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Good Morning Friday

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12Michael Fri 23-Apr-21 06:09:57

Good Morning Everyone,
Its bright but cold outside here in Brackley this morning.
Did my Bicester yesterday , had a coffee plus snack , but the numbers seated outside were down , maybe nice weather but with a cold snap does not help , roll on indoors service .
Today , get some Milk and a few other things, then later watch my cycling on TV , as its a live event , it makes a change from seeing repeats or social distancing on channels .
Take Care,

Beechnut Fri 23-Apr-21 06:23:22

Good Morning everyone from Severnside. Another nice day ahead weather wise.

I have a list of things so I’m going out this morning to visit a few different stores and hopefully get everything. To cheer myself up I’m going to wear my new dress. I got very tired and grumpy after yesterday’s garden work, humping pots about and emptying then finding homes for some of the plants.

Enjoy your day all and take care 🌷

grandMattie Fri 23-Apr-21 06:29:31

Good morning from a bright clear but frosty E Kent.
It would appear that you Gramingos in Scotland will be experiencing temperatures in double figures, unlike us in the “Deep South” who will struggle to get to 9C.
Had my second jag yesterday afternoon. Feeling ok except for a slightly sore arm...
DH is having his this morning before 9. He should be up soon - oh look! 🐖sprouted wings!
I persuaded him that since he was going to Broadstairs for his vax, we could go to the garden centre in the old greyhound track. He agreed. He has become remarkably excited by the appearance of the new planting. Hope today brings some relief to those in pain, sorrow, anxiety or distress. May everyone enjoy some sunshine ☀️, find some flamingos 🦩 in a remote corner of their lives. 💐🌺🌹🌷🦜

Susan56 Fri 23-Apr-21 06:30:40

Good morning Mick and all to follow.

Looking after Henry today then collect DGD from school.

Had a sleepless night.Saw my consultant and he needed to check my throat.He said my back teeth were a mess.This really upset me as I have paid denplan for many years and go for all my check ups and other visits in between.I didn’t feel my teeth were right but my consultant was shocked that I regularly visit the dentist and said I need to find a new dentist ASAP.I am not a fan of the dentist due to horrific childhood experience, I know many of you have the same fear.I feel so upset as I can see a lot of dental work ahead plus the amount of money it is going to cost and the amount I have wasted on denplan over the years.Feel so let down by my dentist.

Anyway enough of my moaning.

Have a good day and thoughts to all with illness and those caring for loved ones.

Shelflife Fri 23-Apr-21 06:41:39

Good morning everyone, sunny but cold in Cheshire. My second jab this morning then a long awaited haircut this afternoon- can't wait to see my hairdresser!
Susan 56 , a new dentist would seem sensible, I too dislike visiting my dentist, she has me listed as a nervous patient. However I always keep up with appointments. A new dentist may be good and help you feel better about going, good luck ! Enjoy your grandchildren today .

Ashcombe Fri 23-Apr-21 06:44:22

Good morning from another dull morning in Torbay. Yesterday I found myself shouting at the national weather forecast when the meteorologist claimed everywhere had sunshine! I could see the lump of cloud over us on his map and feel the pernicious East wind when I walked to the hairdressers!

I do hope your DH will soon be tempted to eat, harrigran. It sounds like you’re doing your very best. What beautiful photos of a deserted place, baubles! I envy your energy levels, Dwmxwg, as you have such busy days! Picnics are a great way to be out but feel safe, NanKate and cornergran.

I do sympathise with Sar53 and Jaxjacky over dental treatment as I was always quite relaxed about appointments until deep cleaning of gums became necessary. I too now have to use the interdental brushes. Another joy of ageing! Susan56: that is shocking and I hope you find better treatment from another one soon! Would this help?

Congratulations to glammagran and family on the new arrival and to amselerin on the new house! You are in a good place to travel to Wales and the Lakes besides visiting your family. I hope travel restrictions ease soon to enable you to travel freely between countries.

Wishing everyone a good day and special thoughts to harrigran and Sar53. 💐💐

Beauregard Fri 23-Apr-21 06:59:56

Good morning from Derbyshire where it's beautiful blue skies all the way.

