.

Whingingmom Mon 08-Mar-21 15:52:58

Thank you Ellielanes1

silverlining48 Mon 08-Mar-21 15:54:01

So many scams make me suspect everything/everyone. I might miss that massive million payout, but so be it. Sad isnt it?

Witzend Mon 08-Mar-21 19:09:36

At least you won’t fall for the one about a £1m prize from a lottery you hadn’t even entered - like my poor neighbour did. 🙁. A huge amount of money down the drain in several lots of ‘taxes’ before they could deliver, but the bastards were so clever and persuasive, she could not be convinced that they were just heartless criminals.