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Good Morning Monday

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12Michael Mon 19-Apr-21 06:06:16

Good Morning Everyone,
Its bright and dry here in Brackley , but we still have that cold chill in the air.
Today , a quiet day , stay in do some housework , have some lunch and watch cycling on TV this afternoon.
Thinking back 12 months , all sport was suspended, such as the cycling fixtures of the main races , until later in the year .
Take Care,

grandMattie Mon 19-Apr-21 06:20:05

Good morning from a chilly, grey E Kent. No sunshine today, methinks.
Monday, so it’s cleaning; DH vacuums, I do the rest. Is that fair? I hate dusting.
We had a nice chat to DS1 in India yesterday. He isn’t very hopeful of coming back this summer. He normally does, to renew his annual work permit. It can’t be done in India. He is terribly concerned about his IB students who can’t take their exams. Instead of trusting the teachers, he’s been allocated X number of grades. He isn’t pleased as this cohort is very bright. Appeals are one the cards.
Last night’s gammon for inner tonight.
I may start a new quilt - our local haberdashery is now open.
Happy birthday/anniversary to those it applies to.
Stay safe and I hope 😊 smiles and sunshine ☀️ follow you today. May you glimpse a flamingo 🦩 or ten.🦩🦩🦩

Beechnut Mon 19-Apr-21 06:26:22

Good Morning everyone from Severnside. A dry start and looks like another nice day to follow.

Housework for me today too, but not too much. The bedroom floor needs a good Hoover though. There are bits of twigs and stuff that I get stuck in my clothes and hair when I’m gardening 😂

Have the best day you can all 🌸

Dwmxwg Mon 19-Apr-21 06:27:58

Good morning from north Surrey, another sunny day hopefully.
Yesterday’s shift was quiet which makes a nice change. Was awake for some time in the night with itching which seems to have gone this morning so not sure what caused that.
I have an early slot booked for the gym and later we have a timed booking for Cliveden (NT). We will take a picnic with us and have a decent walk in the woodland with the dog. DH know the footpaths well as has walked them many times.
Wishing all a good Monday and welcome to the new posters 🦩

Beauregard Mon 19-Apr-21 06:46:23

Good morning from a bright and sunny Derbyshire.

I'm up and ready early today as we're having DGS's for the day as it is an inset day and parents are working. We plan to take them to Carsington Water with a picnic and a football where there is plenty of space to play and run around. DH is particularly delighted about the football part of it! They're such a joy to have around.

Enjoy your visit to Cliveden Dwmxwg.

Hope Lins is ok, and all our missing posters.

Have a good day all.

Jaxjacky Mon 19-Apr-21 06:52:23

Good morning Mick and all from a foggy S Hants, fog, thick fog, like autumn! Wasn’t expecting that, I suppose it will burn off later, up early as DH off to work. Today is my volunteering day, so tied to the phone this afternoon, otherwise greenhouse pottering and watering.
Welcome to the newcomers over the past couple of days, this thread is the best start of the morning.
Have a lovely day all, glimpsing the odd 🦩 or a ray of 🌞.

NanKate Mon 19-Apr-21 06:53:44

Good morning Mick and All.

Bright cold day in South Bucks.

It will be lovely at NT Cliveden today DWM we are going tomorrow. It is the one place that has kept me sane through this last year.

We are off to get my updated hearing aids today. I shall have to stop telling DH to stop mumbling once I am fitted up.

Then back to the tennis in Barcelona.

What a difficult situation for your son grandMattie.

Ashcombe Mon 19-Apr-21 06:53:47

Good morning, everyone and a special welcome to new posters! Another bright and sunny day in Torbay.

It’s good to read of folk being out more and this spell of fine weather in many places is welcome when we have to be outdoors currently. Thank you for the lovely photos yesterday which help us all to share the views you see.

I mustn’t linger as I’m having smart meters fitted this morning and the guys could arrive from 8.00 a.m onwards. It will save me the hassle in future of reading the meters, both of which are in not very accessible places, or arranging a man to do it, in the absence of DH.

