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advice on buying a new camera

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infoman Thu 24-Jun-21 07:42:30

Are their any cameras that come with a view finder at the top of the cameras,
as opposed to looking at the screen of what you can see. Any help most wellcome.thanking you in advance.

Grannybags Thu 24-Jun-21 10:01:41

I have a Panasonic DSLR camera which has a viewfinder as well as a screen. It automatically switches to viewfinder as you put your eye to it.

Not sure if smaller cameras do this though

Greyduster Thu 24-Jun-21 10:24:18

I also have a Panasonic bridge camera which has a viewfinder and a touch screen but it’s not compact. There is a compact version of this camera which also has a viewfinder, and Canon, Sony, Leica and Nikon also do compact cameras with viewfinders.