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Leaving Nieces and Nephews out of Will

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Judy54 Mon 02-Aug-21 15:35:45

Mr J and I are about to update our will. We don't have Children and intend to leave money to some Nieces and Nephews but not to others. Our reasoning behind this is that things have changed over the years where we are no longer close to and don't hear from particular Nieces and Nephews. It does not seem right to us to leave our hard earned money to people that we have no relationship with just because they are family members.

Our association with them has diminished, they show no interest in us so we are less interested in leaving anything to them. It sounds hard I know but we have tried to maintain contact to no avail. We no longer receive birthday or Christmas cards from them and one Nephew we know has moved but failed to give us his forwarding address.

What are your views, would you include them in your Will regardless or leave them out entirely?

JaneJudge Mon 02-Aug-21 15:39:34

Just leave your money to those who care about you. It sounds like you have lost contact with the others and I'm sure they don't expect anything anyway

Sara1954 Mon 02-Aug-21 15:41:29

Do as you wish, it’s your money, I would feel the same as you.

Kamiso Mon 02-Aug-21 15:42:29

Leave your money to whoever you choose to. The ones you’ve lost touch with most likely won’t know that they’ve missed out.

Oopsadaisy1 Mon 02-Aug-21 15:43:01

We would be in a similar position if we had any money, but we have ACs and Grandchildren so none left over for nephews and nieces. However we have some that we never see or hear from, we don’t hear from their parents either, so I wouldn’t leave them anything.
It’s your money so do what you want with it.

Kim19 Mon 02-Aug-21 15:47:01

Just a thought..... did you keep in touch (by choice) with all your Aunts and Uncles when you were at an active and crazy time of your life? Second thought is would you have minded if you had been excluded from any of their wills when others were indulged? Answer that honestly to yourself and you'll have no problem with your decision. Good luck and may you live long enough for some of these relationships to take a turn to your liking.

Judy54 Mon 02-Aug-21 17:33:44

Yes Kim19 I have kept in touch with all my Aunts and Uncles all my life and still do although very few are now remaining. I would not have expected to have been part of their wills as they had children, Not sure any of them had wills or anything to leave but times have changed. Most of our money is tied up in our house but the way things are going it will probably be eaten up in care home fees so there may well be nothing or very little to leave to anyone!

M0nica Mon 02-Aug-21 18:11:48

Your money, do what you like with it. If it causes any problems, you will have died, so not have to worry about the consequences.

vampirequeen Mon 02-Aug-21 20:14:46

It's your money. If they don't bother with you why leave them anything.

Soozikinzi Mon 02-Aug-21 20:28:37

Completely up to you and your husband who you leave your hard earned to .

Blinko Mon 02-Aug-21 21:01:09

I don't think people should feel obliged to leave bequests to relatives who have shown no desire to stay in touch. I wouldn't, in fact I'm not going to. I have seven nieces only one of whom keeps in touch. So I intend for her to benefit to some degree.

TrendyNannie6 Mon 02-Aug-21 21:15:00

I wouldn’t be leaving them anything, they show no interest so why should you ! It’s your hard earned money go with your gut feelings

JenniferEccles Mon 02-Aug-21 22:58:29

I would feel exactly the same as you.
Enjoy leaving money to those who have shown over the years that they do have time for you.
No contest.

Lollin Mon 02-Aug-21 23:03:26

Entirely up to you. I have seen people not keep in touch with elders because they have felt it has become a competition as to who can show they care most and decide not to play the game.

timetogo2016 Tue 03-Aug-21 09:35:37

I totally agree with you.
Leave the money etc to those who are in contact with you.

Apricity Tue 03-Aug-21 11:30:18

Leave your money/assets/whatever to whomever you want to whether it is family, a favourite charity or any other cause or person/s that is important to you. Just make sure your will and intentions are clear and legally binding. Do not leave a minefield of uncertainty and a lawyer's picnic. You have no obligation to leave anything to anyone regardless of any real or perceived relationship.