May all your troubles be little ones and have a good week! ☀️🌈🥰

Sar53 Mon 19-Apr-21 06:57:43

Good morning from Essex by the sea where it is a grey start to the day.
DH had his second jab yesterday morning and slept most of the afternoon, a reaction, maybe.
I am having my hair cut at lunchtime and cannot wait. I usually have very short hair and the last time it was cut was December last year. You can imagine how long it has become, shaggy dog springs to mind 🐕.
Washing and bathroom cleaning this morning, my cup runneth over with joy 🤣🤣.
I now have dates booked to go and stay with my girls. 19th May with DD2 and 8th June with DD1. It will be 9/10 months since I last saw any of them.
Kind thoughts to anyone who is ill, sad or lonely. Try and find a 😁 somewhere today xx

kittylester Mon 19-Apr-21 07:07:37

Morning all from a bright but cloudy North Leicestershire. Morning Kate!

DH has drives this morning - he is taking someone for a dental appointment which he will probably find very odd. We also plan to visit the market in the pub car park to stock up on pies as well as fruit and veg. There is also a frozen fish stall, a fabulous bread stall and a stall selling refills of various household goods like cleaning products and rice, lentils etc.

We love Carsington Water Beauregard - have a lovely time.

brook2704 Mon 19-Apr-21 07:19:19

Good morning everyone from Inverness where the rain and cloud from yesterday has cleared and it’s another bright sunny day
NT Cliveden sounds like a lovely day out dwm and nanKate I always really enjoy visiting those sorts of places. Yesterday I bought the Gardeners. World magazine and it’s got the 2for1 card free this month so I need to get planning some garden visits
I’m going for a local walk this morning, but not sure where yet. DH is going to DD2 garden to do some grass seeding and general tidying up there as there’s not that much to do in our own garden just now.
Great news about dates in the diary for your visits to DDs Sar I’m also going to plan my visit to DD1 as soon as restrictions allow. Exciting isn’t it!
I had two good video calls yesterday, my DS in Switzerland and my brother who lives in Mexico. Thank you grandmafrench for suggestions re travel to Switzerland yesterday, I’ll certainly give it some thought 😀
Thinking of everyone with worries and struggles, hope today is gentle and take care all whatever the day brings 💐

Gagagran Mon 19-Apr-21 07:20:38

Morning all from a 0.6c south coast. It is sunny, clear and dry though and no wind.

Probably a good thing as the asbestos roof is to be removed from our joint garage this morning and we don't want any fibres blowing around. The builders will then replace it with a new roof.

Had a nice afternoon in the garden with DD, yesterday, who cycled round while her menfolk watched their football team on TV. She surprised us by telling us that she had applied for a new job. She is an academic but the funding for her present research role runs out in September so she has applied for a permanent position at a different university. She may be over-qualified for it but time will tell.

DS rang for a catch up chat later, so I went to bed with a happy smile on my face.

Good to hear of all the various activities ongoing in our new freedoms and may they soon be extended even more!

Hope the day is a good one for us all. sunshine

GrannyGravy13 Mon 19-Apr-21 07:30:02

Morning Mick and all

Grey and misty here in my corner of SE Essex. Off to the gym this morning it’s good to get back into a routine.

Enjoy your haircut Sar and I hope those of you planning days out have a lovely day.

Keep safe and well folks 🙋‍♀️🦩

Ellianne Mon 19-Apr-21 07:34:32

Good morning everyone.
It's sunny here in Devon. A dog walk then some bread making for me.
Have a good day!

Grandmabatty Mon 19-Apr-21 07:38:10

Good morning all. 3° and bright in Polmont. Very still and calm. I'm on babysitting duties today and tomorrow. We will go to our usual park which might be quieter as the schools go back today. Then playing in the garden this afternoon. I'm not feeling my best as I had a disturbed night. I rarely sleep well and last night was poor. Oh well, I should sleep tonight! I've started having sneezing fits in the morning when I get up. I'm either developing hay fever or I need to dust more! Have a good day all.

