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Good Morning Sunday, deputising for *Mick*.

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Marydoll Sun 13-Jun-21 06:26:00

Wakey, wake everyone!!

FannyCornforth Sun 13-Jun-21 06:29:07

Good morning Mary, and to all the Morningers.
Have a lovely day, whatever you are up to.
Remember to drink lots of cold fluids! x

Dryginger Sun 13-Jun-21 06:30:50

Good Morning from sunny Hertfordshire. DH making a fence for front garden today and Im sanding down drawers after chalk painting an ugly chest of drawers so busy day today.

Greyduster Sun 13-Jun-21 06:36:34

Good morning, Michael and all GNs. The sun is well and truly up in South Yorkshire and there isn’t a breath of wind. DD is competing in a fell run today. I hope there is a cooling breeze on the tops for them. Me? I shall make a curry for dinner and then put my feet up in the garden if I can find a bit of shade. Happy Sunday to you all!

grandMattie Sun 13-Jun-21 06:39:43

Good morning from an already warm E Kent. Yesterday was a tolerable 20C, anything higher is too much for me.
I have finished one pair of trousers. I shall never, ever use that fabric again. It is horrible to sew.
I have cut out the other pair. Probably finish them in the week.
Hope all with problems and pain get some relief today, catch a random flying flamingo 🦩 and that all GraMmingos have a good day 🦩😊☀️💐🦩🦩

grandMattie Sun 13-Jun-21 06:40:16

Oh. And thank you for opening Marydoll.

Scentia Sun 13-Jun-21 06:44:47

Good Morning all from East Staffordshire where it is sunny and warm already.
DH is off to do a cycle event today so I have an ‘empty’. I am off to the farm shop, then to collect some clothes from M & S then this afternoon I am visiting the vampires to give my arm full!
Have a good day everyone and be careful in this heat.

Nannagarra Sun 13-Jun-21 06:50:35

Good morning from Sefton.
Love the tie dye trousers.
Yesterday I enjoyed the late afternoon sun at Crosby beach. The figure on the right is one of the Iron Men.
Have the best day you can.

Dwmxwg Sun 13-Jun-21 06:50:52

Good morning Mary and all to follow.
Love the trousers GrandMattie, I am not a seamstress (was going to write sewer)! Sister is very talented and has invested in an interlocker which I think she uses for that type of material?
Just off for an early dog walk then a day in the garden.
Shocking scenes at the Euros last night, good to read the Danish player is stable.
Wishing all a relaxing Sunday ☀️☀️☀️

baubles Sun 13-Jun-21 06:52:05

Thanks Marydoll. Good morning Mick, morning all from South Lanarkshire where we’ve had some overnight rain.

Yesterday’s wedding around the corner looked lovely, I could just spy the top of a balloon arch over the top of the fence. The bride arrived in an open topped car, she must have spent Friday night elsewhere.

Another quiet day ahead as DDog can’t be walked yet, nor can she be left alone, so I’ll do whatever my mood dictates.

Wishing everyone a peaceful Sunday.

grandMattie Sun 13-Jun-21 06:55:35

Dwm, I’ve got an overlocker which terrifies me so have given up using it!

NanKate Sun 13-Jun-21 06:57:17

Good morning Mary and All.

Hope Mick and Maw can see these posts.

It’s going to be very hot here in South Bucks so I may have to take off my vest/camisole 😳🌞

Went to our first outdoor performance yesterday at The Chilterns Open Air Museum, it was fab. We sat in a large meadow while some talented youngsters performed ‘As you like it’. It felt for a short while like normality had returned to life.

Have the best day you can Folks.

Nannagarra Sun 13-Jun-21 06:58:37


Alizarin Sun 13-Jun-21 07:04:15

Morning everyone from a clear-skied south Cornwall where I am being beady-eyed by this season's father gull above my patio, who is diligently guarding a nest. 'How dare you sit there,' is the message. Another thank you for kind words about my hip op, you kind people. Today I will resist the temptation to go out, and potter quietly instead. Totally not in my nature but good for the hip! Have the best day you can, everyone.

Alizarin Sun 13-Jun-21 07:18:34

Thank you Nannagarra, your photo brought back my lovely memories of living in Liverpool and seeing the iron men for the first time. I miss it all so much.

Beechnut Sun 13-Jun-21 07:27:07

Good Morning everyone from sunny Severnside and thank you for opening up Marydoll.

Take it steady with your hip Alizarin and you’ll be dancing down the street in no time.

Trousers are lovely and bright Mattie. Iris will enjoy wearing them in this nice weather.

Thank you to all who mentioned my knees for weeding yesterday. My one knee doesn’t like it more than the other. I did get the borders done and a little bit more while I was down on them.

I think I’ll just potter and read today. I’ve started to read The Kite Runner, has anyone read it?

There are some worries about so I hope you all have the best time you can 🌞🌷

Marydoll Sun 13-Jun-21 07:28:45

Good morning all from Pitlochry, where its predicted that it will be a scorcher! I am a doubting Thomas, its very cloudy at the moment!
I apologise for any errors. My eyes are so dry today, I'm having bother seeing!!!

The first part of the post is for Mick, who has deregistered his account, but is unable make a new one. Hopefully, he is still able to read.

To sort your 403 error Mick, you must try these steps: I have a suspicion that your device is remembering the settings for your old account.

Refresh the page Page.
Do not copy and paste, the address Mick, start from scratch and type manually.
Double Check the Address. Do you have an extra character?
Clear Your Browser Cookies and Cache.
Check if You Have Permission to Access the URL /website. (i.e Have you set up the registration properly)
Try Again Later.
Its usually an error on the user's part, not the website.

