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Good Morning Thursday

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Michael12 Thu 22-Jul-21 06:12:50

Good Morning Everyone,
Yet another clear blue sky start to the day here in Brackley .
Will do my usual trip to Bicester for an hour , but hope to stay cool inside .
I am not a hot weather fan , apart from it now playing a part in my health condition as to heart problems .
Anyway I received a booklet from tour operator ,and have glanced through it and decided to place a deposit on a long weekend early next year , with online booking system worked OK .
Take Care,

Ashcombe Thu 22-Jul-21 06:24:37

Good morning, folks, from a stifling Torbay, following another warm night.

The view is of Oddicombe Beach viewed yesterday from Babbacombe Downs, with holidaymakers making the most of the weather. There’s a steep climb to access it but a funicular railway, entirely run by volunteers, is a popular alternative.

Yesterday, the theatre social club enjoyed meeting inside where it was blissfully cool. I had the pleasure of giving a guided tour to four new members which reminded me of how lucky we are to have our Little Theatre.

It’s good to have a holiday booked for the future, Mick.
Keep cool and stay well, everyone! ☀️😎🦩

Greyduster Thu 22-Jul-21 06:32:16

Good morning Michael and all GNs. Sunny and warm already in South Yorkshire. I have an early appointment at our far away hospital this morning. Hope we’re in and out quickly. Rest of the day will be sorting out stuff to take on holiday a week tomorrow. Have a good day folks and try and stay cool!

Sar53 Thu 22-Jul-21 06:33:46

Good morning from a bright and sunny 🌞 Essex by the sea.
I'm off to Kent later to look after 2 of my granddaughters for a couple of days whilst DD2 and SIL go to a wedding. This was postponed from last year so I'm sure there is much excitement.
I had a message from DD1 yesterday saying that my 9 year old granddaughter had had her ears pierced and how traumatic it had been for her. She had been asking for ages to have them done but afterwards she said 'Mummy I'm never having anything pierced again'. I'm sure she will be fine.
Enjoy your day and stay safe in the sun xx

baubles Thu 22-Jul-21 06:53:08

Good morning Mick, morning all from sunny South Lanarkshire.

That’ll be something to look forward to Mick

It seems a very long time since we last had such a spell of hot weather, I know it’s too hot for some but it’s wonderful to feel the sun on my face day after day.

I had my second haircut of the year yesterday, I was really unhappy with my last couple of cuts so had decided to jump ship and go to a different salon. It was interesting, he explained that he would wash and dry my hair very straight then cut it as this method allows him to see exactly how the hair falls and moves. The first time I’ve ever had a dry cut but it certainly looked great and although I never usually have poker straight hair it actually felt quite silky. Pity I’ll have to wash it in a couple of days, my blow drying skills are non existent.

Childminding day for us, an hour or so on the beach then we’ll go to the park if it isn’t too hot for the little ones.

Wishing everyone a peaceful day.

Scentia Thu 22-Jul-21 06:54:39

Good Morning all from East Staffordshire where it is sunny and warm already.
Off to do my Nanna duties soon, but first to the factory to pack up a job and do paperwork as it needs delivering today. Taking DGC swimming today and then off to do our deliveries and before we know it mummy will be home!!
I am loving my new role with the GC and will miss DGS as DD has registered him in nursery on one of my days, she doesn’t want it to become a chore for me😂
Take care everyone and stay cool.😎

Alizarin Thu 22-Jul-21 07:03:20

Good morning from south Cornwall. Another hot day ahead but with a little more breeze. Glad you've found a trip you like Mick.

So many caring comments about me and my knee yesterday. I can't remember them all but thank you. Re waiting lists I think orthopaedic ops get processed quickly here because they're done at a private hospital that has an agreement with the NHS. Even so I was gobsmacked to be able to choose my surgeon for the next op!

I celebrated being allowed, finally, to bend to the ground after months of using a grabber, by beachcombing early yesterday morning before the heat set in. Lugged a backpack full of broken china and rusty bits and bobs back home, jubilant.

I've just finished listening to all the Poldark books, all 12 of them, via my library's audio website. At approx 17 hours a book that's an awful lot of listening, but I have learnt so much about old Cornwall.

Well, another scorcher so I'm becoming a mole again and am off to my downstairs cave. The photo is my patio yesterday evening when I finally ventured out there! Have a good day, everyone.

Dwmxwg Thu 22-Jul-21 07:03:46

Good morning from north Surrey. Clear skies and enjoying a cool breeze through the window before it heats up.
DH and I managed to spend an hour tidying in the garden yesterday morning. We have a eucalyptus tree (which we planted 20 years ago). It sheds leaves, seed and bark and is a complete pain but I wouldn’t get it taken out as it gives shade and attracts the birds. I had my cleaner hoovering up the leaves, DGSs thought that was very funny.
The big paddling pool is out and the boys spent ages having fun. 6 year old “swimming” under water and who could make the biggest splash. The dog who had spent all day moping in our bedroom came back to life and and was tearing around with his ball. I let them stay out until 8 declaring that was their bath and they had bedtime stories on the swing seat. Both went off to sleep quickly so job done.
This morning I will take them with me to visit mum and dad. DH has his walking for health. This afternoon time/heat permitting we will take a picnic and visit Winkworth Arboretum which has a huge tree house/climbing frame and we can enjoy some shady walks.
Wishing all a pleasant day, stay cool.

