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Some of you may remember Stephen

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BlueBelle Wed 16-Jun-21 14:00:58

Well this morning at 4 am I heard the familiar squeak squeak of a baby seagull I thought oh dear a baby s on the flat roof again, I hope the mum knows and I went back to sleep when I got up at 7 I could still hear a muffled squeak and opened the chimney trap door and could see a very very young seagull on the little ledge above… so arm in and popped her out into the bedroom Shes much smaller than Stephen and I was really worried she wouldn’t be old enough to feed herself I put her in the garden with some sardines and water and mum was circling around above screening at me I was hoping she’d come down and get her or at least feed her
When I came back from work just now she was making a big old racket and all the sardines had gone so I thought either mums been down or she is able to feed herself
I put some more water and sardines out and waited… she was making a lot of noise, suddenly it went quiet I had a peep and she was eating away at the sardines
With a bit of luck she ll stay with me and the sardines until she can fly away in about 8 weeks time
Anyway meet Sybil
Could it be Stephens offspring ?

Grandmajean Wed 16-Jun-21 14:18:13

How lovely !

SueDonim Wed 16-Jun-21 14:27:38

Oh my goodness! It looks like you’ll have a busy summer again, Bluebell. smile

Can you get a cowl put on your chimney to stop the birds from nesting?

Namsnanny Wed 16-Jun-21 14:31:35

Oh BlueBelle how lovely!!

Yes I remember Stephen well, wouldnt it be great if it was his (are we sure it wasnt Stephanie?) offspring.

Long live Sybil grin

maddyone Wed 16-Jun-21 14:32:52

Aww, overload of cuteness. Lucky you.

B9exchange Wed 16-Jun-21 14:40:22

I well remember Stephen, we were all engrossed, and so worried when he disappeared! He obviously thinks you are okay as a child minder, you could have a permanent job there year on year Bluebelle!

sodapop Wed 16-Jun-21 15:27:11

She is a little cutie BlueBelle they know where to go to be looked after.
Hope she survives to live a full seagull life smile

BlueBelle Wed 16-Jun-21 15:38:40

Suedonin no I live in a three story house and need to hire scaffolding to have anything done to the roof so the short answer is no I can’t get cowling over the chimney it would cost me hundreds

BlueBelle Wed 16-Jun-21 15:41:22

She’s been drinking much to my delight as I was worried she would be too young but she’s now cooling her toes

BlueBelle Wed 16-Jun-21 15:41:51

Whoops missed the photo off

Elegran Wed 16-Jun-21 15:43:49

Are there any cowls that can be installed by shoving them up the chimney like an umbrella? (as in the old riddle. What goes up the chimney down but won't come down the chimney up?)

Susan56 Wed 16-Jun-21 15:47:46

I remember Stephen.My DGD loved following his adventures.I will show her the pictures of Sybil at the weekend!

Alizarin Wed 16-Jun-21 15:55:15

I remember Stephen well Bluebell, as every summer where I live brings similar seagull challenges and I always feel ridiculously responsible for this season's gormless youngster crying on my patio. They always survive though. I think gulls return to the same place to nest year after year, so maybe Sybil is Stephen's sister? Last autumn my landlord had anti-gull spikes installed on my flat roof and the gulls love them and have made a cosy nest among them. smile

Alizarin Wed 16-Jun-21 16:01:25

Sorry, should have been BlueBelle. Didn't look properly.

BlueBelle Wed 16-Jun-21 16:08:08

Alizarin I love the thought of your seagulls thumbing their noses ( sorry beaks) at your landlord and saying thanks for the supports
I hope your granddaughter enjoys chapter 2 susan
Sybil will feel a bit lonely tonight so I ve made her a nest she jumped straight into it
She’s very vocal although smaller than Stephen

Nortsat Wed 16-Jun-21 16:13:22

Bluebelle you are known as Bluebelle’s Luxury Seagull Sanctuary, in your neck of the woods.

How lovely 💐

GrannySomerset Wed 16-Jun-21 16:25:59

Sounds like Stephen’s mum knows when she is on to a good thing,. Hope the outcome is as positive because we were all very invested in Stephen’s story and will feel just as concerned about his sibling. Thank you so much for sharing it.

Callistemon Wed 16-Jun-21 16:31:39

I remember Stephen!

Welcome to Sybil. If she is Stephen's sibling, Mum must think you're a suitable foster mother for her offspring.

Do you have a fishmonger nearby who could give you some scraps. A tin of sardines a day could get rather expensive!

Bridie22 Wed 16-Jun-21 17:02:53

Hello Sybil,
Welcome to Bluebelles summer camp, free board and lodge... she is a cutie.

BlueBelle Wed 16-Jun-21 17:51:55

No calistemom no fish mongers left in our town only supermarket fish in mall no where near me
It costs me about £1 to £1.50 a day last year but it’s only for a short time isnt it ? I don’t mind

Grannyben Wed 16-Jun-21 18:23:03

I did Iove the updates on Stephen. Didn't he fall down the chimney twice?

LauraNorder Wed 16-Jun-21 18:32:10

Yes Bluebelle I too remember Stephen, didn’t he sleep in your bedroom overnight? It was such a lovely story and now you’re a foster mum again to little Sybil. Looking forward to the daily updates.

mokryna Wed 16-Jun-21 18:59:35

I remember Stephen, hi Sybil.
I don’t suppose the RSPCA help put up a guard up or maybe suggest to the local fire brigade to use your chimney stack for practice.🤔

LauraNorder Wed 16-Jun-21 19:39:09

Btw BlueBelle, I love those sandals.

Aldom Wed 16-Jun-21 19:52:13

I too remember Stephen. I'm looking forward to following Sybil's progress. The photo's are lovely Blue Belle.