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Things that turn up in weird places ages after you lost them.

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Witzend Mon 21-Jun-21 11:43:14

I just remembered this - one of the two small and very thin remotes for our radio/hi fi - one of which is nearly always on the dining table, which is my ‘office’ and craft space.

It vanished for months on end, so after looking everywhere I could think of, I assumed that it had somehow been gathered up with newspapers (also often on dining table) and chucked in the recycling bin.

That is, until shortly before last Christmas, when I started wrapping presents. Leftover Christmas paper lives in a big bag in the loft, with a smaller bag containing ribbons, tags, sellotape, etc.
Lo and behold, the missing remote was in the ‘tags’ bag! That’ll teach me to be more careful when tidying up - it must have been me.

2nd was less explicable - a silver claddagh ring a dd had been given. She wore it a lot and was upset when it was lost.

At least 2 years later it turned up - black with tarnish -not in, but actually behind one of my deep saucepan drawers, after I’d taken them out for a proper clean - a rare enough occurrence!

How on earth it ended up there I will never know - I don’t think we’ve got a poltergeist.
I’m sure some of you will have even weirder ones!

Perdido Mon 21-Jun-21 11:54:06

I am mystified about the loss of some things which I know never left the house and can only think that they have been thown out by mistake or I have filed them somewhere odd in a moment of forgetfulness.

What is amusing me at the moment is the array of things I am finding in my garden put there by urban foxes. They have established a network of runs under fences in this suburban area. Pointless blocking the tunnels. They just dig another.

I find children's toys, dog's toys, car polish, garden tools, brushes, a Birkenstock shoe (someone must be upset about that) as well as litter, KFC boxes and the like. I tell neighbours and post finds on our local community network pages but nothing has been claimed as yet.

JaneJudge Mon 21-Jun-21 11:57:20

I think I've posted about this before but I bought a pack of Easter cards and every year around February I find them and then lose them before Easter and then find them just after Easter again

glammanana Mon 21-Jun-21 12:03:55

Witzend Your post is right on que as today I am turning the place upside down looking for 4 x pairs of 3/4 linen pants after taking them out of my holiday suitcase last time I went away I know they have not been thrown out to charity shop so I am clueless as to where they are,watch this space !!!

Witzend Mon 21-Jun-21 12:12:18

Are you sure you did take them out of your holiday suitcase, glammanana?
I once went mad looking for a holiday-wear item - only to eventually find it in my suitcase - not in the main bit, but in a large zipped front pocket that I’d evidently forgotten to empty weeks or months before.

Marydoll Mon 21-Jun-21 12:16:09

If anyone can tell me where my missing Fitbit is, that would be very helpful. I took it off to go for a bath and have searched high and low, to no avail! ☹

Teacheranne Mon 21-Jun-21 12:17:13

I’ve had the opposite experience. I once borrowed a small suitcase from my grandma and ended up not using it but as she died shortly afterwards, I kept the suitcase. I got it out to use it a couple of years later and found over £100 in a small zipped pocket which grandma must have forgotten about.

Beechnut Mon 21-Jun-21 12:21:47

DD took a small dolly on holiday one year and we never saw it again until the next years holiday when putting up our tent. Dolly appeared when we went to put up the rolled inner tent bedroom compartments.

Calendargirl Mon 21-Jun-21 12:34:44

Our passports went missing, should have been in the safe, thought I could just lay my hands on them immediately. Shocked when they weren’t there.

For the next few weeks searched everywhere, all the places they might be and then the places where not.

DH said we would have to cancel them and get new ones, we had only had them a few months.

Decided to go through every room again.

Guess what I found under a pile of tea towels in the kitchen drawer?

Newatthis Mon 21-Jun-21 12:39:53

I found my tape measure in a saucepan once. I have 'safe places' where I put things but can never remember where the 'safe place' is!

Blossoming Mon 21-Jun-21 12:42:22

I lost my favourite cropped jeggings for 18 months, found them last week hidden under a pile of t-shirts! Very welcome they were too as we had some very hot days last week.

Witzend Mon 21-Jun-21 12:43:06

That’s a good one, Calendargirl!

It wasn’t really a weird one, just a needle in a haystack thing, but a little dd once took some very small toys she was obsessed with, on holiday.

