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Fractured ankle, anyone else had one?

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Smurf52 Sat 31-Jul-21 13:35:37

A month ago on holiday I broke my ankle in three places at the age of 69. Taken my dog for a walk before bedtime, I fell down a wet grassy slope and felt my left leg give way under me and heard a crack. I waited 4 hours for an ambulance in the wet and cold lying on the ground, after a fellow holidaymaker heard my cries for help and phoned 999. My partner was watching the Euros so didn't hear my cries.

I was admitted to hospital and had an operation a week after. I also managed to pick up an ecoli bug in my bladder. I was discharged a week later. Have been home a week with carers coming in twice a day. My sister stayed with me during the week and partner (who I don't live with) at the weekends.

My question is has any GN gone through the same thing. If so, how long after op were they able to get around? I've just been using a commode. I have a frame on wheels ready to move around but haven't got the confidence yet. My first fracture clinic 2 weeks after the op is on Monday 2 August.

I feel helpless and miserable right now at the seemingly long stretch ahead of me before I can be independent again. I also feel guilty feeling like this when there are a lot of people worse off than me.

Bluebellwould Sat 31-Jul-21 13:47:27

Oh dear what a horrible thing to go through. I can’t help with the broken bone repair timing etc, but I can say I know it will get better and you will get back to your old self. Please don’t feel guilty about feeling upset and miserable, just because there are others worse off than you it doesn’t mean you are not entitled to feel down and out too. Look after yourself and eat well. Before you know it you will be all mended and running a marathon. Wishing you all the best. 💐

GrannyGravy13 Sat 31-Jul-21 13:48:23

Fractured my ankle and bones in my foot 3 years ago aged 61, I was on 2 crutches for 6 weeks, then 1 for a couple of weeks.

Had 10 weeks of Physiotherapy, all in all approximately 3 months until I was up and running.

Luckygirl Sat 31-Jul-21 13:51:19

Bad luck - I broke my foot and it was a bit of a long haul - feet are fiddly things with lots of bones.

A friend of mine had similar fractures to you and she is now running around as if nothing happened - must be about 3 months ago I would think.

Take heart - waiting for bones to knit is tedious.

Dogsmakemesmile Sat 31-Jul-21 14:01:19

Don't despair Smurf. I had similar fall and subsequent diagnosis of fractured ankle some sixteen weeks ago. Felt all the emotions you are undergoing but don't! Focus on yourself and your recovery. It is a long slog but worth it to get right. I did not need an operation, was put in plaster for six weeks then a boot. Just got the hang of walking again then fell down some stairs (stupidity to blame) and currently have fractured bone in knee. That was some two weeks ago. Felt like Groundhog Day. Any offers of help please accept. Your confidence will be knocked. I also fell while out walking my beloved dog and had to wait for assistance. I think I was in shock for a couple of weeks and then I accepted situation and focused on what I could do. YOU WILL GET BETTER. YOU WILL WALK YOUR DOG AGAIN. Apologies if this is a bit dogmatic but I so wanted someone to say that to me. I was able to shuffle around on my bottom and get to the bathroom . Buy a shower stool if appropriate. I was not very good with the plastic covers to put over my leg so just stuck it out and covered with a towel. PM me if you want any support. There is an excellent old post here re fractured ankle. It contains link to a SAGA magazine article in diary format written by someone who fractured her ankle. Found it invaluable.

Oldbat1 Sat 31-Jul-21 14:23:35

Sorry to read about your accident. I broke my ankle aged 16 does that count? Hope you heal very soon. Best wishes.

MayBee70 Sat 31-Jul-21 14:29:14

I’m so sorry to read this. I’m ashamed to say I’ve been feeling sorry for myself just because I can’t walk as well as I used to. Could you keep a diary, a record of your progress? It might seem like a long haul at the moment (and you mustn’t rush things!) but you will be able to read back and see how things have improved. And, of course, you can come on here and have a moan or report on your progress.

Smurf52 Sat 31-Jul-21 14:31:08

Thanks all for your encouraging posts. It's perked me up a lot.

Smurf52 Sat 31-Jul-21 14:32:37


I’m so sorry to read this. I’m ashamed to say I’ve been feeling sorry for myself just because I can’t walk as well as I used to. Could you keep a diary, a record of your progress? It might seem like a long haul at the moment (and you mustn’t rush things!) but you will be able to read back and see how things have improved. And, of course, you can come on here and have a moan or report on your progress.

Good idea MayBee.

MayBee70 Sat 31-Jul-21 14:44:48

About 10 years ago I developed arthritis in my knee and it was interesting to read back over that time. It seemed to go on forever but it took 9 months. A visit to a chiropractor ( or osteopath) turned things round for me. You do tend to forget minor details that are actually important. Would it be insensitive of me to ask how you coped with the dog when you were injured? I often worry about something happening to me when I’m out walking mine. My big worry pandemic wise is something happening to both of us and there being no one to look after the dog.

Chrissielou Sat 31-Jul-21 14:49:14

Yes, I too broke my ankle in 3 places some years ago. I had lots of physio over many months and was told I would probably walk with a stick. I don't, am an avid walker but do have to be very careful on uneven ground. Was told to expect to get arthritis in that ankle too.

