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Luckygirl just popping in....

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Luckygirl Sun 11-Apr-21 21:46:40

.........I'm using a friend's wi-fi for a brief moment and just wanted to say that the move went really well on a dry and warm day. I have no phone and no internet and only just got TV - but the views are just lovely - and the sheltered south facing patio is a joy! Hope everyone's well. Back soon!

Anniebach Sun 11-Apr-21 21:48:10

Be happy x

mokryna Sun 11-Apr-21 21:51:05

Enjoy your new home.

LauraNorder Sun 11-Apr-21 21:55:02

Well done Luckygirl, I’m very pleased for you. Be happy. Look forward to hearing all about it when you’re finally connected up again,

Doodle Sun 11-Apr-21 22:06:46

Sounds lovely. Hope you will find happiness there. 😊

Pittcity Sun 11-Apr-21 22:08:44

Happy New Home, Lucky .

grandMattie Sun 11-Apr-21 22:11:09

Very glad for you! πŸ‘

Ellianne Sun 11-Apr-21 22:12:31

Thanks for updating us Luckygirl. So pleased everything went well.

Nannylovesshopping Sun 11-Apr-21 22:12:58

Your new home sounds lovely, enjoyπŸ™‚πŸ’

annsixty Sun 11-Apr-21 22:13:04

Welcome to your new home Luckygirl
I hope it will prove to be your forever home and you will have many happy years in it.

grannyqueenie Sun 11-Apr-21 22:14:37

Good news, luckygirl, wishing you many happy times in your new home

Aldom Sun 11-Apr-21 22:15:03

So pleased for you. Every good wish for happiness in your new home. flowers

dragonfly46 Sun 11-Apr-21 22:18:58

Brilliant you so deserve this!

glammanana Sun 11-Apr-21 22:22:13

Sending best wishes for your new home hope to see you back soon x

Shandy57 Sun 11-Apr-21 22:23:16

Very glad to hear it Luckygirl, onwards and upwards xx

Bellanonna Sun 11-Apr-21 22:28:13

Lovely to hear, Luckygirl. I wish you lots of happy times on that patio-with-a-view!

merlotgran Sun 11-Apr-21 22:28:51

Great news, Lucky I've been wondering how your move went.

Your patio sounds divine!

ginny Sun 11-Apr-21 22:33:02

Wishing you happiness in your new home.πŸ’

Kalu Sun 11-Apr-21 22:38:10

Just delighted to hear you are now settling in to your new home Lucky. You deserve this and with summer arriving, hoping your now nearby, friends and family will be arriving to share your patio. 🌻

V3ra Sun 11-Apr-21 22:45:50

It all sounds really lovely. Worth it in the end!
Enjoy yourself settling in to your new home 😊

rafichagran Sun 11-Apr-21 22:52:59

Enjoy your new home.

Callistemon Sun 11-Apr-21 22:54:21

I'm glad that all went well with the move, Luckygirl and that you're happy in your new home.

Don't forget we're all here ready and waiting to help you plan your garden with our umpteen different suggestions!

aggie Sun 11-Apr-21 22:56:48

So happy for you xxx

mamaa Sun 11-Apr-21 22:57:46

Hope you’ll be happy in your new home x

Kamiso Sun 11-Apr-21 23:05:02

Glad you have settled now.