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Good Morning Monday

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Michael12 Mon 21-Jun-21 06:06:11

Good Morning Everyone,
Its bright and cloudy here in Brackley this morning, today I will do an early shop and get flowers for the cemetery ,and get the bus and replace the ones there.
Plus do other little bits , before returning home , and having a relaxing day.
Take care,

grandMattie Mon 21-Jun-21 06:14:52

Good morning from a grey E. Kent. We are promised Biblical rain today.
Cleaning and a bit of sewing on the cards.
Hope everyone has a kind day with plenty of smiles [smiles], flamingoes and metaporical sunshine.

grandMattie Mon 21-Jun-21 06:15:34

Oh! and it's Midsummer day today - after this the daylinght will shorten by 1 minute per day...

Ashcombe Mon 21-Jun-21 06:17:42

Good morning, everyone from an overcast Torbay for the summer solstice!

As the weather brightened in the late afternoon yesterday, I took a stroll through our nearby park where I saw this flower, one of several, growing on a tree. It has been suggested that it’s a tree peony but I would welcome the opinion of our gardening experts.

This afternoon, our “Move It Or Lose It” class reopens in a different venue to enable social distancing. We were last together in December so I’m expecting joints to be rather creaky but looking forward to seeing our inspirational teacher and the friendly participants.

I hope it’s the start of a good week for you all. 🥰

grandMattie Mon 21-Jun-21 06:23:55

I think it is too, Ash. Especially if it is scented.

Sar53 Mon 21-Jun-21 06:46:36

Good morning from a dull, grey Essex by the sea where it is forecast to rain all day. Not an auspicious start to the longest day which happens to be my birthday.
DH and I are going to a favourite pub for lunch, nothing else planned although I'm sure my girls will ring at some point during the day.
I hope Monday is kind to you all and you find a 😁 somewhere on your travels xx

Beechnut Mon 21-Jun-21 06:48:06

Good Morning everyone from Severnside. It’s cloudy and windy.

I had a chat with my friend yesterday and will see her later this week.

A few errands to run this morning and then I’ll probably do some sewing. I cut out a top yesterday afternoon from some left over material.

I noticed yesterday I have a lot of honeysuckle out. It’s climbing over other plants by the fence. I’m going to see if I can take a cutting to put by my arch as the one growing there is very poor.

Have a good day all 🌻

Beechnut Mon 21-Jun-21 06:49:16

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday Sar 🎉🎂🥂

Grandmafrench Mon 21-Jun-21 06:51:39

Good Morning everyone. That’s a Liriodendron or Tulip tree, Ash. We were fortunate to have two in our gardens in Normandy.

Very warm here but no rain overnight. I think with one storm yesterday, we possibly used up our entire annual allowance. Biblical doesn’t describe it!

Off to see a Specialist Rheumatologist this morning for an opinion on DH’s knee. If nothing else we’ll be able to get his opinion on swimming…..good or bad for his problem.

Have a good Monday and still take care all.

Scentia Mon 21-Jun-21 06:57:30

Good Morning all from East Staffordshire where it looks a little grey out there.
Work today and then tonight I will join our local running club as I discovered they have a walking section and I figured I need to make some friends so this is the start of my new social life post Covid.
The picture here is of the hill out of Staithes which I walked up lugging my suitcase yesterday. I think I will be ok with a three mile walk tonight, unless they do that power walking business😂😂
Take care my friends and smile if you can.❤️

Dwmxwg Mon 21-Jun-21 06:58:00

Good morning from a very dull north Surrey.
Not sure about the leaves for tree peony Ash
Set alarm for gym visit but after a very busy shift yesterday followed by difficulty in getting off to sleep, my body does not want to go. I am sure a few cups of tea and some paracetamol will sort me out.
So instead of hitting the cross trainer I am sat in bed with my first cuppa of the day.
This morning I am getting my hair cut and highlighted (that will lift me).
DH and I have been together 23 years, married for 21. Yesterday, for the first time my DD gave him a Father’s Day card with a personal message of thanks for his support to her and the DGSs, he is so chuffed.
Plan is to visit mum and dad this afternoon via the garden centre to get some more bedding plants to fill a few gaps in our beds.
Early night to catch up on missed sleep 💤
Still need to read yesterday’s news from you all. Wishing all a happy Monday and hope that we see some of our missing posters back here soon

Scentia Mon 21-Jun-21 06:59:09

Happy Birthday Sar 🥳

Dwmxwg Mon 21-Jun-21 07:00:14

Scentia I am positive I have done a jigsaw puzzle of that exact scene 😊

Ashcombe Mon 21-Jun-21 07:00:44

Thank you, grandMattie and Grandmafrench. My sense of smell is poor due to repeated sinus infections but two passing neighbours confirmed it had a scent.

Dwmxwg Mon 21-Jun-21 07:02:30

Happy birthday Sar

Jaxjacky Mon 21-Jun-21 07:04:29

Good Morning Mick and all from a wet S Hants, I seemed to hear more planes going over this morning.
Today is my volunteering day, so tied to the phone this afternoon/evening. Our phones were upgraded last week, . MrJ is not happy as he can’t recall passwords for certain apps and keeps mumbling!
Happy Birthday Sar 🎂🎉🎊, enjoy your lunch.
Have a lovely solstice day all, still hoping for news from those absent 🤞.

brook2704 Mon 21-Jun-21 07:09:49

Good morning everyone from Cambridge where the sky looks grey but much brighter than the last couple of days.
A very Happy Birthday Sar enjoy your lunch out and your special day! 💐🎂🥂
A lovely picture Scentia but a steep hill for walking especially with a suitcase!
Such a lovely thought from your DD dwm

Today I’ve the day to myself so I’m taking a leaf out of Ashcombes book and going out for the day on my own to Ely. It’s just a short trip on the train from Cambridge but I’ve not been there before so I’m looking forward to exploring somewhere new.

