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BlueBelle Mon 21-Jun-21 09:45:31

I m trying to beef up life a bit as I m in a bit of a comfortable rut of doing the same things each day
Anyway today being the summer solstice I read about a 4.15 am sea dip
Well I woke myself up at 4 am and got myself down to the beach there were plenty of people there and about 30 + went in the sea It was dull, it was windy, it was cold, the sea was very rough and there was no sunrise but it was wonderful I spent about 15 minutes jumping around in big waves with a group of strangers then home for a hot shower
Have you done anything outside your comfort zone lately ?

MawBe Mon 21-Jun-21 09:46:48

I bet you were “blue” Belle !

Lucca Mon 21-Jun-21 09:50:40

Brilliant Bluebelle! I do admire brave people.
I have a friend who does so much and so many new things it tires me to listen.

Greeneyedgirl Mon 21-Jun-21 09:50:43

How wonderful BlueBelle. Would be good to leap out of our comfort zone weekly, if not more often. I think I am in a comfortable rut, and it becomes an effort to do anything new. I am not a strong swimmer but am determined to try wild swimming this year.

Casdon Mon 21-Jun-21 09:51:15

Gosh, well done BlueBelle, you’re a braver woman than me!

I have been canoeing for the first time in my life recently, I was quite apprehensive but did really enjoy it, seeing the river and wildlife from that angle was something else - but I’m glad I didn’t end up in the water like you.

jaylucy Mon 21-Jun-21 09:53:04

I wish that I could have swum in the sea at dawn but living in the middle of the UK, I have a fair way to even see the sea!
I have an ex work colleague that goes to Avebury every year for the summer solstice (he says it's too busy at Stonehenge)
Does catching a bus and going to the local town centre for the first time in 18 months count ? That was certainly outside my comfort zone after so long!

Nannylovesshopping Mon 21-Jun-21 10:12:49

Yay!! Way to go BlueBelle🤣

BlueSky Mon 21-Jun-21 10:25:43

OMG! shock

Kim19 Mon 21-Jun-21 10:31:16

I salute you, BB. You're ace in both action and attitude. More power to your elbow.👍

LauraNorder Mon 21-Jun-21 10:55:52

Thanks to you BlueBelle mentioning it on a previous thread I have been finishing my morning shower on the coldest setting for the last six months or so. Very invigorating and definitely outside my comfort zone at the time, now a good habit.
Might give the 4.15 am dip a miss though. Happily in the land of nod then but well done you.

Callistemon Mon 21-Jun-21 11:00:21

I haven't even had a paddle for about 18 months!

Well done Bluebelle

BlueSky Mon 21-Jun-21 11:39:47

I’ve had vasovagal attacks for much less!

halfpint1 Mon 21-Jun-21 12:02:16

I read this thread this morning and decided to go for my first
slow jog around the local park. My darling dog died March 30th and I haven't been near the place since. She was my
constant companion for 14 years so thanks for the nudge, I
enjoyed it.

BlueBelle Mon 21-Jun-21 13:05:25

Wow that’s great that some of you have got up and done something as well I really really have to push myself now
I m not brave it was to try and jog myself into doing something

mawB the outside wind ( about 10* ) was a lot worse than the sea which seems quite a bit warmer in the night time
lauranorder well done with the cold water shower it does make you feel ready for anything doesn’t it
Casdon well done you canoeing would be way way way out of my comfort zone I m so scared of going under the water
About 6 years ago when I was visiting my son in NZ he took me on a white water rafting trip I have never been so terrified in all my life it’s the highest commercial one in the world ( I didn’t know that before) it didn’t help when the Maori guide said a prayer before we set off 😂😂
I m in that boat under the water in the photo it was the most terrifying experience of my life and I d never do it again but I did do it

3nanny6 Mon 21-Jun-21 13:34:00

No I haven't, but it's about time I did as life is becoming to predictable.
I was a bit out of my comfort zone over the weekend as my sons partner went into labour. Friday morning at 5.30 am a call from the hospital from my son as he had taken her to hospital.
At 10am she had been sent home as nurse said she had about 4 hours to go before full start of pains. At 4.00pm her waters broke and she was in pain so back to hospital. My son was allowed in delivery suite at 9.00pm as things were progressing and on Saturday morning at 5.00am baby was born and son was phoning me from the hospital with the good news. Mother and Baby are well but those early morning calls were just out of my comfort zone.

Namsnanny Mon 21-Jun-21 14:00:27

Well done BlueBelle🧜‍♀️🏊‍♀️🌬
Maybe you and Sybil can go together next timegrin

lemsip Mon 21-Jun-21 14:23:58

halfpint! Well done to you for going out for a jog. It must have been so hard after the loss of your dog. Best wishes to you.

BlueBelle Mon 21-Jun-21 14:26:29

3nanny6 congratulations glad all was well in the end

Aveline Mon 21-Jun-21 15:30:11

Well done all of you. I've crawled back into my comfort zone after years of making a point of being out of it. I know it was a good thing to do though.

sodapop Mon 21-Jun-21 15:37:11

Wow that was brave on two counts BlueBelle getting up at that ungodly hour and braving the North Sea you have my admiration 👏😀

Sorry about your lovely dog halfpint you must miss her so well done for getting back in your running routine. 🏃‍♀️

Bridie22 Mon 21-Jun-21 15:37:23

You go girl 🥶🌻!!! X

sodapop Mon 21-Jun-21 15:37:51

Sorry no idea where that symbol came from

inishowen Tue 22-Jun-21 11:05:36

I know a group of women who do this. Their very apt name is BLUETITS!

Alis52 Tue 22-Jun-21 11:41:13

Sounds brilliant! Sometimes we do need to push ourselves a bit.
I have also been in a rut and it wasn’t helped by breaking my leg a while back and have generally been feeling a bit useless physically as my recovery has been patchy. But I made myself get into a swimming pool at the weekend and it was amazing. Feel so much better. Decided I’m going body boarding this weekend. Time to brave those waves again!

Lupin Tue 22-Jun-21 11:53:47

That's a fantastic thing to do Bluebell. You are a brave woman. So glad you enjoyed it so much.