Pittcity Mon 19-Apr-21 07:39:51

Good morning from a grey, cold Colchester. Another dry day where the temperature will go from 0 to 17 and back again like yesterday. The garden really needs rain.
DH has a trip to the dump this morning with our old fences. We will then hit the garden centre to fill the bed in front of the new fence.
Love to all x

Susan56 Mon 19-Apr-21 07:40:53

Good morning from Shropshire where a sunny day is forecast.

Well, the awning still isn’t up.It was too heavy for me to help lift.I could manage to lift it but not climb the ladder with it held at arms length above my head🙄Now waiting for son in law to come round one evening to sort it!

Back to our quiet Monday’s in readiness for our early start tomorrow to look after DGS1.We have to collect a cake this evening that DD won in a Facebook competition.She had entered it thinking it was a lady who makes cakes locally to her but it was another lady with a similar name who luckily lives not too far from where we are.

Thinking of all our absent good morningers.I haven’t seen corner or Lins posting or many others.I hope you are all ok and back with us soon💐

Have a good day all and thoughts to all with illness, struggles and worries about loved ones🌞🦩


Marydoll Mon 19-Apr-21 07:42:46

Good morning all from a cloudy Glasgow, where its 5°C.
DH is golfing today, so I shall enjoy my empty!

I have nothing planned. A restless night, caused by high pain levels. Oddly, just as the weather has warmed up, my RA has flared up. It is usually the opposite.

Yesterday's crêpe making was such a disaster. My hand is very swollen and painful at the moment and somehow, when I picked up the jug of batter, it flew out of my hand. There was batter everywhere: over the worktops, over the floor, over the bin, running down the wall and worktops and inside an open cupboard. 😱 I wept, not at the mess, but at the fact that I am no longer to be trusted in the kitchen.
DH, of course was oblivious, dozing and snoring on the sofa, it took a whole roll of kitchen roll to soak it up! Thank goodness I stockpiled at the beginning of the pandemic. 😉
Then of course I had to make the batter all over again.☹

I ended up needing a lie down, as my chest was tight. My closely guarded secret is watching Chinese soap operas on You Tube!. blush I have become absolutely hooked and lose all track of time. No idea why, as I never watch British soaps!
We have Fire stick for the spare room TV, never a great watcher of TV , it has opened up a new world for me, when I'm forced to chill.

Something which may make you smile. DS2 mentioned that they were going to pick up a coat stand for their Victorian cottage from a local antique shop. Although DS has a large car, they had realised it might not fit in it. Since they had been searching for ages, they were determined to buy it.
His fiancée had decided that she would take it on the train, which was only one stop away.
I had a vision of her standing on the train with the coat stand and passengers tempted to put their coat on it! 🤭 It was only after they unsuccessfully managed to fit it in the car and she was on her way to the station, they realised that the top part could be unscrewed! 🤣
She is so talented, somehow manages to combine vintage with modern and put together a look from an interiors magazine. 💚

As for missing posters. A couple have said they have nothing interesting to say or don't want to drag the thread down. This thread is for everyone, its not a competition to see whose post is the most interesting! Everyone is special on here, so please get posting!

I'm green with envy at all the activities and meet ups happening. Its so uplifting to hear about family meet ups.

Thinking of all those, who are finding life hard at the moment. 💐

Urmstongran Mon 19-Apr-21 07:50:34

“Oh what a beautiful morning, oh what a beautiful day ..l 🎵 🎶

It’s gorgeous here! Good morning everyone from south Manchester. That said, guess where were off to eh? The dreaded Trafford Centre! It’s handy as we are there in 4 sets of traffic lights but my, I’m not a fan of shopping. I go there about 3 tines a year when needs must. I need new pumps for walking and have seen some on line in Dune so I’ve already got ideas. Himself needs a couple of pairs of jeans and some new brogues and a pair of deck shoes. We shall be in and out as 90 minutes or so is our boredom threshold. Neither of us likes ‘mooching’. Actually I have to go back on Wednesday morning! Twice in one week it’s unheard of in this household. I have an appointment to see a ‘genius’ in the Apple Store to buy a new iPad. This one has been problematic since Spain and only works if it’s plugged in so I have to sit on the bed near a socket. Such a nuisance (not).
I did think about just going on Wednesday and ‘doing the lot’ but decided I couldn’t bear it.

