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So Richard Madeley is to replace Piers Morgan from June!

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Urmstongran Fri 23-Apr-21 08:44:06

I shan’t be tempted to tune in. What about you?

Polarbear2 Fri 23-Apr-21 08:44:58

Excellent. Always good for a laugh. Usually at him rather than with him but hey. 👍

Calendargirl Fri 23-Apr-21 08:47:30

I never listen to it so it doesn’t make much difference to me who the presenter is.

Galaxy Fri 23-Apr-21 08:48:25

Oh my God. Hes awful.

dragonfly46 Fri 23-Apr-21 08:51:18

My DD worked on the newspaper where he started and he had a mirror and comb in his drawer which he used frequently she was told.

Urmstongran Fri 23-Apr-21 08:52:01


Gingster Fri 23-Apr-21 08:53:22

Don’t watch it but he is a very silly man.

Shropshirelass Fri 23-Apr-21 08:53:59

Oh no, can’t stand the man. I like Piers Morgan, hadn’t used to but I did warm to him over the years. Not afraid to say it how it is.

Gannygangan Fri 23-Apr-21 08:54:25

I quite like him. He doesn't half spout some rubbish. Certainly won't be as bad as Piers

Anniebach Fri 23-Apr-21 08:58:33

Didn’t watch the programme, certainly don’t want to now

Urmstongran Fri 23-Apr-21 08:59:10

Madeley reminds me too much of Alan Partridge!

TrendyNannie6 Fri 23-Apr-21 09:06:20

Nooooo! Can’t stand the pompous man

Urmstongran Fri 23-Apr-21 09:07:27

His interview technique is pretty dire!

A classic Richardism:

“So tell me, in your own words - we only have just about 30 seconds left, why you chose to do that - briefly please because we only have a few seconds left and we're very quickly running out of time..."

Guest: "well I did it because..."

Richard: "I'm very sorry to cut you off but we ran out of time”


Doodledog Fri 23-Apr-21 09:09:48

I have a soft spot for Richard grin. He's like an embarrassing uncle (and yes, I'm sure that Alan Partridge is modelled on him to some extent), but I get the impression that he means well but is just a bit clumsy about how he puts things across.

I won't be watching, but just because I only watch early morning TV if I have an appointment somewhere and need to see the local news in case of train delays or similar.

Lucca Fri 23-Apr-21 09:14:30

My son Found himself in the same hotel as R M ? In Australia and said hello a filthy look for his pains,

Callistemon Fri 23-Apr-21 09:34:41


My son Found himself in the same hotel as R M ? In Australia and said hello a filthy look for his pains,

Interesting, isn't it, that some whose screen personae are friendly and chatty, sometimes even very amusing are just plain rude in real life.

FannyCornforth Fri 23-Apr-21 09:35:49

I love Richard Madeley, but he will be utterly crap at serious news stuff.
It will be good for ratings though I should imagine.
I might have a little look, but I can't stand SR

Callistemon Fri 23-Apr-21 09:39:29

Didn't he and his wife used to present it years ago?

I'm not sure, have very rarely watched it.

grannyrebel7 Fri 23-Apr-21 09:40:31

Can't wait, great choice! Always entertaining! GMB is going down the plughole without Piers atm. Say what you like about RM, but I bet the ratings will go back up with him presenting.

JaneJudge Fri 23-Apr-21 09:45:05

Urmstongran, that is spot on grin

I feel sorry for poor Judy he randomly tells everyone about their private life and we don't have the honour of seeing her scowling at him if he is on his own

JaneJudge Fri 23-Apr-21 09:45:36

Callistemon, they were the original hosts of This Morning

Callistemon Fri 23-Apr-21 09:48:34

I heard that she used to put him in his place on air.
Perhaps they were successful as a duo but he would be too anodyne on his own.

Puzzler61 Fri 23-Apr-21 09:50:38

Urmstongran 🤣🤣🤣
You are on top form today 🦩

timetogo2016 Fri 23-Apr-21 09:52:08

I call it scraping the barrel.

Anniebach Fri 23-Apr-21 10:07:23

I watched them when they did a morning programme, Richard
got so excited if there was any discussion on sex