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Rug question

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MissAdventure Fri 23-Jul-21 20:31:23

My rug came with edges that were plaited, with a bit left undone, to make a tassel.

It's only now occurred to me that the plaits were just to stop the tassels from tangling.

I'd be grateful for some input, please?

Aveline Fri 23-Jul-21 21:11:44

Were they 'persian' rugs? I believe whether or not the fringes are plaited or not has something to do with the person who hand made the rug. We have one which is plaited at one end and just fringed at the other and we're told this was because the girl that made it was single when she started and married by the end of it. Could be nonsense of course.

MissAdventure Fri 23-Jul-21 21:14:25

Oh no, it's not persion.
I did buy it from a brand that selects things from around the globe, though, I think.
Some of the tassels are undone, but I really quite like the plaits.
I'm not sure whether to redo them.

Chewbacca Fri 23-Jul-21 21:27:06

Agree with Aveline 're the person being single when the rug is started (and so the fringe is left loose). It's plaited at the other end because then she's married.

If you like them plaited MissAdventure you could spend many an idle evening with the rug across your lap and replait them all. Beats mucking about on GN wink

MissAdventure Fri 23-Jul-21 21:30:14

I started re planting the wayward ones, then decided life is too short, but I do love the plaits.
There's only a few come undone.
Maybe the new wife wasn't sure about wedded bliss?

MissAdventure Fri 23-Jul-21 21:31:16

Re planting. Pah! Plaiting.

Chewbacca Fri 23-Jul-21 21:34:01

Maybe the new wife wasn't sure about wedded bliss? Good point! grin I can imagine her frantically ripping out all the plaits and cursing with each one!