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Good Morning Thursday

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Michael12 Thu 17-Jun-21 06:12:33

Good Morning Everyone,
Its grey here in Brackley , this morning with some overnight rain and I never heard any thunderstorms locally.
To continue , thanks to Marydoll and Muse for there help in trying to fix my problem with MawBe who also copied and pasted for me as I was able to send her PM`s ,which worked .
But problem solved , back to normal .
Today , Usual bus trip to Bicester , have a coffee and snack and return home an hour later , some of the bus routes locally are still not offering a full timetable , I will then return and watch French and spanish national championships on TV that is Cycling as Tour De France starts next week .
Take Care,

Ashcombe Thu 17-Jun-21 06:13:12

Good morning from a cooler, cloudy Torbay, following rain overnight.

I really appreciated the many supportive comments from various people on here yesterday morning. As we have nine plays planned for the forthcoming season, which runs from 1st July, the director of ‘Allo, ‘Allo has decided to postpone the production until next summer. The logistics of rehearsing a large cast (20 players plus crew) under current restrictions on amateur (but not professional) companies has made it impossible to continue. Normally, each play has an intensive six week rehearsal period leading up to opening night. A delay in starting this one would affect ensuing planned productions, all of which have been granted performing rights.

Wishing a relief from pain or worry to those who are suffering. 🥰

grandMattie Thu 17-Jun-21 06:23:51

Good morning from a clammy, damp E Kent. The forecast is not set on cool! Yesterday was only tolerable when there was a lovely easterly.
I have absolutely nothing planned for today. Think DS1 is off to London to meet some Uni friend/s.
It’s a shame, Ash, but I think your director is right. This on/off business is too disruptive logistically.
Have a gentle day. 🦩🦩🦩☀️😊💐

Jaxjacky Thu 17-Jun-21 06:28:23

Good morning Mick, Ashcombe and those who follow from a cooler, cloudy S Hants, no storms, most disappointing, but we’ve had rain. Shame about ‘Allô, ‘Allo, but looks like plenty more to follow Ash. I was asleep by 9 last night, hence awake at 5, I’ll be off to the farm shop when they open at 7:30. I can now gently blow my nose, small pleasures! But the cauterisation has triggered tooth ache since last Friday, minor annoyances compared to others.
Still hoping for news from those absent, you’re all missed.
Enjoy your day all, 🌞🦩🦩.

Scentia Thu 17-Jun-21 06:28:52

Good Morning all from East Staffordshire where the rain had arrived. My flowers are smiling, I am not. We are off to my favourite place in the world tomorrow (Whitby) and I don’t want it to rain as I was hoping to do some photography and get the perfect image for the Countryfile Calander competition!! I am also contemplating entering TGB Sewing Bee in 2022. 😂 DH bought me a little present home and I absolutely love it, I have wanted a fairy garden for years! Lots of pressie ideas for my family to buy me now.
Woke up early with a sore throat and runny nose so I did a test and it is negative so just a cold for me thank goodness.
Off to work for a bit shortly then I will clean my piggies out before I go away this weekend.
Have a lovely day all and stay safe and keep your distance❤️

Beechnut Thu 17-Jun-21 06:38:30

Good Morning everyone from a dull and damp Severnside. No watering to do and a pleasant cool breeze coming from the window.

Your production will be worth waiting for Ash. Who knows we all might be able to come and see it and say ‘Allo ‘Allo 😃

I’m going to do crafting today. I’ve bought some new papers and have some different ideas for cards I’ve seen on Pinterest that I’d like to try. I was also able to get some mache tissue boxes but I will give them a little more thought before I decorate them.

Take care all 🌷

Alizarin Thu 17-Jun-21 07:08:16

Morning all from an overcast, much cooler south Cornwall. Sorry about the weather; where the sun has gone in it's my fault for ordering not one, but two sun umbrellas for my patio. Since when the sun has refused to shine!

My son is coming round this morning to rummage under my bed for a box of things which I can't bend down to retrieve at the moment. You don't realise how much you bend until it's not allowed!!!

A disappointment for you Ashcombe but I may venture in your direction eventually to see one of your productions and make a mini holiday of it, having never been to your area.

The best of days to you all.