I called at the garden centre yesterday and saw a nice gazebo that could be suitable for us. I might go back and order it today. Our last one was broken when being blown about by wind and we were deliberating how to fix it to the patio without it being tied to the fence, wall, door handles etc. by strings everywhere. We've decided we might try using four heavy plant pots and put each gazebo leg in one with heavy stones to hold it down and plants on top to hide the stones. Hope it works. We have to have some cover though as it's unbearable (for me) in the open sun without any shade.

DH is more interested in where we'll be walking this morning, so a walk quite close to the garden centre might be the answer.

Congratulations to glammagran and her family on the birth of her DD2's baby boy.

Hope all is well with Cherry today.

Have a good day all.

brook2704 Fri 23-Apr-21 07:01:42

Good morning mick and all from Inverness where it’s another dry bright sunny day. Yep you’re right GM we’re lucky to have had temperatures in double figures here for most of this week and lots of sunshine. But I’m sure it’ll be back to normal soon with the south getting the best weather and raining up here.
I hope you enjoy watching the cycling later mick
I think the comment from your consultant was very unkind susan, I’m sorry you’re feeling upset. Hopefully you can find a kind gentle dentist to put you at your ease and help you.
Thid afternoon I’m looking forward to meeting a friend for a walk and a look around a local garden centre. I’ve not seen her for a few weeks so we’ll have lots to catch up on
Good on you beechnut for wearing a new dress .. bet you’ll look lovely
Thinking of everyone with worries and struggles today, take care all whatever the day brings 💐

GrannyGravy13 Fri 23-Apr-21 07:08:57

Morning Mick and all

Hair returned to normal, three inches cut off with an added fringe. Not completely relaxing sitting with a mask on for nearly three hours, but nice to catch-up.

We have the Imp today so a long walk is on the cards. No idea regarding dinner, we normal have a take-away on a Friday but not sure what I fancy!!

Oh dear Susan56 what a horrible situation you are in with your teeth, I think you need to speak to your dentist as soon as possible.

All this talk of Garden Centres is making me itchy to start planting my tubs and summer hanging baskets 🪴🌺🌸🌼🪴

Keep safe and well folks 🙋‍♀️🦩

NanKate Fri 23-Apr-21 07:09:21

Good morning Mick and All.

A lovely bright day in South Bucks. I hope it warms up quickly as my pal is coming round for a coffee in the garden at 10.15.

I am sure you will look lovely Beechnut in you new dress 👗. I am waiting for my jazzy blue top to arrive from Kettlewell.

My picnic went well Ashcombe there is nothing like an alfresco meal with a friend.

Stilllearning Fri 23-Apr-21 07:14:16

Good morning from a bright sunny S Lanarkshire, lots of frost still but a good day forecast.

It’s my friend’s son’s funeral at 9.30 this morning and I’ve been lying awake since five o’clock thinking about them and nervous in case I slept in. They are so very sad.

Beautiful pictures yesterday bauble. I’ll add my good wishes to amselerin and glammagran, it is nice to share in such happiness.
Have a good day everyone.

Marydoll Fri 23-Apr-21 07:17:34

Good morning all from a cold, but sunny Glasgow.
The temperature is predicted to go up to 17°C, almost a heatwave here!
DH is golfing, despite complaining he was dying after his vaccination on Wednesday. He seems to have made a miraculous recovery, because, he doesn't want to let his golfing partner down. 😉

I have a Tesco delivery, so DD is going to work from home at our house. There are no more liners with Tesco orders, so I have an assortment of boxes for her to transfer the shopping to. It should be interesting, doing it in the driveway. At least it's not raining!

Yesterday was spent in the garden, repotting all DD's strawberry and chilli plants, which we bought on her trip down the coast. I'm getting very clever at finding ways to do these jobs, without taxing myself.
Today, I intend to do that with my own plants (frequent rests, of course )and find places for a load of bulbs I have. It's a great feeling, being outside just pottering about.

Tonight, I'm going to attempt to make spaghetti alle vongole, my favourite meal. I usually bring multiple jars of clams back from Rome. Unfortunately, due to my incarceration, I have already missed two trips and have run out. However, I managed to source frozen ones in shells, so I will have a go!

