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Two disasters with grandchildren (lighthearted!)

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Witzend Sat 31-Jul-21 12:27:52

Had them to stay for 2 nights (5 and 6) and yesterday took them to see HMS Victory at Portsmouth. At that age, of course, one of the most exciting things (if you’re very good) is choosing a piece of overpriced tat from the gift shop afterwards.

Gdd chose a little black bag with a skull and crossbones on it, with ‘treasure’ (fools’ gold aka pyrites) inside. Gds chose a plastic skull with slime inside.

I then took them to the loo, and was just enjoying my own peaceful wee when cries of anguish came from Gdd’s cubicle - she’d only managed to drop her bag of fools’ gold down the loo - and had retrieved it!
Luckily the shop was still open, so after dropping the widdly bag in the bin, and a good hand wash, we bought another - just as well it was only £1.99.

After the drive back home, Gds couldn’t wait to open his plastic skull and play with the slime. He then took it into his head to wash it - exit all slime swiftly down the basin plug hole - more tears of utter woe, and no shop to go back to.

Still, we’re having them again on Monday, so I’ve promised a shopping trip (on the bus! So exciting if you can sit at the front upstairs!) to find some more.

B9exchange Sat 31-Jul-21 18:16:27

I bought DGS aged two a car transporter when his new sister arrived. DH unfortunately showed him how to take the cab off. I received a text from DS that night to say they couldn't find the cab, had searched the house, and DGS was distraught. They have a large garden, and he might well have left it there. I ordered another one to be sent direct to DGS, but DS intercepted it. He told me it had arrived, but that they were telling DGS that the original cab had been found, as they didn't want him getting spoilt thinking that everything can easily be replaced!

midgey Sat 31-Jul-21 18:21:05

Witzend did you know you can make slime? Can be very satisfying! I know it takes very particular ingredients but I can’t tell you what they are as I always get it wrong! Google is your friend in this instance.

Tea3 Sat 31-Jul-21 18:23:47

I wish we were in day trip distance from HMS Victory. I’ve been racking my brain trying to think of suitable day trips when our 6 year old grandson comes to stay next week. He’d love a Victory visit.

Zennomore Sat 31-Jul-21 18:29:33

Recipe for slime

Contact lens solution
Bicarbonate of Soda
Gel food colouring

midgey Sat 31-Jul-21 19:59:40

It’s the contact lens solution that is easy to get wrong, it has to be a particular kind!

GrandmaKT Sat 31-Jul-21 20:36:26

Ah Witzend, your day out reminds me of the day, many years ago when my father took my DS and a friend into Liverpool for the day.
They went on the train, had a trip on the ferry across the Mersey. They then went to the museum, visiting the planetarium, the dinosaurs and the ancient Egypt exhibitions. After stopping for a quick ice-cream they caught the train home. My dad asked them "So, what have you learnt today?"
My DS earnestly replied "You only get one bubble-gum in a screwball at home, but you get two in Liverpool!"

GrannySomerset Sat 31-Jul-21 20:43:18

My very shy friend Susan was due to present her news to the whole class. Her busy working mum took her to “do” London - Buckingham Palace, the Tower of London including the Crown Jewels, and boat trip on the Thames. Susan stood up at the appointed time, announced “I have a new hat” and sat down!

ElaineI Sat 31-Jul-21 20:50:03

That made me laugh Witzend. You are brave. Have a very busy week next week with DD2 and DGS2 as he was pinged (age 3) last Monday and DD2 had to spend all of her first holiday week isolated with him thus next week all 2 weeks outings are crammed into one week grin and will probably involve several gift shops grin

Witzend Sat 31-Jul-21 22:50:14

Love all your day-out stories!
The day before the Victory, we’d taken them into London and on a boat trip to see the Tower (not inside, too young to appreciate it) and Tower Bridge. Of course there had to be the gift shop again, and Gds’ prized possession from there was a plastic battleaxe. He was brandishing it all the way home on train and bus - the most exciting bits, except for the gift shop, of course.

JackyB Sun 01-Aug-21 05:56:31

How about this for a souvenir:

When I was 10 and my sister was 8 our DM took us to London for a week to show us the sights. (I remember traipsing across a huge bombed area with St Paul's in the distance). However, on the 2nd day my sister fell ill and we had to stay in ( we were staying with an aunt). It turned out she had mumps!

Although we were sleeping in the same room, to this day I haven't had mumps!

Ashcombe Sun 01-Aug-21 06:08:38

I’m loving these stories! Thank you, everyone!

Some years ago, when DGS2 was three, the family was staying with us and a visit to Paignton Zoo was planned. Becoming impatient with the time it was taking for us all to be ready, he asked,

“When are we going to paint the zoo?” 😂💕👍

Alizarin Sun 01-Aug-21 06:57:23

Lovely stories. To me, the tragedy of seeing an ice cream cone almost inevitably fall into the sand on a trip to the beach takes some beating. That and a new helium balloon taking off. Fortunately both replaceable, but heartbreaking in the moment!

Grammaretto Sun 01-Aug-21 07:44:53

On a memorable trip to a sandy beach, I buried my new sandals - to keep them safe. You guessed: when it was time to go home, despite everyone searching, I had to go home bare footed.

Witzend Sun 01-Aug-21 10:02:25

Talking of losing things in the sand, Grammaretto, a very small dd once had some very little toys she was very attached to.
On holiday she lost one in the sand, was distraught, and despite the wonderful staff helping us to look for it by raking the sand, we could’t find it.

That is, until the following year - back in exactly the same beachfront room, and after heavy rain one night, there it was, miraculously just sitting on the sand.

As I told dd, that was a very specially lucky toy now - she must take special care of it.
Of course she lost it a few months later 😂- for good this time!

crazyH Sun 01-Aug-21 10:12:36

When my eldest grandson was little (he is 19 now) , I was desperate for a wee. I discreetly (I thought) took my knickers off and sat on the loo….a little voice says “Nan, why have you got big knickers? My mum’s are really tiny “…….

Witzend Sun 01-Aug-21 10:16:25

Out of the mouths of babes, crazyh - the other day my Gdd (6), said, ‘Granny, I can see hairs in your nose.’ 😱

I did get busy with the tweezers PDQ…

ElaineI Mon 02-Aug-21 00:12:18

We have a small bathroom. DGS2 (3) just out of isolation today. First visit to us for 10 days. In the bath playing with dinosaurs. I was caught short. Loo beside bath. "Granny did you do a poo? Can I see it? Did you wee on top?" He is toilet training. "Nuff said!

Witzend Mon 02-Aug-21 20:14:45

Elaine1 😂