Gelisajams Thu 17-Jun-21 07:15:05

Good morning from a soggy campsite in Norfolk. This rain and a cooler day is more than welcome after the unbearable heat of yesterday. As northerners we are just not used to it. We spent much of yesterday visiting an RSPB reserve. DH still managed to burn despite the factor 50! I don’t know how Grandmafrench copes with the heat.
We will have a leisurely start this morning then will will get a bus and a train to Wallsingham. Later we will pack the awning away if it’s dry, as we move on tomorrow.
Thinking of all with problems of various kinds, stay safe🌺

harrigran Thu 17-Jun-21 07:24:33

Good morning from an overcast NE.
DH returned from his chemotherapy at six last night and went straight to bed, he didn't want tea but had a nutrition drink so I wasn't too worried.
Looks as if it will be cooler today so may feel like doing some housework.
Shame about the production Ashcombe but something to look forward to.

GrannyGravy13 Thu 17-Jun-21 07:24:57

Morning Mick and all

It rained from just after 9pm at the moment the air is damp the sky is grey and it’s HOT.

Scentia my GD’s and nieces have fairy gardens. Shame about your production Ashcombe

Keep safe and well folks 🙋‍♀️🦩

brook2704 Thu 17-Jun-21 07:26:39

Good morning everyone from Inverness where it’s blue sky and a fairly warm day forecast. Yesterday was lovely and warm but very windy, hope it’s better today
What a shame about Allo Allo Ash a big disappointment all around I expect. Are you involved in the other productions too?
Enjoy your break to Whitby Scentia I hope the weather stays fine and good luck with the competitions
I’ve nothing much planned today, but I’ll be pottering in the garden and packing my case ready for my trip to DD1 tomorrow. I’m hoping I can find some decent tops and trousers in my wardrobe somewhere otherwise it might be a last minute dash to the shops. DD1 always looks so stylish - casual but modern whereas her old mum struggles to put that look together!
Hoping everyone finds something to enjoy today and take care all whatever the day brings 💐

baubles Thu 17-Jun-21 07:26:57

Good morning Mick, morning all from South Lanarkshire where the sun is attempting to break through the clouds.

Such a disappointment for you Ash, I know the work that goes into amateur productions.

How fabulous would it be if you were to be chosen for the Sewing Be Scentia, it’s one of my favourite programmes.

We’re off to childmind today, if the weather holds we may have an hour on the beach after mini gymnastics.

Have a good day. 🦩🦩🦩

ginny Thu 17-Jun-21 07:31:09

Good morning all from a damp N. Bucks.
Maybe some baking and some crafting on the cards today. I also have a couple of jobs to do arising from our WI committee meeting yesterday.
Have a good Thursday with a smile along the way.

Dwmxwg Thu 17-Jun-21 07:36:00

Good morning from north Surrey. Rain in night, I was tracking the lightening hon the internet, lots in the channel, did reach Sussex and west Kent, then I went to bed, out in North Sea now. Maybe we have escaped (although it can be exciting watching a storm from indoors).
Sorry to hear your production has been deferred Ash.
Scentia love the fairy house and acer , enjoy your break.
Boys are up and eating breakfast. School run and then off to look after DGD2 for a few hours whilst mummy has physio appointment.
It is our wedding anniversary today, 21 years, was a glorious sunny day. Will celebrate somehow tomorrow as am working the weekend.
Wishing all a good Thursday. Thinking of our missing posters

cornergran Thu 17-Jun-21 07:38:07

Morning. Mick, Morning All. A grey start in Caerphilly with the promise of sunshine by lunch time.

Hope the forecast is right, we stayed over the bridge last night, have arranged to meet friends we’ve not seen for 18 months in some gardens (almost!) on our way home. Excited to see them. Yesterday was a fun day. We were early, usually are and settled with coffee on the lake terrace enjoying the sunshine. An .excellent lunch with our friend was followed by a meander around the lake before returning to the terrace for a cuppa. Felt like a holiday-day although we’ve taken concern for our friend’s health away with us. .

Hope the awning dries gelisajams, packing them when wet isn’t fun. It sounds as if the directors decision is the most sensible ashcombe, the whole situation must be so disappointing for everyone. I’ve taken so long typing this I’m sure there’s will be many more posts, apologies if I seem to be ignoring folk.