Susan, I'm so sorry to hear about your dental problems. I too had a horrific dental experience as a child and hate going to the dentist.
When my lovely dentist retired, I was really concerned when the practice was taken over by a company, which did also lots of cosmetic work and the new dentists looked about ten years old!
I couldn't have been more wrong. They are so au fait with my health conditions and the effect they have on my dental health. I now go every three months to keep an eye on things.
When I lost a front tooth a couple of months ago, they were amazing.
I hope you manage to find a new dentist, ASAP. 💐

Sending love and virtual support to all our struggling friends. Harri, I hope you had a better day yesterday, coaxing your husband to eat.

Sar, I just want to add what others have said about basel cell ulcers and try to reassure you. My mother refused treatment for over thirty years, ( too afraid, remembering her own nursing days ). By the time she went into care and became responsible for her treatment, it had eaten right into her eye socket. The point I'm clumsily trying to make is, she lived with it for all that time.
Your husband has been proactive and seems to have sought help at an early stage. Doctors nowadays have so much more expertise in treating them, than in my mother's time.
It must be so difficult worrying about both your daughter and husband. As wives and mums, we would rather it was us. 💐

Dragonfly, did you not teach in the town I live in? 😉 Or is that a figment of my vivid imagination. 🤣

Wishing you all the best day you can, whatever your plans.

brook2704 Fri 23-Apr-21 07:19:54

Such lovely hair GG13!

Gagagran Fri 23-Apr-21 07:20:28

Morning all from another sunny, bright south coast. 3.8c at 6am so slightly milder. It would be lovely if we didn't have the chilly easterly air flow. The need for rain is quite a concern now. We have not had a drop since mid-March.

The builders are to come back this morning to clear our neighbour's back garden of all their clobber and do one or two final small jobs then they are done. We, and our neighbour, are well pleased with the result and it is a relief to have lost the asbestos roof, guttering and fall pipe. After tea, DH and I got all our bits and pieces inside the garage back in place, including his five bikes (down from seven so gradually gaining space!) after a good sweeping out.

It's St George's Day today and we normally have a military parade through our small town but of course, covid has put paid to that for the second year running. Hope 2022 allows us to enjoy it again.

Lots of lovely, chatty posts this morning and I have enjoyed reading them. It is so good to feel connected to the outside world, albeit remotely!

Hope the day is a good one for us all. sunshine

Sar53 Fri 23-Apr-21 07:23:52

Good morning from Essex by the sea where the sun is shining and the sky is blue.
Susan you have my deepest sympathy as one who has just gone through 2 hours of deep cleaning at a specialist dental surgery, which has cost the best part of £1k. I also feel that I have not had the best service from my NHS dentist and I have decided to change to a private one, where I feel you get what you pay for.
The best of luck 💐.
I have no plans, again, today. DH is off to do some work on his boat.
May you all enjoy your day whatever it may bring 🌞😁🦩 xx

Urmstongran Fri 23-Apr-21 07:24:51

Happy St George’s Day (no flag emoji for us why is that?) to all our English grans and good morning everyone! It’s another gorgeous day here is south Manchester.

I have my neck scan late this afternoon but other than that, no plans for today.

I received a message from Maw last night with exciting news. She is off to pick up a new rescue greyhound tomorrow and she is called Maisie.

I hope Friday is kind to us all. x

Sheepandcattle Fri 23-Apr-21 07:25:44

Good morning all from a beautiful, sunny morning in Wiltshire (although from a farming point of view, I’d rather it was pouring with rain!) Had a lovely, pottering sort of day yesterday once the farm jobs were done, gardening and helping DH cut and stack logs from the woods. Good news for Bogdon the bull - the farmer who sold him to us will take him back so we have his pre-movement TB test booked for next week (this has to be done for all cattle in England before they can be moved) and, providing he passes, he’ll be off after that. That’ll be one less worry.
Today OH has suggested that we treat ourselves to lunch out in the New Forrest so I’m hoping that nothing urgent crops up on the farm this morning to foil our plans.
Wishing you all a good day and sending my thoughts to stilllearning on this very sad day for her friends.

