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Good Evening Monday

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Rufus2 Mon 21-Jun-21 14:31:50

rafichagran Now go easy on that coffee and don’t have a dash of anything in it!
The wowsers could be on to you!
Wales lost to Italy!? Dear oh dear! Must check the rest of the results.
Another pleasant day; quite warm sitting outside the back door facing North and away from a chilly breeze!
Winter Equinox to-day! Yippee! Now we can look forward to the days getting longer, although we are only 3 weeks into our official Winter, so a bit of a way to go yet!

Aveline No 2 Son, hang on, he’s a person so “Ian” is friendlier!
Only one name as is our family tradition; Neil is our other one’ both names have a Scottish flavour, but Vera chose them based on the premise that they couldn’t be turned into dimunitives; they can’t, but our surname can, as proved by their mates!
Don’t think I’d like to be known as an “estate”! if it’s what I think it means!
Would remind me of the massive estate duties my lads would have to pay! sad
One thing we’ve passed on to Ian is our family “over-the-toilet seat” he always thinks ahead e.g. his hip-hop!
Next will probably be my elbow crutches; souvenirs from my TKR days!

Megs Congratulations for your 61 tears! Must admit I’ve forgotten the date!
Ours is Dec.19 which is a poor choice (it wasn’t mine!) being in the “high season” for restaurant prices.
I love saying “I don’t want to be a burden!” Been waiting years to say that!, but one I do avoid is “When I was your age!” They might call my bluff! hmm

Covid blame and shame arguments are heating up here; State Govts are blaming the Feds for the disorganised procurement of sufficient vaccines and for the poor uptake of what we have.
Our VIC Premier says he’s feeling better after his fall, but he doesn’t seem to be in much of a hurry to get back, leaving his deputy to face the media each day.
End of the month. he now says.!
Good Health wine wine wine

Aveline Mon 21-Jun-21 15:24:37

Rufus2 our son has a name that we thought couldn't be shortened but neither it has been - his friends have come up with all sorts of daft nick names for him (some pretty witty actually but don't tell them). The best laid plans of Mums and Dads eh?
Just back from lunch with a dear friend who I've not seen since before Covid. We spent the time with me talking her into the hip replacement she's been told she needs. I doubt she listened though. I'm glad of my TKRs even though they're not fun at the time. I'm bracing myself for my hip op. I never put my toilet throne away so I'm sorted for that anyway.
Happy solstice. I hope you danced about in the dew or whatever you're supposed to do!

rafichagran Mon 21-Jun-21 18:03:32

Evening Rufus, home from work early for once. Lovely.
I chose a Scottish name for my daughter and she has always been called her full name. My son has a very traditional name and is always known by the shortened version.
Take care.