Welcome to all you newbies! Mick’s thread is one of the best on GN for sure, along with soop’s.

Hope we all have a good Monday. x

Gwenisgreat1 Mon 19-Apr-21 07:56:57

Good morning all from sunny Harrogate.
grandMattie you are lucky your. DH does any housework!! My DH thinks inside the house is my responsibility, apart from the TV which he looks after!!
Today I catch up with my Schoolfriend in Ayrshire. ashcombe she is part of a group who brought Ayr’s theatre back to life. They fought and succeeded in re-opening it about 5 years ago. I used to go there as a child. The Gaiety Theatre an iconic building in AYR it lives again.
This pm I speak to my sister who was widowed 18 months ago. Nothing much else planned apart from walking the dog 🐕
Have as good a day as you can.

harrigran Mon 19-Apr-21 08:00:54

Good morning from the NE where it is sunny again.
DH has a hospital appointment this morning and I am expecting a parcel of white crocs.
Yesterday was a busy day for me, difficult bit is getting DH's drugs in the right order as he takes about thirty every day.
I made carrot and coriander soup and prepared mashed potato so that I can rustle up a cottage pie today.
When DH was settled I sat down and watched call the midwife, I really enjoy it as it is the time I was training as a nurse.
Enjoy the 🌞

NannyJan53 Mon 19-Apr-21 08:04:20

Good morning from a bright and sunny Black Country. I have attached a view from my garden this morning.

Had a lovely day yesterday at DS's, chicken sandwiches with stuffing for lunch! It was lovely to be with them all again, although DGD aged 16 was more interested in chatting to her boyfriend!

No plans today, but I am sure I will find something to do. I live 10 minutes drive from the Merry Hill Centre Urmston which is similar to the Trafford Centre. I may go this week, as I need one or two things, and I still have a shopping voucher to spend from my birthay last September.

I mentioned yesterday that I need to buy a new phone. So my DIL gave me one of their old IPhones, I have only had Android before, so I am getting to grips with it now. DGD aged 11, loved showing me how it worked smile

I am thinking of joining National Trust NanKate but thought I would wait until you didn't have to book. It will be useful when we are away in caravan.

Sorry you had a bad day yesterday *Marydoll( flowers

Thinking of all our missing posters and all finding life difficult at the moment flowers

Georgesgran Mon 19-Apr-21 08:05:26

Good morning from Durham. Bright and sunny here, only 4degrees, but guaranteed to warm up later.
Going for paint later, ready for work starting on Saturday, then 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms to empty in readiness. Chap is aware I’m on my own now and says he’ll sort out anything too heavy or awkward for me.
Finding someone to tackle the garden is proving really difficult - have been let down twice, so fingers crossed for third time lucky.

Thinking of our missing, unwell, saddened GNs. XX

Grandmajean Mon 19-Apr-21 08:08:29

Good morning. Cheshire bright and sunny today. Think could warm up too. Trip to Waitrose planned. Might pop into Boots as well. Still nervous about shops but will be there by 9.30. Am hoping all local schools , like my grandchildren's , are on INSET today. DH coming too as he needs to get a key cut ( or something - you can see how much attention I paid ) so hope he's ready on time !

dragonfly46 Mon 19-Apr-21 08:11:40

Good morning, it is bright sun in my part of Leicestershire kitty.

Dentist for me this morning.
Then I may wander over the road to see if the bluebells are out.

Have a good day everyone.