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Aveline Fri 18-Jun-21 13:19:41

After my DD's feat of catching a mouse (despite having two cats in the house) I thought I'd buy her a small 'Mouseman' item.
Does anyone have any suggestions as to what would be best? I'm prepared to spend a wee bit as she has a big birthday this year. Also which colour of wood looks nicest?

Riverwalk Fri 18-Jun-21 13:26:51

A friend has a breadboard that I loved the look of.

They are very expensive!

timetogo2016 Fri 18-Jun-21 13:29:49

A nice fruit bowl i think would be nice.
What a lovely idea for her special birthday.

Aveline Fri 18-Jun-21 13:33:11

The prices are pretty steep but she's one of those people who seem to have everything and those Mouseman items are such one offs. Whatever I get would become an heirloom.

greenlady102 Fri 18-Jun-21 13:35:43

Do you want antique mouseman by the original mouseman or new mouseman by the factory?

Aveline Fri 18-Jun-21 13:47:19

I don't think I can quite rise to the prices of original/antique Mouseman items although they are lovely.

Cabbie21 Fri 18-Jun-21 14:12:38

Items can be found more cheaply at auctions eg online, or occasionally in antique centres.

Aveline Fri 18-Jun-21 15:03:07

I'll keep an eye open

cornishpatsy Fri 18-Jun-21 15:05:07

There are some items on ebay, about £100 for an ashtray is the cheapest item. Easy Live Auction often has items too.

M0nica Fri 18-Jun-21 17:22:50


Aveline Fri 18-Jun-21 17:35:13

Checking. I do want to be sure of authentic items.

Callistemon Fri 18-Jun-21 17:37:14

I remember a neighbour showing me their magnificent Mouseman sideboard and have wondered what happened to it after they all died. I hope the daughter kept it.

annodomini Fri 18-Jun-21 17:41:02

I've just found a cheese board like mine on line for £170. Not that I'm considering selling mine! I recommend a visit to their workshop in Kilburn, North Yorkshire - the furniture is so covetable, though you'd need a grand house for some of it.

Callistemon Fri 18-Jun-21 17:42:54

A cheese board or fruit bowl?

Perhaps a young person might like the lighter shade of wood?

LtEve Fri 18-Jun-21 18:04:53

I got a cheeseboard and a breadboard from my in laws as an engagement present. They’re light oak and absolutely beautiful.

Aveline Fri 18-Jun-21 18:21:14

What lovely presents LtEve. I'm leaning towards the trinket box. She could keep her earrings and things in it. She's in a houseful of boys so it would be more personal to her somehow.

Sparkling Fri 18-Jun-21 18:31:05

I wonder how you sell these lovely items of furniture as a lot of youngsters don’t want that type of furniture now. A bread board would be lovely, everyone would like one I should think.

Aveline Fri 18-Jun-21 19:48:00

Yes. Some of the furniture is very bulky. Not to modern taste sad The stools and small tables are nice and could fit in a modern house as an interesting accent. Still a bit pricy for me.

GrannyLaine Fri 18-Jun-21 20:27:41

I hope you have deep pockets Aveline Its almost impossible to buy Mouseman pieces cheaply. As we live in Mouseman country, I wanted to buy a piece to take out to my sister in law in NZ and settled on a beautifully crafted small box which I bid for at a live auction. It cost me £350.

Aveline Fri 18-Jun-21 21:20:34

The small boxes on the website are cheaper than that. It's a special occasion do I'm willing to push the boat out a bit.

GrannyLaine Fri 18-Jun-21 22:12:57

Yes that's the one. The one I bought was a very old one with a lovely patina which explains difference in price.

Aveline Fri 18-Jun-21 22:27:03

Sad to say, my DD doesn't understand antiques. She'd just say, 'Oh, it's second hand'. sad. No soul!

M0nica Sat 19-Jun-21 19:53:42

What is wrong with secondhand? Nearly all our furniture and most of our books, pictures and ornaments are secondhand. Some of the furniture is antique.

It is an environmental way of living, limited use of hydrocarbons to make the furniture, as it was probably hand made with hand tools, no packaging, usually bought locally so transport missions are few. Some of them come from charity shops

I am really quite proud of being a Secondhand Rose - and I would love to own a Mouseman item.

Aveline Sat 19-Jun-21 20:06:56

M0nica you're preaching to the choir! I'm with you all the way . Maybe my DD is resisting the way she's been brought up?
Meanwhile, a Mouseman trinket box in medium fumed oak is on its way - a new one needless to say!

Nannagarra Sat 19-Jun-21 21:15:58

My father had four sisters, two of whom were my godmothers. When one of them died her six children virtually emptied the house then offered me my pick. They took utility furniture and paintings back to USA and Canada. I took a Mouseman stool and a standard lamp. Until I read this thread I had no idea of their cost. I just enjoyed their character.