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Can you remember the birthday party you enjoyed the most and least when you were a child and why?

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Bakingmad0203 Sun 09-May-21 18:35:38

The one I have fond memories of was where there was someone making animals from balloons and we could take one home. There were lots of games and prizes too, and everyone enjoyed themselves.
The one I hated and couldn’t wait to go home from was when there were too many children, and the food was awful. There were no games and everyone looked bored, except for the party girl who was tearing off the paper from her presents and ignoring the rest of us!

timetogo2016 Sun 09-May-21 18:40:46

The worst was having a clown turn up at my friends party,i freaked out and ran home.
still can`t stand them.
The best was my 10th birthday party,all of the family came and 2 of my best friends came too.Mom did allthe food and ir was wonderfull.

EllanVannin Sun 09-May-21 18:48:21

I don't even remember having any or going to others.
It was just us as a family because I remember jellies in cases and mum's baking, but no kids.
I don't suppose people had much after the war.

GagaJo Sun 09-May-21 18:50:25

I only remember one. My last one. My best friend and I had a food fight, and I remember my mum saying, 'Right, that is your LAST party.' And it was. Ooops.

Jaxjacky Sun 09-May-21 19:02:06

My brothers’, I think he was 5, so I was 10, Mum had made a really impressive train cake, everyone wanted the chimney and fought over it, so I had it!

annodomini Sun 09-May-21 19:06:12

I only remember one in any detail. It was when I was five and bananas had just made an appearance after the end of the War. My Mum used to make banana sandwich filling with mashed parsnip and banana essence, but at this party we had real bananas, though they were green and a bit hard. My own parties were better because my birthday is November 5th so we always had a fireworks party. We would line the front window and watch my Dad and uncle light the blue touch paper with their cigarette ends. The best were the roman candles and Catherine wheels, though the latter sometimes fell off the piece of wood they were mounted on. In my teens I was allowed to go out and help, though I was disgusted when a spark caused a ladder in my very first pair of nylons. sad

geekesse Sun 09-May-21 19:18:18

Sixth birthday party of a Middle Eastern princess I went to school with, in a desert palace with a garden of heavily scented roses. I remember little about the party, but after living in a dusty desert town, I was utterly overwhelmed by the scent of the roses.

Polarbear2 Sun 09-May-21 19:24:00

Ohh. This is a bad memory. As a child I wasn’t pretty. Long red hair, skinny, freckles and goofy teeth. I was - over a few years- invited to the birthday party of a pretty blonde in my class (ages I guess about 9-12?). They invited boys and towards the end had a ‘beauty contest’. We were asked to parade through the room and be judged. I always lost and the birthday girl always won. It demolished me year on year. I begged my mum not to send me but she didn’t understand.

MerylStreep Sun 09-May-21 19:28:09

How absolutely wonderful 😄

watermeadow Sun 09-May-21 20:16:36

I remember all my parties from age 3 - the one when I cried because I had to share my new toys, the one when there was so much snow that nobody could come, the one when my horrible cousin came and spoilt everything etc etc
I was always an introvert and hated parties.

Jaffacake2 Sun 09-May-21 21:23:13

I never had a birthday party or cake when I was a child. There was never enough money for birthdays.
The only birthday party I was invited to was when I was about 8 . My mum had found a second hand pink frilly dress for me to wear. It was awful,all the other children wore casual clothes and knew all the party games. I felt so left out and embarrassed.
My own children had parties every year and I enjoyed being able to spoil them.

NotTooOld Sun 09-May-21 21:49:16

The one I remember best was where we kids got called into a darkened room one by one where the birthday girl's parents put us in a blanket and tossed us up and down. I think we were supposed to be in a ship during a storm. I found it thrilling although I can't remember what the game was. The worst party was when I hired a room in the village hall for my daughter's 6th birthday so she could invite the whole class. The hall had its own outdoor playground with slide, swings, roundabout etc and I thought the guests would spend the entire time, other than when they were eating, in the playground. No such luck. It took them ten minutes to devour the food, they spent ten minutes in the playground and the next hour telling me they were bored. Never again.

nadateturbe Sun 09-May-21 22:48:10

Never had one. My mum, bless her, actually forgot my birthday one year.

grannyactivist Sun 09-May-21 22:55:31

I only ever went to one birthday party as a child, I was five and spilled some orange juice on the tablecloth; I was mortified, but the hostess was very kind.