Almost inevitably, a favourite went missing - she was distraught. We had a room right on the beach and kind staff did really make an effort to find it - raking the sand, etc. but no luck.

Returned the following year, to exactly the same room. One night there was a bit of a storm, rain and wind, and in the morning, unbelievably, there was her little toy, lying on top of the sand.
I told her it was a very specially lucky toy, so she’d better take very good care of it in future.
Of course Sod’s law meant she lost it again not long afterwards - and this time we never found it.

Aldom Mon 21-Jun-21 12:50:56

Many years ago a friend of mine lost a valuable ring. Twenty five years later her gardener found the ring on a twig in the branches of a tree in her garden. The ring must have fallen off her finger whilst she was gardening and landed on a low growing shoot. As the shoot grew the ring was taken up into the tree. What, I wonder are the chances of the ring being found after such a long time and being returned to its original owner.

glammanana Mon 21-Jun-21 13:54:21


Are you sure you did take them out of your holiday suitcase, glammanana?
I once went mad looking for a holiday-wear item - only to eventually find it in my suitcase - not in the main bit, but in a large zipped front pocket that I’d evidently forgotten to empty weeks or months before.

Who would have put them in my bedding ottoman ? found this morning after a search of my bedroom, I also found some tops in my overhead hand luggage which I had forgotten I had so a good result all now in the washer being freshened up x thanks for starting the thread Witzend

Visgir1 Mon 21-Jun-21 13:58:29


If anyone can tell me where my missing Fitbit is, that would be very helpful. I took it off to go for a bath and have searched high and low, to no avail! ☹

That made me laugh... have a you found it yet?

LauraNorder Mon 21-Jun-21 14:04:37

TeacherAnne, I wonder if your Grandma put the money there for a holiday treat for you.

Marydoll Mon 21-Jun-21 14:56:01

No Fitbit yet Visgirl! It's driving me mad, as I need it to monitor my heart rate. A bit counterproductive, as my heart rate is now up! 🤣

Lexisgranny Mon 21-Jun-21 15:02:58

LauraNorder. Exactly what I was thinking!

Megs36 Mon 21-Jun-21 15:13:31

I ‘mislaid’ our birth and marriage certificates , searched the safe boxes where they should have been countless times , until I gave up and got copies. A few weeks later they appeared as if by magic in a desk drawer I never use. How they got there I’ll never know.

sharon103 Mon 21-Jun-21 15:14:51

Scissors always disappear when I'm cutting Christmas paper when I'm wrapping presents. Using them one minute, put them down, then they vanish!
I know we've mentioned this before. Socks, vanish.
I bought a record voucher as a gift years ago for a relative put it in a draw, never to be seen again.

foxie48 Mon 21-Jun-21 15:50:43

I lost a ruby ring. It turned up many months later when I turned the mattress over. I'd obviously been wearing it when I changed the bottom sheet and tucked it under the mattress. So pleased to see it as it had belonged to my grandma.

grannysyb Mon 21-Jun-21 16:10:16

Lost the house keys once, searched high and low, so had to change the front door lock. About a year later they fell out of an umbrella when I put it up! They obviously fell into it after I opened the front door, I remembered that it was a horrible evening and that I had been upset because I had just heard that a good friend was terminally ill.

Alizarin Mon 21-Jun-21 16:20:14

I found £11 (a ten pound note plus £1 coin) in my wellies once. I hadn't missed the money and have absolutely no idea where it came from as I live alone. (I also have a story about my daughter's brace but am deciding whether it's too yucky to tell. Ha ha.)

Tizliz Mon 21-Jun-21 16:35:08

My husband lost his magnifying glass a few years ago which eventually turned up in the middle of a pile of papers but not the case. I found it yesterday in a different room behind a box stored under a bench. How did they get in separate rooms? Please no comments about my housework skills, it was only 3 years!

Ailidh Mon 21-Jun-21 16:44:08


I lost a black pearl(ish) earring a few weeks ago in the sitting room. One minute it was there, the next it wasn't. I hunted high and low. Yesterday I found it on the carpet just at the end of the sofa. I have hoovered many times since its disappearance. I don't know where it's been.

Then this afternoon I found a gold tipped crochet hook on a small shelf under a wrought iron garden table. It's been missing over a month.

The fifth dimension has been opening in my house this last 24 hours.