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Would you go to a summer wedding this year?

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LizM567 Tue 11-May-21 10:57:58

We have been invited to a summer wedding which will involve an evening "do" and dancing. We adore the happy couple but are not related to them. We are thrilled to have been invited but are nervous to go this year. What would you do?

tanith Tue 11-May-21 11:02:18

Go why wouldn’t you, take precautions if it makes you feel more comfortable and if you’ve had the jabs then you’ll be fine anyway.

aonk Tue 11-May-21 16:32:13

Of course you should go. Otherwise you nay regret missing out on such a special event.

B9exchange Tue 11-May-21 16:33:56

Definitely go, Covid has gone about as low as it is going to go, and you have a life to lead! Get out there, go to theatres, restaurants, cinemas as soon as they open, and get your lives back!

Redhead56 Tue 11-May-21 16:35:40

I would jump at the chance of doing something normal. Getting dressed up and everyone having a nice time something to look forward too.

Whitewavemark2 Tue 11-May-21 16:37:00

Our invite is for 11 September.

Can’t wait🙂

Dress ready

Present ready

All systems go.

Blossoming Tue 11-May-21 16:41:21

Yes, I would go. I understand it’s difficult thinking of life outside the Covid box but we have to live 😊

Grammaretto Tue 11-May-21 16:42:26

I understand your caution. Some of us are not ready yet to dive back into our old lives. We are wiser now.
Some of us, me included, have lost loved ones to covid.

Maybe go to the ceremony and the drinks/lunch but leave before the evening "Do"

Whitewavemark2 Tue 11-May-21 16:45:55

What I think is that I have to put trust into the vaccine. If I can’t then there is no point.

MerylStreep Tue 11-May-21 16:46:44

I wouldn’t give it a second thought. I love summer weddings,
Such lovely clothes to wear

JaneJudge Tue 11-May-21 16:48:42

I've been invited to two. One is a sit down meal and drinks after I'm presuming, the other a reception - both in different to us and to one another iykwim

I have said I'll go but they may have to widen the doors

GrannyGravy13 Tue 11-May-21 16:50:18

Definitely go, hope you have a fabulous time.

Whitewavemark2 Tue 11-May-21 16:53:42


I've been invited to two. One is a sit down meal and drinks after I'm presuming, the other a reception - both in different to us and to one another iykwim

I have said I'll go but they may have to widen the doors

😄😄and me. I am trying.

ExD Tue 11-May-21 16:53:51

Play it by ear. Go to the ceremony and make up your minds when you get there and have seen the venue and how the rest of the guests are behaving. If you feel people are taking stupid risks or the place is getting too crowded for comfort - come home.
Just thank them for a lovely afternoon, but you're tired, wish them well and leave.

Bridgeit Tue 11-May-21 16:56:16

Plan to go , but if at the time it doesn’t feel safe enough for you to attended then send best wishes & decline.

nanaK54 Tue 11-May-21 16:59:18

Go for it!

GrandmaKT Tue 11-May-21 17:07:31

Absolutely go! It's looking forward to things like weddings that has kept us going through the dark months of lockdown. If we can't go out now then it's all been for naught.

Urmstongran Tue 11-May-21 17:07:48

I’d go.

timetogo2016 Tue 11-May-21 17:09:16

Go go go go.
And have a great time.

Daisymae Tue 11-May-21 17:20:43

We are going to a small wedding in July, if DH is well enough. Taking all the usual precautions.

Shelflife Wed 12-May-21 12:51:36

I think ExD has the right idea. Go , enjoy, but trust your instincts as the day progresses. If you feel you are bring exposed then politely say good bye and go home. Hope you have a lovely day!

Shelflife Wed 12-May-21 12:51:54


NotSpaghetti Wed 12-May-21 13:17:21

I wouldn't go.
I think we are opening up too rapidly.
My daughter wants an "important birthday" do this summer and I won't go to that if she decides to go ahead.

If it was a tiny do in a big church or outdoors, I'd probably consider it, but given that you are unrelated I'm guessing this will be too big for me.

Maggiemaybe Wed 12-May-21 13:22:32

Oh, I wish! I love a wedding and after all we’ve missed out on over the last year, I’d be there like a shot!

GrannySomerset Wed 12-May-21 13:22:52

Not very kind to the happy couple to accept and then not go since they will have to pay for the number of guests expected. Better to say no and feel both safe and that you have behaved well.