Beechnut Thu 22-Jul-21 07:09:30

Good Morning everyone from sunny Severnside.

I didn’t go out yesterday. When it came to the time for getting ready I just couldn’t face putting clothes on and walking in the sun.
It would have to be the funicular for me Ashcombe. I don’t fancy a steep climb and that looks a long way down.

Changing the bed later and hopefully a FaceTime catch up.

Take care all, hats and drinks 😎

Dwmxwg Thu 22-Jul-21 07:09:46

Alazarinyour patio looks the perfect spot to spend a warm summers evening
Ash the water looks so clear in your photo. Do the beaches warn of rockfall. I remember a holiday some years ago at Teignmouth where there had been rockfall onto the beach, such red sand.

NanKate Thu 22-Jul-21 07:09:49

Good morning Mick and All from another very hot day in the New Forest.

We are going to Beaulieu Abbey late afternoon today with a picnic and then to see Alice in Wonderland. We always try to see an outside production whilst on hols. Even if it is for children. One year we saw Wind in the Willows and a small child wandered up on stage to give the horse a love. It was magical.

Your theatre sounds lovely Ashcombe.

Have a good day folks if you can in this heat.

Marydoll Thu 22-Jul-21 07:12:14

Good morning all from a very humid Glasgow, it’s 15C , but it is predicted to go up to 28C.
Nothing planned today, I welcome some down time, I have been overdoing it as usual and the heat is affecting my breathing, so I will be just pottering about.

Poor Mr MDoll was disappointed with yesterday’s visit to B&Q. I was not, as I managed a few bargains, One large hydrangea, 2 potted geraniums, a rose bush and …. All for £7. I’m not a cheapskate, I just love a bargain.

Apparently, there is such a shortage of building materials, no paving slabs to be had anywhere. I was told that 80% of Britain’s cement has been earmarked for the Crossrail project, our local builders are only being allocated two bags day! However, ever resourceful, I have found a local reclamation yard, which I spotted on a Bargain Hunt programme, much more environmentally friendly. I just need to sow the seed in His Lordship’s brain, that this should be the source of his paving slabs! wink

We had a surprise visit from DD and SIL yesterday evening. They are both working from home, but the heat in their apartment is unbearable, so she came to borrow our fan, which was buried in the depths of our garage. Not an easy task finding it in the intolerable heat. They decided to go for a walk over the fields and lasted only ten minutes, as they found the heat so exhausting. The alternative was much more pleasant, sitting in the garden eating Cornish ice cream!

Mr MDoll is not in the good books at all! (What’s new, you ask?). The washing machine has developed a fault and not surprisingly, only after I fished out a golf tee from the drum! I really don’t know who the culprit can be. 😏The prime suspect is robustly, proclaiming his innocence! 🤬 Of course, he will take no responsibility for contacting the engineer.

Alizerin, I am so impressed with your health care. My referral for a new hip was made eighteen months ago and I still haven't seen anyone! Apparently once I see the orthopaedic consultant, it will be at least a two year wait here in Glasgow for the op!

Wishing you all a pleasant and peaceful day, whatever your plans.. Greyduster, good luck with your hospital appointment.

Take care everyone in this awful heat. We are never happy with the weather, are we? grin

NanKate Thu 22-Jul-21 07:12:28

Hope you are ok Alizarin only just seen your comment about your knee. 💐

grandMattie Thu 22-Jul-21 07:15:25

Good morning from E Kent, still sunny and warm..
I overslept today. I can’t remember the last time I slept past 6!
We had such a pretty salad for dinner last night, I had to take a photo.
Still befuddled by sleep,but have a good day everyone! 🦩🦩🦩🦩🌺

muse Thu 22-Jul-21 07:15:48

Good Morning Mick and all Morningsters. Early rise for me so will call back to do the big catch up with everyone's news.

Pleasant outside in mid Cornwall. Very little done yesterday by myself. Pleased you've found a trip for next year Mick. It sounds like it will not be a long wait Ali. We are lucky here. Looking forward to hearing what's to become of your collections.

Mya got the wander lust early evening and disappeared into the woods for nearly two hours. Judging by the mess this morning by the door, she had found something tasty to eat. I need a cup of tea !

Good long chats with DD yesterday. She is applying for maintenance from her ex partner who is being a ...... ! Plus she's had a referral about her hip and back pain.

