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Any NOT had COVID injection?

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Clio51 Thu 08-Apr-21 16:02:25

For any reason ?

I haven’t, I know I get flamed by some people

I just don’t think there as been enough research and testing , it was rushed far too quickly
Now things are coming out months later about how its affecting people.

AZ vaccine there’s so much on tv about it at the moment, we’re told to carry on having the injections yet a small few at the moment!! Are dying from it.

I will be having it when there’s more data about the safety of it and not be told to have by the government who cocked up at the very beginning by not closing the boarders down to incoming like Australia did right at the start.
The amount of money the government wasted we had the track & trace which was a shambles for one.

Billybob4491 Thu 08-Apr-21 16:06:32

Clio, did any member of your family get Covid? mine did and believe me you would be first in the queue for the jab if that was so. I understand your concerns, I had the jab because I put my family first and to stop them worrying about me.

3nanny6 Thu 08-Apr-21 16:17:33

Clio51 You are a brave person opening a thread and saying you have not had your Covid vaccine. You will be mullered by many on here for stating that fact, it is near sacrilege to hold views that many others will and cannot understand.

There was a debate on TV this morning regarding that at some point the public may have to have an app on their phone to go into shops or restaurants. Many were against being told that you cannot access some shops if you do not comply. Boris was adamant that nobody would have to have the so called vaccine passport now he is saying he may look at things again in a months time. Another sign that we will have to live in a Nanny state and be dictated to.

janeainsworth Thu 08-Apr-21 16:21:14

Ok here you are Clio 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
I can’t be bothered replying to you.

Aveline Thu 08-Apr-21 16:21:44

Tell that to Van Tamm Clio!

AGAA4 Thu 08-Apr-21 16:22:43

My son, in his fifties, is desperate to get the jab. Despite the Welsh Gov. saying all over 50's have been offered the jab it seems quite a few haven't.
I would definitely take the minute risk of a blood clot over the much greater risk of getting Covid.

MayBee70 Thu 08-Apr-21 16:23:41

Maybe if people had the sense to be vaccinated, wear masks etc etc there would be no need for a nanny state. As for research into these vaccines scientists have been working on them for years. Would those people that are hesitant to have the covid vaccine want to go back to a world where we have smallpox, diphtheria, polio etc to?

Mollygo Thu 08-Apr-21 16:29:10

It’s your choice to think you are right. It’s others choice to think you are wrong. If you think people will ‘flame’ you, say nothing, or change the subject e.g. ask them which vaccine they had, how many doses, any after effects etc.

AGAA4 Thu 08-Apr-21 16:29:47

Many children died of diptheria, measles and polio years ago. My DH's gran lost 4 of her 6 children to these diseases in the early part of the last century. Vaccination has saved many lives since then.

Casdon Thu 08-Apr-21 16:33:01

AGAA4 tell your son to go onto the website of the Local Health Board in the area he lives, there are instructions on there for anybody over 50 not yet vaccinated to book. It’s really easy, and he will get an appointment within a few days.

AGAA4 Thu 08-Apr-21 16:35:42

Thanks Casdon I will let him know.

Loislovesstewie Thu 08-Apr-21 16:37:06

Of course I have had the vaccine;I was worried sick that my oldest who has type 1 diabetes would become seriously ill. We all jumped at the chance to have the vaccine. If you don't want it fine; but if you get ill please don't complain. Do you also think that the MMR vaccine caused autism I wonder?

Elegran Thu 08-Apr-21 16:38:18

As has been said, it is your choice, but remember, if you have the choice, then so do others, including shopkeepers, hairdressers, dentists, cafe owners, friends. They may not waste their breath flaming you, but just avoid you, or refuse to cut your hair, fix your teeth, serve you a coffee, come into your house. You probably won't like that - but you can't have the freedom to refuse the vaccine unless others have the freedom to avoid coming into contact with you. Freedom works for all.

FannyCornforth Thu 08-Apr-21 16:40:46

I got mine nearly two weeks ago. I was desperate for it!
I'm 49 and my DH's carer and his is ECV. I got it on those grounds.
My cousin who is 38 got his as he is our Grandmother's carer.
I really don't understand your thinking, but I'm not going to have a go at you.
I think perhaps that you should do some more research.

rafichagran Thu 08-Apr-21 16:40:56

It's your choice, but I do find it selfish when people say oh I will wait for more testing. What you are doing is waiting for others to have it first, then seeing how it goes. If we all did that, this horrendous disease will be with us a long time.
If you dont want the jab fine, but if any of my family refuse it I will not be seeing them, nor will I take my Grandchildren to visit them.

Nightsky2 Thu 08-Apr-21 16:44:37

We had our second AZ jabs yesterday and very happy we were to have them. DH is just fine with no side effects this time or last time. First jab I had a sore arm and was a bit fatigued for just a day. Today I have a painful arm when I lift it up but no fatigue.

Personally I cannot understand the thinking behind anyone who refuses to be vaccinated.

hazel93 Thu 08-Apr-21 16:48:43

Too angry to reply.