Hope Thursday is gentle with us all, have the best day you can everyone.

monk08 Thu 17-Jun-21 07:38:34

Good morning all from a muggy Black country, rain overnight but didn't hear any storms.
Tablet needs charging so will catch up with goings on later.
Hugs and 💐 for those that need them and thinking of missing posters.
May you all find a bit of 🌞 this Thursday.

Marydoll Thu 17-Jun-21 07:41:15

Good morning Mick and all who follow. It's cloudy here in Glasgow.
I have coughed half the night, so I am tired and emotional, due to lack of sleep. It's not Covid, (I have to test regularly, due to my vulnerability) it's a combination of hay fever and acid reflux. Scentia , glad your test was negative!

You are very welcome Mick , I'm pleased normal service has been resumed at last!
I have to admit that I too am guilty of not clearing cookies, temp files, downloads etc. That is how I had a fair idea what was going on with you Mick!
I couldn't get into my M&S bank account for weeks, much to my annoyance, until I realised what was wrong and resolved the problem. Listen to your IT teacher, Miss MaryDoll , my friends. Good IT housekeeping is the key, even for lazy grans!!! wink Speaking of lazy grans, I hope Urms is enjoying her break and she is midgie free!

Ashcome, that is some programme of events, you are a very busy lady!! I hope all goes well for your season, sounds must have had and a pity your break was spoiled.

I wondered if anyone has a spare room and would be willing to put me up for a few weeks.
The Conservatory Carnage has begun! wink The only problem was that it started in the kitchen extension! How can one man cause such an upheaval , when painting a conservatory full of windows, which has a dearth of painted surfaces ??????????????????😡

Whilst DH was golfing yesterday, I popped out for bread and milk, as we were low in provisons after our recent break. I came back to our kitchen and hall full of extremely wet golfing gear, dumped everywhere. I couldn't get out the backdoor because of the unmoveable , heavyweight golf bag, propped against it.

After lunch, instead of emptying the conservatory as planned, DH was to be found in the kitchen filling in settlement cracks. The only problem was that, he hadn't moved any of the wet golfing gear and was working around it! There was wet plaster on the foor, lumps of filler on the wall and floor and tools lying everywhere.
I wanted to do a Violet ElizabethBot and skweam and skweam and skweam! 🤬

He then moved into the consrvatory and did the same. (Leaving ME to clear up the mess in the kitchen! ) This time the dining room suffered exactly the same fate and everything was dumped both on the floor my beautiful dining table.

Dear God in Govan, as my mother would say, (that's the equivalent of Adrien's Dunbar's Jesus, Mary and Joseph and the little donkey ), I have managed to decant whole classes to another school, on a number of occsions, while we were being refurbished, without this amount of stress.
My DD thinks she is coming for dinner tomorrow night, she has another think coming,, unless she plans to have it in the garden!!! Oh no, that can't happen either, DH plans to put all the furniture out there. WHY, WHY WHY????????
Someone, please take pity on this poor soul and release me from my torment. This is like Dante's Nine Circles of Hell! and I seem to be in all of them at the same time!! 🤬

Rather than divorcing DH, I have decided that to avoid an all out war and the ensuing divorce, so for the first time in eighteen months, I'm going to go out and do a small supermarket shop in Morrison's on my own. It's best for all concerned.
It will be good for my confidence, both driving and from a social pont of view. I need some normality in my life! I will go early and not linger.

Talking of normality, yesterday I received a phone call and numerous missed calls asking me to come for blood tests at the local hospital, rather than the large one in Glasgow, which I usually attend, to check if there is any improvement in my non existent calcium and VitD levels. If the result is satisfactory, I can have my two year late, osteoporosis infusion. 🤞
This was only after I negotiated an an appointment on non golfing days, as parking is impossible and I need DH to take me. (So I need to keep calm and not fall out, I need him wink ) Hopefully this is a sign the NHS is trying to get back on track.

Hoping Blossoming's preparations for her procedure tomorrow are not too unpleasant and sending my best wishes for all our missing posters, those in the sick bay and all who are struggling.

You may be thinking I sound more upbeat than the previous few days, it's because I am overwhelmed and astounded by the kindness and friendship shown to me on here.
Enjoy your day everyone! I'm looking forward to coming back later to the photos and hearing news of plans for the day.