Stay cool and safe everyone. The rains will be here soon.

monk08 Thu 22-Jul-21 07:18:54

Good morning Mick and all who follow from the Black country, nice and sunny start to the day.
Think we are looking for jeans for DH today, only having little legs he needs to try on so been waiting for changing rooms to open again.
Lovely photos on here your patio looks inviting Alizarin
Well enjoy your day everyone and may you all find some 🌞

Gelisajams Thu 22-Jul-21 07:27:03

Good morning from Shetland where another cold cloudy day is promised. I’m dressed and wearing a thick woolly jumper and a thermal vest.
Yesterday we headed to the far south of the island where we were able to watch an assortment of seabirds entraining us with there comings and goings. My favourite are the puffins. I love the noise they make. It’s a sort of gentle purring orrrrrrr orrrrrrr orrrrrr sort of sound.
We then moved on to Jarlshof an archaeological site. It contains remains dating from 2500 BC right up to the 17th century AD. It was discovered at the end of the 19th century when violent storms tore into a small promontory exposing part of the multi period settlement.
Take care everyone and stay safe. 🌸

cornergran Thu 22-Jul-21 07:34:23

Morning Mick, morning All. A sunny start to our corner of Somerset.

Did very little yesterday, too warm and no motivation. Off to the beach for an early walk returning via Waitrose to enjoy the air conditioning and do some shopping.

Good luck with the hospital trip greyd. Your patio looks very cool and peaceful alizarin, same here with orthopaedic surgery, we are fortunate to be sure. It’s the little things marydoll. An escaping elastic from a cotton mask gave our washing machine a headache, I guess at least it should have been in there.

Take care everyone. Stay cool if you can. Hope Thursday is kind to us all.

Nannagarra Thu 22-Jul-21 07:34:50

Good morning from sunny Sefton where it is 20C, set to rise to 28.
Thank you for the pic Ashcombe and I’m glad you have a trip booked Mick.
My agenda today consists of dog walks, a visit to the dentist and a meet up with friends this afternoon. No doubt at some point DH and I will potter in the garden: for the first time we are growing lemon cucumbers. I’ve read about them but not eaten one so it’s rather like fumbling with ferrets in a black PE bag. In days of yore when DH worked in Leicester I bought many exotic fruits and veggies in the markets. How I miss that experience now.
Keep cool and have a lovely day.

GrannyGravy13 Thu 22-Jul-21 07:35:15

Morning Mick and all

Hit and sunny here already 🌞🌞🌞

It’s my birthday today, am I being spoilt??
Well if you call going to an extremely hilly zoo with DH, DD The Imp (18months) and the six year old on what’s going to be a very hot day then I am 🤣🤣🌞

Off to sort out the picnic, beautiful photos folks.

Keep safe and well folks 🙋‍♀️🦩

brook2704 Thu 22-Jul-21 07:37:05

Good morning everyone from Inverness where it’s a cloudy start to the day but like yesterday due to be a scorcher later
I’ve got another day planned with the DGC, as usual they’ve got some activity classes this morning - DH is taking DGS to mini tennis and I’m taking DGD to musical theatre, then we’re meeting for our picnic lunch later near the River Ness in town. All good fun!
Lovely shady patio Alizarin just what’s needed in this weather!
Thinking of everyone with worries and struggles, hope today is gentle and take care all whatever the day brings 💐

Alizarin Thu 22-Jul-21 07:37:30

Thank you Kate, I'm fine, over the initial shock, now looking forward to it.

harrigran Thu 22-Jul-21 07:41:01

Good morning from a misty NE.
Another humid night with the fan on.
Sainsbury's delivery this morning.
Finished my novel in the garden yesterday, appropriately called Lockdown.
Should be doing housework but the heat is making me sickly so it will just have to wait.
Enjoy your freedom, holidays are a distant memory for me.

Grandmajean Thu 22-Jul-21 07:41:36

Happy birthday GrannyGravy13
That sounds like how my birthdays often pan out !
Very hot here in Cheshire.
Two youngest GC and DS coming for picnic lunch. First day of school holidays.
Need to "get up and get on"
Happy Thursday.

Lins1066 Thu 22-Jul-21 07:45:30

Good morning all from a very warm S Welsh coast, 30 plus degrees again yesterday. I've been washing everything that isn't nailed down this week.
We went for a walk about nine last night and sat on a bench overlooking the sea, it was still warm but bearable after such a hot day. The paddle boarders looked as though they were walking on water as the sea was so still. Families were having barbecues on the beach and also tucked in among the rocks, the sunset was spectacular as was a huge three quarter moon. Bliss.
Yesterday morning we had an appointment to update our wills, an opportunity to talk about things and sort stuff. The legal person was bemused to see our old wills, dating from 1989, she said that they contain far less legal jargon now. It made me think of Bleak House and the case of Jarndyce v Jarndyce!
Hope that everyone will have a pleasant day and enjoy whatever you are up to.