Amberone Thu 08-Apr-21 16:49:23

It's up to you whether you have the vaccine - everyone is entitled to their opinion and different people worry about different things. I haven't had mine yet, but only because I wasn't registered with a doctor and it's taken a long time to sort it out (booked on Saturday).

Another sign that we will have to live in a Nanny state and be dictated to.

For goodness sake we've had a nanny state for 40 years - the government tells you what to eat, how to keep fit, what to think, what to say, what you will learn at school, what you should and shouldn't do to keep well, who to blame if you hurt yourself, the list is endless. We've always had to have vaccines to travel to lots of places, there's nothing new about it other than it's protecting us from bugs in our own country instead of other countries.

JenniferEccles Thu 08-Apr-21 16:49:34

In the newsagents today I read the headlines of all today’s papers and The Sun caught my eye.

It said there is a 0.000095% chance of having a blood clot after having the AZ vaccine.

Good enough odds for you Clio51?

There has been so much documented over the months about how the covid vaccines were produced so quickly yet not at the expense of safety and efficacy that there is no need to spell it all out here.

Just a thought..... if everyone were like you and refused the vaccine could you explain how we would get out of this situation? How would the virus be defeated?

DillytheGardener Thu 08-Apr-21 16:50:45

Another too angry and upset to reply having lost someone.

Clio51 Thu 08-Apr-21 16:50:52

I’m not saying I WONT have it, I’m just saying I haven’t had it yet.
I want the Pfizer and have asked each week when it’s on what there using that day
Upto now it’s been AZ, from when I got my date through.
I have done everything else asked, masked, gel, etc 2 metre distance

Have a go at those that meet others, walk right past you in the shops, queue right next to you, so you have to say” can you move back pls”
Don’t say it must be where I live, because you will always get people that don’t like being told what to do

Everyone is allowed an opinion and if you don’t like mine
Then don’t read it reply
People don’t tell the truth in fear of what people think of them

3nanny6 Thu 08-Apr-21 16:51:28

Maybee70 In your reply you say maybe if people had the sense to be vaccinated, wear masks, etc there would be no need for a nanny state.
I have had the vaccine and have been wearing masks for over a year also I buy the latex gloves and use when shopping so I do not touch too many things. Some of these things have worked out a small fortune but I have still done it. I am annoyed that we may now have to have an app on
a phone to go into some shops, I don't even use a mobile phone. We have been using shops for over a year of Covid
and why should we have to have more restrictions added to what we do it is just bullying.

BlueBelle Thu 08-Apr-21 16:53:00

Personally I think it’s just plain daft to not take this opportunity
First point the vaccine has not be rushed through it has been worked on and around for years it has been changed to accommodate this form of Covid and well done to those scientists they have done amazing work
Secondly the reason vaccines normally take years is mainly down to working on finding funding and volunteers both of which were found freely this time
AZ is causing a blip which seems to be very specify and very tiny Flying on a plane causes more blood clot deaths don’t you ever fly Clio Taking the pill causes more blood clot deaths perhaps all women should stop taking that ??
I ve had AZ and will have the second one in a couple of weeks hopefully can’t wait it’s up there with my ‘coming out’ haircut

I would take anything to get us back to ‘living’ again and I think people that don’t are selfish, if it only affected you I d say good luck do it your way, but it doesn’t just effect you it effects the country
Anyway I ve said enough
Ps I do agree about the track and trace

StatenIsland Thu 08-Apr-21 16:57:00

Current WHO figures over 130 million confirmed cases of which 2.8 million people have died. The virus is far more deadly that the vaccine.

Any drug, whether administered orally or intravenously, carries a risk. The humble aspirin can cause lethal gastro intestinal bleeding. Some of the drugs being used to treat Covid such as steroids and other immuno suppressants including biologics can have very serious and sometimes lethal side affects. It’s a calculated risk. Some of the immuno-suppressants being used carry a 1:10 ten risk of developing cancer. Were you to become seriously ill and be hospitalised with Covid (or anything else) would you be questioning the drugs used to keep you alive? At the moment it’s being reported that for every million people who receive the vaccine, four may die from a blood clot. You have far more chance of becoming seriously ill or dying from Covid or the treatment for it.

It’s silly to compare the UK to Australia or New Zealand, countries remote from the rest of the world. Australia is almost 1500 miles from its nearest neighbour Papua New Guinea and over 2500 miles from New Zealand. The UK relies on imports for essential products. It imports 45% of its food and most other consumer goods. All these have to be delivered by people on airplanes, ships and lorries.

Sarnia Thu 08-Apr-21 16:59:58

I read a scientific article trying to allay people's fears about the speed of the vaccine rollout. It said that science has been steadily working on vaccines since the 1990's when AIDS was first diagnosed. In that 30 years a lot of the spade work has been done in this field of medicine. Everyone to their own opinion BUT we have been faced with the most devastating year. It is clear Covid-19 isn't going anywhere so therefore we must learn to live alongside it and resume our normal lives because existing as we have been isn't sustainable for much longer. Everyone, unless they have a valid medical reason not to have the vaccine, should have the injections. It's a no-brainer for me.