Gingster Thu 17-Jun-21 07:42:04

Good morning all and it’s raining here on the Suffolk coast. We’ve been here nearly 3 weeks with only one afternoon of rain until now. It’s very welcome though.

Yesterday we celebrated our friends 70th. Eight of us out for lunch - gorgeous food , we’ll organised. We then went back to their rented holiday home. Oh my goodness , what a fabulous house. We spent the afternoon in the garden with cake and Pimms. A lovely day.
Apparently Ed Sheeran had been for lunch at the pub just the day before. He’s fairly local to us here.

I must either make a birthday cake or buy one for 12 yr old gd . They are coming here for the weekend.

Gelisajams will you get the little steam train to Wallsingham?
It’s good fun.

Scentia have a lovely time in Whitby. I’ve never been. Send us some pics.

Jackjacky be careful with that nose. 👃. I hope you don’t suffer with hayfever. 😢

Indoor pursuits today, I think. Dusting, tidying and generally getting things shipshape for impending visitors.

Enjoy the cooler day . Wishing you all well 🌸🌼🌺

Marydoll Thu 17-Jun-21 07:42:34

Happy anniversary, Dwmxw. 💐🥂

Ashcombe Thu 17-Jun-21 07:44:40

Your production will be worth waiting for Ash. Who knows we all might be able to come and see it and say ‘Allo ‘Allo 😃

A disappointment for you Ashcombe but I may venture in your direction eventually to see one of your productions and make a mini holiday of it, having never been to your area.

Thank you for your encouraging comments, Beechnut and Alizarin which have left me smiling.

Yes, brook2704, I’m usually involved by supporting backstage or as a steward on Front of House, which I very much enjoy because of the chance to interact with our patrons.

This is such a super group on which we can all rely for support. So many lovely comments already which has made me quite teary. I’m having one of those days…. 😥🙂🥰

NanKate Thu 17-Jun-21 07:53:30

Good morning Mick and All.

Grey and overcast in South Bucks. 🌫🌨

Off to the South Coast for a short hols, typical the weather changing but a change is as good as a rest as they say. Must get up and get going. 🧳🧳🌂

muse Thu 17-Jun-21 07:54:36

Great to see you Mick. I’m an early riser these days. Workmen arrive in 10 mins. More digging to be done.
Thank you for the perseverance of you who encouraged me back. I have been reading morning and kitchen posts since Monday.
I need to make the first of many mugs of tea for the men but will be back later with more news and catch up with yours.

Susan56 Thu 17-Jun-21 07:55:40

Good morning from Staffordshire.We made really good time on our journey this morning and arrived to find DD and family just getting out of bed!DGS is in a very jolly mood so will keep us entertained today.

I had a lovely catch up with my friend yesterday.After a year of seeing nobody but immediate family I find social interaction quite exhausting!

Such a shame about your production Ash.Hopefully by next year olddudders will be able to take part 🎭

Thinking of Cherry and all unwell,with worries and EV and all absent friends💐

Have a good day all🌞🦩

kittylester Thu 17-Jun-21 08:00:33

Good morning all from a wet North Leicestershire. The temperature and humidity are more to my liking now.

Still no more news on my brother except he has gone back onto stroke ward. He still has an infection and is on iv antibiotics although he keeps trying to pull the line out. Hoping for more news today.

Our garden is distinctly lacking in colour so I am off to the garden centre to buy some.

Lins1066 Thu 17-Jun-21 08:04:27

Good morning from a cloudy but warm S Welsh coast. After not having anything planned yesterday we had an unexpected visit to a NT garden and it was a delight. There was a new pond with a fountain and the most gorgeous waterlilies, we sat in the shade by the old pond for a while and watched the dragonflies darting around on the surface of the water.
The roses were so fragrant as were the sweet peas, some areas like the walled fruit garden were closed but it mattered not. The sun shone and we had an alfresco lunch on the terrace, it was a delightful visit, Summer at its best. I'm sore this morning but it was worth it.
Happy Anniversary Dwm.
Sorry your production has been cancelled Ash.
I have a spare room Mary!
Hope your DH is ok this morning harri
Wishing us all a pleasant day