I never had a cake or a party until my 21st when a small group of friends organised both for me. There were only six of us, but it was a huge surprise and I remember being overwhelmed.

silverlining48 Sun 09-May-21 23:20:53

I never had a birthday party and don’t remember ever going to one. It’s something I have never really thought about til now, but now it’s reminding me of sad times. I am so glad my dc and gc have had happier childhoods.

Redhead56 Mon 10-May-21 01:10:32

I never had a birthday party I didn’t even get a card some years the sixties were hard times for us. I most certainly made up for it with my children I spoilt them and still do.

Calendargirl Mon 10-May-21 07:38:21

I only had one birthday party, when I was 6. There was heavy snow, can remember one girl being carried into the house by her dad so as not to spoil her party shoes. My mum, who was never very glam, bless her, wore some mushroom coloured ‘peep toe and heel less’ shoes which my sister and I were amazed to see.

I still have some of the presents I received, books and some Wimsey animals.

Mum never suggested another party.

I was always glad when my own children outgrew parties, I was not a natural party host.

Preferred taking them out for an outing or similar treat.

Lin52 Mon 10-May-21 07:56:28

Never had a birthday party as such, perhaps a friend around for tea. Simple but happy with it. Realistic expectations I suppose.

mokryna Mon 10-May-21 08:05:59

We didn’t have any when I was growing up but my children did. One particular time I feel really bad about was when I had been handed the invitation by the mother. My 6 year old DD was thrilled to go to. Present in her hand I rang the door bell and the smiling birthday girl opened the door. To my horror I heard DD say ‘You! You are the wrong Chrystal, I’m not coming to your party’ and with that she refused to join the party and went home. (There were two Chrystal’s in the class).

Millie22 Mon 10-May-21 08:10:06

Another who cannot remember having a birthday party or going to one. I have loved arranging birthday treats for my children.

Bellasnana Mon 10-May-21 08:45:46

I loathed going to or having my own birthday parties as I was such an anxious, self-conscious child.

The absolute worst one was aged around 9, I was invited to a fancy dress party by a girl in my class. The thought of it horrified me but my mum and sisters duly dressed me up as Alice in Wonderland.

When I arrived at the party I was the only one who had dressed up, everyone else had their normal clothes on. I hated every minute of it and wanted to disappear, like Alice, down a rabbit hole. Still hurts today when I think back to it and remember the humiliation.

olddudders Mon 10-May-21 10:00:45

"Not a party animal" would be a fair description, although I like a drink!

Best was my 21st. Still living at home, so my two best friends from schooldays attended, one with his fiancée. Mum pushed the boat out, and we had a very nice sit-down meal w fillet steak and champagne.

Worst was my 24th. Still at home, but neither of those friends was available, or even in the UK. But an ex and a few others came round and I suppose it was a bit jolly. My musical taste is far from mainstream, though, so I resented having to listen to the Beach Boys....

And just when you think you've passed those hurdles, my 40th. Married for 14 years, now-late first wife insisted she was going to arrange something. It was a Saturday, and I was suicidal - what sort of ordeal was I to endure? And why? In the event it was ok - but the negative anticipation of that evening will never leave me.

henetha Mon 10-May-21 10:09:19

I never did like parties. And I remember one in particular, when I was about 10 or 11 years old. For some reason I was asked by her parents to sing. Perhaps because I was in the choir at school, I don't know. I have a vivid memory of standing there singing "The Bells of St.Mary's" alone and unaccompanied, and feeling absolutely dreadful. I just wanted to die.
I refused to go to that girl's house ever again.

overthehill Mon 10-May-21 10:09:44

I actually remember my 1st birthday. When I say remember, I was sitting at the table and there were a few others sitting opposite. Who they were I've no idea but I was aware it was my party. One I went to, was a girl from school and we had liquid jelly which didn't impress me much.

henetha Mon 10-May-21 10:09:53

typo... alone and unaccompanied...