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Boring but potentially amusing thread: Putting Things Down the Loo

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FannyCornforth Fri 07-May-21 13:35:35

Hello Everyone!

I am aware that the list of Things You Are Allowed to Put Down the Loo are vanishingly small (to use the parlance de jour).

However, today I was surprised to see a label on a box of tissues which stated that on no accounts should I put used tissues down the loo; instead used tissues must be put in a bin. 🙄

I admit now that I will not be following this order. 🤫

DH, a builder who has sorted out many a toilet error commited by the general public, memorably went a house where the residents had been putting whole trays of cat litter down their khasi. 🤪

I think that the worst thing that I've put down the loo was a pair of socks.

Do you have any toilet tales or mishaps?
(Hopefully not of the digestive-system variety)

Thank you! 😃

Blossoming Fri 07-May-21 13:38:38

No, but I wouldn’t put tissues down the toilet. They’re designed to stay whole when wet, unlike toilet paper, so are liable to cause blockages.

FannyCornforth Fri 07-May-21 13:40:00

Of course, you lot will be experts on this, as most have had kids and grandkids, and they are maestros at this sort of thing

FannyCornforth Fri 07-May-21 13:40:52

Blossoming have you always done this?
Have I been thick all along?

grandMattie Fri 07-May-21 13:41:19

When being toilet trained, my DS flushed a pair of soiled underpants Dow the loo.

Nannylovesshopping Fri 07-May-21 13:41:42

I often sling my knickers down the loo, mistakenly as laundry box is next to the bin, but I do fish them out🤣

lemongrove Fri 07-May-21 13:42:39

Why did you put socks in the loo FC ?😄
In the past, people used to flush away dead goldfishes.😱
I’m very conscious of being as careful as possible, as plumbers
Cost so much these days.
There are vast fatbergs under some cities from all the fast food outlets, it’s awful.

Lucca Fri 07-May-21 13:44:02

My son dropped his Mobile phone down....retrieved and given the rice treatment,it was fine.

Lucca Fri 07-May-21 13:44:55

Have decided to leave this thread as I’m eating my lunch......

lemongrove Fri 07-May-21 13:46:11

I’ve always put used tissues in the bin to be incinerated ( by the council.)
Children put all sorts of gubbins into the loo, it seems to fascinate them, dropping things in with a splash.😁Our now teenage DGS put all our toothbrushes and toothpaste in there when he was about 5.

FannyCornforth Fri 07-May-21 13:47:44

Lemongrove tissues in one hand, socks in t'other; tissues in laundry basket, socks in loo!

Lucca you've just reminded me - not so long ago, I got my phone very wet and for some reason thought that the solution was to bury it in salt
It wasn't.

Blossoming Fri 07-May-21 13:48:10

Fanny Cornforth yes, I’ve always dropped used tissues in a bin. I didn’t know why they shouldn’t be flushed until I was learning about drainage and materials as a student. Kitchen towels are another common drain blocker.

It’s the science innit grin

FannyCornforth Fri 07-May-21 13:50:11

I feel bad about the tissues / loo thing now. 🙁
But my actual loo roll seems far more robust than the tissues that I use...

FannyCornforth Fri 07-May-21 13:52:11

Oh no - I would never put kitchen roll down.
I'm not a monster

Susan56 Fri 07-May-21 13:52:16

Fanny as you say a maestro🙈🤣all bathroom doors have to be kept firmly closed as putting anything he can get hold of down the toilet is a favourite pastime!

Peasblossom Fri 07-May-21 13:55:03

Well, in the sixties, in university accommodation. I made that classic dish of a jelly whisked up with a tin of Carnation milk.
It made an enormous bowl, too much even for my sweet tooth so the obvious thing was to flush what I couldn’t eat down the loo.
(14 rooms on my floor with two shared toilets)

It wouldn’t go. I flushed and flushed but it still bobbed around on top of the water in all it’s bright pink glory. I tried sinking it with toilet paper. It just escaped and bobbed on.

Finally I did the only thing I could, which was to scoop it all out again, into the bowl. And emerge - to a cluster of people curious to see what all the flushing had been about 😱

Jaffacake2 Fri 07-May-21 14:21:52

One morning went to go to the loo and saw something swimming in the water. To my horror it was a mouse which must have been dumped in the bathroom by one of my cats and fallen off the top of the cistern.
I thought about flushing it but worried about it getting stuck in the ubend. Also felt bit cruel. So desperate for a wee I got a bag and got it out. Rushed downstairs and threw it out of the front door. By the time I left for work the bag was empty so a wet mouse must have wandered off through the garden !

SueDonim Fri 07-May-21 14:31:33

It’s never been recommended to bung tissues down the loo.

My worst toilet incident was my 18mth old throwing his toy doggy down the loo in the drought of 1976, when we were urged that if it was ‘yellow, let it mellow’. 😫 😆

emmasnan Fri 07-May-21 14:39:25

My son flushed his dads watch down the toilet when he was a toddler.

V3ra Fri 07-May-21 14:54:33

My son, aged about 6, ate his Sunday dinner then left the table to go to the toilet.
Later I found his portion of broad beans floating in the bowl.
The funny part about it was that he'd "eaten" them first, but pushed them into his cheek like a hamster. He'd then eaten the rest of his dinner past them and finally spat the hated broad beans out.
I gave up giving him them after that!

Gannygangan Fri 07-May-21 14:55:36

My eldest daughter decided it would be a great idea to shove as many teddy bears down the loo and then flushed to see what would happen.

SueDonim Fri 07-May-21 14:59:17

Oh, this has triggered a memory from years ago! A friend’s toddler poured a box of washing powder into the toilet and flushed and flushed and flushed. By the time she realised what was going on suds were foaming out of the bathroom door and across the landing.

It ended up with the fire brigade having to come and pump it all out, which caused much hilarity, because dad was a fire fighter himself! grin

Soroptimum Fri 07-May-21 15:12:21

This thread has had me laughing out loud, much to OH annoyance!
Not toilet related but embarrassing bathroom incident. Travelled to USA to visit the family of sons exchange student. Was offered bathroom to freshen up after the flight, decided to have a bath which was a huge whirlpool thing. Put bubble bath in (not used to these things) and you can guess the rest. It took me a good hour to get rid of the suds. Didn’t have the bath and was now exhausted. Went down stairs and wife said you must be so chilled now…….

Davida1968 Fri 07-May-21 15:38:13

I agree with Blossoming about the tissues - always put them into the bin.
I used to work with young children and I became a dab hand at "loo management". Lego bricks are one of the most difficult things to retrieve from a loo, IMO.

Namsnanny Fri 07-May-21 15:49:27

Susan56 what a little sweetheart, how old is he in that photo?