Charleygirl5 Sat 31-Jul-21 14:52:01

I broke mine in 2009. I fell down two steps and to attempt to save myself my body twisted around and nd my foot slipped between the stair treads.
I had mega difficulty getting to the loo and a friend kindly stayed here to cook etc because otherwise, I could not have coped.
My ankle is pinned and plated but it took around 7 weeks to be out of plaster and able to walk a few steps with a frame. It takes around 3 months for the bones to heal but I have used a stick since then and I am now 77 to give you an idea.
If osteopenia assisted your break you may need extra vitamin D. That is something you should ask at your 1st appointment.

poshpaws Sat 31-Jul-21 15:06:29

Not my ankle, but you have my every sympathy: I broke my right wrist last Saturday evening, and have to wait 'til this Tuesday to find out if it needs an op or not. Meanwhile I'm very lucky, but feeling so guilty about the trouble I'm putting them to, in that I'm having to rely on my lovely friends/neighbours to care for and medicate me, my 4 dogs, 7 cats, 2 horses and an aviary of birds. (I think what hurts the worst, though, is that as recently as last month in an effort to economise, I cancelled my Accident insurance policy!) Sending you a big hug - we'll both be better before we know it.

dogsmother Sat 31-Jul-21 19:44:02

Yep, fractured and dislocated approximately 6 years ago.
Pinned and plated took a while, I now have a loathing for crutches….. as I am a little impetuous and fell off them a couple of times. My job as a Physiotherapy Assistant was teaching people how to use them among other things, so you can I imagine how that amused folk.
It takes patience to get through this but you will. Please be as strict as you can with doing your physio afterwards as really does have a very serious long reward.
I have two beautiful scars inner and outer ankle but apart from this no limp and no problems. It was hard and I was like you miserable at times.

Maywalk Sat 31-Jul-21 20:29:16

Cheer up Smurf. I am 91 and just getting over a fractured bone in the bottom of my spine. Over the years I have broken both arms and both hips plus ribs and ankles and three verterbra through Osteoporosis and not long had my first bone infusion. I am not sure what the boffins are hoping to achieve with me at this age with having that but I count myself a VERY lucky lady to still be here and drag myself around with my trolley.
After breaking my second hip in three places when I was 85 and it never healing properly I now have to wear a built up shoe because I am now 4 inches shorter on my left side.

You will be fine and soon running a marathon. Chin Up.

ElaineI Sat 31-Jul-21 20:34:01

I think you should wait till your appointment before trying to walk. It is not long since you did it. DD2 fractured the bone joining her ankle to foot. She had a yoonboot and was off work for over 6 weeks then went back with the boot. It's only just better now after a few months..

ElaineI Sat 31-Jul-21 20:34:35

Oh and ask for physio when you go to clinic.

Callistemon Sat 31-Jul-21 21:23:08

Yes, I have Smurf, the crack sounded sickening. I was alone at home at the time, with no phone upstairs.

I was just plastered up and it was 50:50 whether I needed an operation after it had mended to hold the two bones together, but it was decided it wasn't necessary. I then had a boot.
Having a shower was difficult then someone lent me a special waterproof leg cover and I bought a shower stool.
Getting upstairs was worst.
I whizzed around downstairs in an office chair with wheels.

Afterwards I did have several physio appointments which helped a lot.

Mamie Sun 01-Aug-21 05:06:21

Lots of sympathy from me. I had a brolen fibula from falling down stairs, was in toe to thigh plaster for three weeks and then toe to knee for another three. Had to go upstairs on my bottom. I had a waling frame, crutches and borrowed a friend's wheeled walker which helped downstairs. We are in France, so I had daily district nurse visits for blood thinners and tests and they were helpful on getting equipment, then physio for three months when out of plaster. I am very active, so found it hard. Took six months to get back to normal and three years later I still feel it after a hard day in the garden.
This diary was the most helpful thing of all:

Mamie Sun 01-Aug-21 05:07:32

Walking frame not waling....

Esspee Sun 01-Aug-21 07:26:31

Osteopenia and osteoporosis can be prevented. If you suffer from it please tell your daughters to take action to avoid the menopause. This warning applies to grans still heading towards the menopause.
Sadly women are still mainly unaware of the long term effect of oestrogen withdrawal as advice is centered around the earlier symptoms such as hot flushes, night sweats etc.
It is the long term effects which are crippling in old age.

silverlining48 Sun 01-Aug-21 09:45:17

I did similar about 20 years ago. Your ankle break is weight bearing so will take more time than an arm to heal, but it will, so be patient ( if you can). You have my sympathy. It’s not easy.

Fennel Sun 01-Aug-21 12:33:34

I fractured my ankle in March and was lucky as I didn;t need to have an operation. The rest of the story like yours, Callistemon.
My husband organised moving my bedroom downstairs and we have a shower room here.
I've never been upstairs since then - I'm ok going up, but afraid of losing my balance coming down.
I agree with those who say pay attention to your bone density - ask for a test and you'll find out if you need to take supplements.

Fennel Sun 01-Aug-21 12:42:13

And @ Smurf - commiserations - but you'll get through it and look back and it won't be such a long time.
Do get your bone density checked out.

Dogsmakemesmile Sun 01-Aug-21 14:29:31

Smurf hope you are having a better day. Loads of helpful posters here. Take care.