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Post box toppers!

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Katek Sun 25-Jul-21 12:57:07

Have any of you got a post box topper nearby? Seems to be a bit of a ‘thing’ in places. This is the one in our village made by local craft group - we live on the coast in case you haven’t guessed!

Luckygirl Sun 25-Jul-21 12:59:49

All the post boxes round here are set into stone walls!

MerylStreep Sun 25-Jul-21 13:01:33

Yes, we have a lady here ( Leigh on sea)

tanith Sun 25-Jul-21 13:52:02

We have lots of local post box toppers mostly in Ruislip, sadly some have been damaged and stolen it’s very sad after all the work.

Calendargirl Sun 25-Jul-21 13:53:44

We have some in our town, think the WI have been keen knitters.

Infinity2 Sun 25-Jul-21 13:55:01

I think one of those toppers would be lucky to last five minutes where I live ☠️

Katek Sun 25-Jul-21 13:59:04

So sad when people can’t leave things alone tanith, especially when so much work goes into them. Ours is immediately adjacent to the post office so it’s very visible and the postmistress is taking it in at night, plus it’s in the sight line of PO’s CCTV. So far so good, but we shouldn’t have to do this.

MayBee70 Sun 25-Jul-21 14:01:13

I think they’re fantastic but what happens when it rains?

timetogo2016 Sun 25-Jul-21 14:01:34

Same here Infinity2.
It would be for sale on shpock within the hour.

eazybee Sun 25-Jul-21 14:14:21

I noticed one yesterday, a blue and turquoise octopus. Didn't know it was knitted.

Chardy Sun 25-Jul-21 14:29:57

We had several pre-Covid at Christmas and Easter. And the decorated post boxes in a local village were on TV at the start of June.

Esspee Sun 25-Jul-21 14:34:27

Some people seem to have a lot of time on their hands.
Never seen one - thankfully.

annodomini Sun 25-Jul-21 15:24:27

If I wasted spent time knitting one of those and then we had torrential rain, I'd be utterly miffed!

Lucca Sun 25-Jul-21 15:29:02


Some people seem to have a lot of time on their hands.
Never seen one - thankfully.

Oh dear. And what if they do ? Not everyone has a busy busy life.
I think they are fun.

Alegrias1 Sun 25-Jul-21 15:34:30

This crocheted one is outside a café in the town where I live. I love it.

Another sandwich, anyone? grin

tanith Sun 25-Jul-21 15:34:46

The ones in Ruislip are knitted or crocheted by a local craft group there are lots, if you are on Facebook you can search for Ruislip post box toppers and look through the pictures there is one with Prince Philip and one to Captain Tom they are spectacular.
Maybee70 they stay out in all weathers.

Kate1949 Sun 25-Jul-21 15:37:16

I think they're lovely.

Shelflife Wed 28-Jul-21 08:50:49

Lovely indeed! Haven't seen any in my neck of the woods though. They are bright and cheerful, make me smile 😊

Witzend Wed 28-Jul-21 09:01:32

They’re very jolly IMO. I’ve been thinking of a Christmas one to decorate a postbox near gdcs’ house, but haven’t been able to find a pattern. Can anyone point me to one? I have a massive multi-coloured stash to use up, and I don’t think even the current projects, inc. a blanket, are going to diminish it by very much.

NanaandGrampy Wed 28-Jul-21 09:04:05

Yarn bombing is very popular at the moment . Our village craft group have been collaborating much to the delight of local school children and we have had several out. Generally they haven't been vandalised but one or two knitted creatures have been 'borrowed' .

Surprisingly , they do very well in the rain. I made 25 crocheted baubles for a Christmas tree in my grandsons garden and they survived the whole of December , were brought in, washed and tumble dried and look as good as new.

Tea3 Wed 28-Jul-21 09:10:03

They are beautifully done and I would love to know how this all started ie someone somewhere must have knitted and installed the first one. But I’m afraid I don’t think they (or any other knitted bits and pieces) are suitable for outdoor display.

baubles Wed 28-Jul-21 09:19:37

Our Knitting Ninjas have been out again, they are busy all year with seasonal changes. We aren’t near the coast but the current theme is ‘by the seaside’.

TrendyNannie6 Wed 28-Jul-21 09:25:09

They are really great, Well done to whoever thought up these creations, made my day!

Gwenisgreat1 Wed 28-Jul-21 11:19:46

They are wonderful! Haven't seen any near me, the nearest I've seen is Thirsk, but with lockdown don't know if they are still there!

M0ira Wed 28-Jul-21 11:24:42

Walked from a lovely village in Kent. Had to snap this post box topper.