I hope your DG appointment goes ok today grandmafrench and he’s ok to continue swimming

Hope everyone finds something to enjoy today and take care all whatever the day brings 💐

Marydoll Mon 21-Jun-21 07:16:23

Good morning all from a cloudy Glasgow.

I'm feeling like a half shut knife this morning, after waking up in the middle of the night, feeling awful. This feeling was familiar and I realised I was experiencing withdrawal symptoms from my pain relief patch. I checked, but it had completely disappeared from my arm! So many mysteries in my world!
I had to raid the medicine cabinet at 2,30am to replace it. DH never stirred, that man would sleep through an earthquake! Once on holiday abroad, I literally had to shake DH awake , when he slept through a fire alarm. 💤💤💤💤💤 Unfortunately we were on the 11th floor, and a little too high for us to jump, if necessary!

DH is golfing and my only task today is to go to the post office for DD. I offered to do so, because the small post office is always quiet, but also is right next to a little ( exceedingly cheap) old fashioned baker's, which sells delicious strawberry Danish pastries! I will start my diet tomorrow!
SIL wanted to send the tiniest of Scotland strips to his great nephew in the USA, whom he likes to spoil. The wee one has major physical disabilities and the young parents are finding life very difficult coping emotionally and financially..
After double wrapping the strip for security, printing labels etc, I was quite proud of my work and sat back to admire it. Until that is, I noticed a pair of miniscule football shorts, lying on the floor. I hadn't packed them! Grr, I had to start all over again. 😡

We didn't see DS1 yesterday, because Dollie has what I think is croup, (she is prone to it ) and DIL spent the night, sleeping on the floor beside her. sad DS thought he should do a Covid test, since there is an outbreak in the schools here and she was a Shielder, unfortunately she had a massive nose bleed, which prevented them doing one. There has to be a twenty four hour gap, after a nose bleed and doing a test. We are anxiously waiting for news today, that all is well.

Sending birthday wishes to Sar, 🎂🎁🎉, thinking of all our missing posters, those who are struggling and if you have plans, enjoy!
Wishing you all a pleasant day!

Persistentdonor Mon 21-Jun-21 07:16:55

Good morning All.
It looks very wet, rather than just damp, here in Torbay I'm thinking Ash!
I was due for a summer solstice dance at Haytor this evening. The plan had to be changed when lifting the Covid restrictions was postponed, and now the day has to be changed due to weather. Fingers crossed for tomorrow. hmm

dragonfly46 Mon 21-Jun-21 07:18:22

Good morning from an overcast Leicestershire.

Happy Birthday Sar.

My tree peonies have different leaves Ashcombe like GrandmaFrench I think it is a tulip tree.
My poor flowers are suffering from the incessant rain, especially the peonies.

All I have to do today is work out what to say to my oncologist tomorrow when he phones for my annual check-up.

Wondering how kitty’s brother is and thinking about GrandmaJet and AuntieFlo.

Susan56 Mon 21-Jun-21 07:22:06

Good morning from overcast Shropshire.

Today I have a dentist appointment.My biggest fear😭The dentist is in Shrewsbury so at the moment the plan is DD will come with me and we will have lunch and a look round the shops.Its a long time since I have had a day in Shrewsbury.I used to drive the girls to school there everyday.

Happy birthday Sar🥳🍾🥂🎂

Hope DH’s appointment goes well Grandmafrench.

Thinking of Cherry and all our missing good morningers and all unwell or worried.

Have the best day you can everybody🌞🦩

Susan56 Mon 21-Jun-21 07:24:42

Sorry Dollie is unwell Mary.Hope you get better news today🤞🏻

monk08 Mon 21-Jun-21 07:25:09

Good morning all from the Black country. Haven't looked at the weather forecast but it's a bit overcast at the moment, we didn't get rain yesterday although DH did where he was fishing.
Lovely photo again Ash you certainly some great scenic walks by you.
Happy Birthday Sar🎂 enjoy your lunch.
Not much planned for today washing on so ironing later.
Eating my crumpets this morning thoughts strayed to EV hope she's ok.💐
Enjoy the longest day and may you all find some 🌞.

Grandmabatty Mon 21-Jun-21 07:28:13

Good morning all. Polmont has grey skies today. Sar happy birthday to you.💐 Grandmafrench I hope the hospital appointment goes well for your dh.
Yesterday I spent a fortune at the garden centre but it was worth it. Last year everything was closed and the garden wasn't as colourful as I wanted. I planted it all despite a very painful left thumb which is arthritic. It's still sore today but not as bad. Apparently next door had multiple viewings all weekend and there are more today. I don't think it'll be on the market for long.
Today is a babysitting one so breakfast, park, nap and garden play ahead. Tonight is the return of my monthly craft class and we are making tie dye bags. That, and the art class, makes life a little more normal. Whatever you are up to, have a good day.

Grandmabatty Mon 21-Jun-21 07:31:10

Marydoll best wishes to wee Dolly. I hope she gets well soon. My Ds was prone to croup when he was small.