Marydoll Fri 23-Apr-21 07:27:05

GG, your hair looks lovely. (I pictured you as a grey haired old lady!) 🤣
I have woken up looking like a witch. I'm getting mine done at home on Tuesday, the day I come out of shielding, so I do not want to cut my fringe, no matter how much it is annoying me!
I'm not allowed to be out properly, until I get my second jag, so no hairdressing salon just yet! 😒 I love catching up on all the local gossip! 🤭

Stillearning, such a sad day for you , your friend and her family. Restricted numbers for a funeral mass, make things so much harder. I hope it can be live streamed so that others can be there in spirit. 💐

baubles Fri 23-Apr-21 07:27:11

Good morning Mick, morning all. It looks like another sunny day here in South Lanarkshire.

glammagran a baby boy, how lovely. Congratulations to you and your family. dwm it’s joyous to see little ones having fun on the swings.

How exciting for you amselerin to be moving close to family.

Gwenisgreat1 we always say our NT membership is worth the price even if we never went anywhere other than Culzean, we’re there several times a year and yes that’s Dunure castle.

So many of you have a connection to Culzean or Arran, they are very special places that’s for sure, I’m sorry that your visit ended so sadly Blue, he obviously was a bad ‘un.

Susan what a shame, especially as you have had regular check ups.

Lovely hairdo GG, you’ve reminded me that I must try again to get an appointment for a cut.

stilllearning thinking of your poor friend today.

Yesterday we were in the opposite side of the country where we had a fabulous walk all around beautiful Holyrood Park in our capital with DS and his little ones whilst their mum got on with some chores. It was another glorious day. The almost four year old never wears matching sock and yesterday her choice was just perfect. One of the lochs in the park is home to otters, however they kept themselves to themselves yesterday, we didn’t catch so much as a glimpse of them.

A quiet day ahead for me, DH has golf booked and I need to take a walk to the post office before it closes at some undetermined random time, they seem to be a law unto themselves.

Thinking of you and your DH Harrigran.

Wishing everyone a peaceful day.

Urmstongran Fri 23-Apr-21 07:27:31

England’s flag - found it!

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 😊

Pittcity Fri 23-Apr-21 07:37:39

Good morning from a sunny but cold Colchester. Temperature just reaching double figures today.
DD2 is visiting to see our new house and to go shopping in town with me.
DH has invited friends for a takeaway dinner in the garden this's going to be freezing.
Happy St George's Day and much love to all x

Grammaretto Fri 23-Apr-21 07:44:06

Good Morning from the sunny but chilly Scottish Borders. I left the greenhouse door open by mistake last night. There is frost on the car and I am going to drive today. I am desperate to start using the bus again but until I've had 2nd vax (Monday and 2 weeks after that) I think it still unwise. Imagine all the effort of shielding, distancing, wearing a mask and having hardly a soul in the house for over a year just to get covid now.

Sorry about your dental problems Susan. Maybe those women in the 1920s who had all their teeth out as a 21st birthday present were not so stupid after all.

I lost part of a tooth in my muesli a week ago. The dentist put in a temporary filling but told me I need a crown and 2 root canal fillings. Really?

Your hair looks magazine quality Gagagran fab!

So sad a day Stilllearning

It is William Shakespeare's birthday today :

Oh, how this spring of love resembleth, The uncertain glory of an April day, Which now shows all beauty of the Sun, And by and by a cloud takes all away

William Shakespeare
'The Two Gentlemen Of Verona' (1592-3) act 1, sc. 3, l. 84

ginny Fri 23-Apr-21 07:44:40

Good morning all. Looks promising for another very pleasant day weather wise in N. Bucks.
Not much planned for today but sure I’ll find plenty to keep me busy.
DH has his 2nd jab this afternoon.
Thinking of all with troubles and worries and hope everyone finds a 😁today.

harrigran Fri 23-Apr-21 07:45:02

Good morning from a sunny NE.
We had a good night, the radiation blast on Wednesday has eased the pain down DH's right side, he is hoping he can have the other side done and then he would have some mobility.
I continue to tempt him with postage stamp servings of food and yesterday the special drinks arrived that I ordered online.
DS has not heard from hospital about further cardiac investigations and has this week developed sinusitis and labyrinthitis and is dizzy all the time. Any help I can get won't be DC, thankfully I have a sister living within travelling distance.
I will get some fresh air today, it is binmen day so I get to walk to the end of the drive to retrieve it.
Another day of 🌞

Urmstongran Fri 23-Apr-21 07:45:47

Your hair is gorgeous GG13 you look very stylish. Shame you can’t be in your favourite restaurant this evening to show it off! Soon, soon.... May 17th. 😊