Maw, I know you have been offered tremendous support to Mick, would you be able to point him in the direction of my suggestions?

We did eventually make it to the House of Bruar, but it was so busy, I felt quite anxious about people without masks, no social distancing, mainly by elderly people. Do people think because they have been vaccinated that they no longer have to follow the guidelines? It is the same in the hotel, a mask rule in public areas and only one household at a time in the lift, but many people have just been ignoring those rules.
Our hotel is full, mainly I think because people cannot travel abroad.
Unfortunately, the people in the room next door had a party last night, so we have had little sleep. ☹
This sounds so negative, but we have in fact had a lovely time. I just have to accept that we are living in unusual times.
Being with family and lots of exercise to walk off the excellent meals is great, is just what we needed.

Yesterday we did the distillery tour, which I found so interesting. My daughter asked me to stop asking questions, as the poor guide was losing his train of thought!!!!🤣
During the tasting session, I was a bit worried about the amount of free drams on offer, as I couldn't imbibe my share and DH was ready and willing to step in.
However, we were given little bottles to take it away, thank goodness.

Today the plan is to go for a scenic walk, at a snail's pace for me, indulge in some nice food and of course, watch the football!!
I may be forced to shop, as I have absolutely have no interest in football.😉

I have included a photo of the plant pot DD brought me back from Orkney. It is the spitting image of me!!
I don't have many photos, as the menfolk are too impatient to wait for the tortoise (me). However, I have included one of the burn, from where the water is drawn to make whisky. Apparently, its so pure, you can drink it straight from the burn!

Wishing you all a very pleasant Sunday.
Best wishes to all who are struggling or feeling low. 💐

monk08 Sun 13-Jun-21 07:30:05

Good morning all from a sunny Black country. Thanks for opening Mary hope your enjoying the break.
DS is 39 today so its lunch out with the family, yippee no cooking. We have then been invited his MiL for the rest of afternoon, it will be nice to catch up with DiLs family there have been 2 new additions since we last met up.
grandMattie the trousers look lovely I'm sure she'll be delighted with them.
Thinking of missing posters💐
Enjoy your Sunday and may you all find some🌞

Marydoll Sun 13-Jun-21 07:31:47

I will come back later to comment!!! I'm being hassled about going to breakfast!!!!! 😉

Grammaretto Sun 13-Jun-21 07:32:14

Good morning from the Scottish Borders where I am dressed in my summer clothes but it is still not very warm.
Thanks for opening up Marydoll and I hope you are enjoying your Highland jaunt.

I am driving to Potfest in Perth today but a bit later as my pal has to ferry her DC to important things first. She has 4 teenagers. Remember those days?
I feel pleased with myself as I cleared out 2 rooms for the painter to start this week. He also promises to do some repair jobs.

You are a clever seamstress gMattie . I intended to make a summer dress and I gaze at fabric and patterns but somehow I never quite take the plunge. Instead I just bought a dress from Thrift, the 2nd hand shop where some of the money goes to charity

Whether lazing in the sun or running a marathon, I hope you all enjoy the day

Nanabanana1 Sun 13-Jun-21 07:33:02

Good morning everyone, it’s a lovely morning here in Torbay, I haven’t posted for a while but have been reading all your interesting posts each day, Nannagarra your post brought back a lot of memories for me as I lived in Waterloo and also Blundellsands both houses a stones throw from the beach, happy days . Children were young then and so was I 😄
Off to walk my dog now before it gets too hot. Hope everyone has a good and peaceful day.

Elizabeth1 Sun 13-Jun-21 07:34:28

Good morning all from a gloriously sunny day here on the east coast of Fife. My dh received his Masonic ring by post yesterday he’s really pleased he took my advice and spoke to our insurance company when he lost his ring he thinks perhaps in the garden after all why have we used an insurance company all those years if not to use it when needed. It’s a visit to church today we went for the first time in years last week and it was really lovely meeting other parishioners the service was second to none giving us hope for a better future.I can’t believe how much I’ve missed it

have a good day everyone don’t be getting dehydrated in the searing heat should you be lucky enough to get it. The weather here at the moment can be so interchangeable don’t be caught out. Good days are still to come keep well and stay safe.

Jaxjacky Sun 13-Jun-21 07:37:24

Good morning all from blazing sun in S Hants, thanks for opening Marydoll.
Lovely picture Nannagarra, not an area I’m familiar with at all. Good to hear your recovering well Alizarin seagulls are huge aren’t they!
Yesterday was pretty quiet, watering, both at home and the allotment the priority. Really pleased that the garden planting from a few weeks ago seems to have taken with buds and growth.
MrJ off to golf this morning, I’ll potter, bedding poised to go into the machine and yesterday’s big crossword awaits. I used to welcome this weather to lie and tan, now I’m skulking in shade!
Have a lovely day all, flamingoes will be having a paddle 🦩🦩
Thoughts with Cherry, Auntiflo* and grandmajet…where is EV? Also not heard from sheepandcattle for a while.

harrigran Sun 13-Jun-21 07:38:52

Good morning from a mild but not yet sunny NE.
Sister and BIl visited and he got rid of the moss from the shady part of the garden for me.
DH came downstairs and had a drink with us, better day.
We have a gourmet meal being delivered this morning and DS and family will visit this afternoon.
Hope you are recovering from the D&V Georgesgran, food poisoning is horrible.
Best wishes to all.

Gelisajams Sun 13-Jun-21 07:40:36


Good morning from a cloudy Morecambe Bay. We are off shortly, heading to Norfolk. Just a few last minute checks and bits to load into the campa.
En route we will visit Barnsdale the old garden of the late Geoff Hamilton. Then its an overnight stay at Molten Mowbray.
Take care and stay safe everyone 🦩🌸🦩