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Good Morning Wednesday

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Michael12 Wed 04-Aug-21 06:06:03

Good Morning Everyone,
Its a dry but with high cloud this morning here in brackley .
Today ,an early shop as i want to watch the drama unfold in the Olympic track cycling especially the team pursuit.
Its starting to get busy again in the shops , people seemed to be relaxed but cautious .
Take Care,

Gelisajams Wed 04-Aug-21 06:11:44

Good morning Mick and all who will follow from somewhere just of the coast of Aberdeen. Docking is scheduled for 7am then we will get breakfast at Stonehaven. Then another stop at Dunblane before calling in on a friend in Carlisle.
The Sainsbury’s shop will be delivered between 9 and 10 tonight when hopefully we are home. It’s going to be a long day.
Hope all is well with our poorly posters.
Take care and stay safe everyone 🌸

Ashcombe Wed 04-Aug-21 06:22:47

Good morning again from central Devon, where it’s bright but chilly.

My DD2, SiL, DGS2 (11) and DGD (8) arrived safely and we enjoyed relaxing on site as they’ve had a busy time for the past 12 days. It’s great to see how increasingly independent the children are, being able to explore the place unsupervised and the chance to play table tennis. Later they enjoyed a session in the pool for which we kept a watchful eye. A game of rummy after dinner rounded off a super day.

The WiFi signal here seems better early in the day, so I hope to add a photo of the home, taken yesterday morning, when it was (unusually) tidy!

I hope our missing posters are well, especially Marydoll and Bellasnana and that they will rejoin us soon. Safe journey home, Gelisajams; a long day for you indeed!

Happy hump day! 🥰🦩😀

Beechnut Wed 04-Aug-21 06:36:55

Good Morning everyone from Severnside. It looks fairly bright and a dry day forecast so I plan to spend the day outside. I’ve my painting to give a second coat, peg out the washing, potter and read my book.

Not one of my favourite tasks putting away shopping so I don’t envy you that Gelisajams after your long day.

Take care all and I hope there won’t be too many worries for anyone 🌸

Greyduster Wed 04-Aug-21 06:37:41

Good morning, Michael and all GNs. The sun is shining in Northumberland with another warm day in prospect. Our two hour boat trip round the Farne Islands yesterday was lovely. The nearest thing to flat calm you could have and lots of seals and seabirds. Puffins too, though they have mostly all gone back to sea now. GS seems to have mastered my camera and he managed some very good shots with it. Trouble is he never wants to give it back! We are back inland today and, later, dinner in Craster. By tomorrow I think we will have had the best of the weather.
Have a good day folks.

BlueSapphire Wed 04-Aug-21 06:44:58

An earlier good morning from me, as I have a visit to the hairdresser's at 9 o'clock. A long appointment, highlights and base colour followed by cut and style.

Then an early lunch, followed by a walk to the local well-being cafe, which a friend goes to and has persuaded me to try too. Well, I say local, but it will be a good 25 minutes walk, which will do me good! And a walk back again of course!

Can't think what to have for dinner tonight, hoping inspiration will come.

Enjoy your cycling, Mick.

Lovely picture of your holiday home, Ash

Happy Wednesday to all..

Jaxjacky Wed 04-Aug-21 07:04:01

Good morning all from S Hants, high cloud here too Mick. Safe journey home Gelis I’ve enjoyed following your trip and that of Greyduster thank you both.
I’m hoping the cloud lifts as I’ve curtains to wash, the house got blitzed yesterday, so today it’s the garden.
Still miss the trains, crumpets, nighttime disturbances and others, I hope they’re all well.
Have a pleasant day all, not many 🦩🦩around so far this week.

Grammaretto Wed 04-Aug-21 07:12:12

Good morning from the Scottish Borders. I have a sweater on though we have been promised a warm day. 21°C.
That does sound a long day for you Gelisajams I hope it goes well.
The Farne Islands trip sounds great too Greyduster
I had a lovely day at the Botanics yesterday though there were tourists arriving and being turned away as they didn't know you have to book in advance. It is still free for how long?
The colours were beautiful both in the famous herbaceous border and in the experimental student gardens.
Here at home I must harvest the veg..
Yarn group this morning and badminton this evening.

Thinking of those missing ones and those with health worries today.

Pittcity Wed 04-Aug-21 07:22:40

Good morning from sunny Colchester.
Usual Wednesday meetup this morning. Coffee and chat in the sun. We have a new lady joining our group this morning, so confidence is returning.
Love to all x

cornergran Wed 04-Aug-21 07:27:20

Morning Mick, morning All. Blue sky for our corner of Somerset this morning.

Finally found a car we both like yesterday, the piggy bank is empty but I’m so pleased there need be no more trips to garages. Bit scary to think it will be the last car we buy. This morning there’s a grocery delivery and a phone call from our goddaughter who is worried about her Mums medication then it’s off for lunch with a GN friend leaving Mr C in peace. He’ll cook steak for his lunch and thoroughly enjoy a couple or four (!) hours to himself.

That trip sounds wonderful greyd, pleased it worked for you all. A very tidy holiday home ash, looks a relaxing place to be. Safe trip home gelisajams, a long day for sure.

Hope there’s a smile for everyone today and Wednesday is kind to us all.

Grandmadinosaur Wed 04-Aug-21 07:27:47

Good morning from sunny East Yorkshire.
I had a wonderful lunch yesterday with my friend in a nice sunny cafe garden. We caught up with family news etc and after not seeing each other for 19 months due to distance we agreed that we will arrange a meet up in London in the coming months. So something to look forward to there.
DH is in need of a break too after a very busy period at work. After a lot of searching we have booked a short break to Durham next week. It’s an area neither of us have visited before so new places to discover and something else to look forward to.
I have enjoyed reading of all the trips away especially to places I don’t know/haven’t been and sound like somewhere to add to my long list of places to go.
No real plans for today just take it as it comes.
Have a safe journey home Gelisajams
Take care all.

GrannyGravy13 Wed 04-Aug-21 07:29:34

Morning Mick and all

Blue sky and warm here in S E Essex. I am going for a manicure and pedicure later, cleaners here first thing.
I opted for a Shark ad opposed to another Dyson, it seems OK

Keep safe and well folks 🙋‍♀️🦩

Grandmajean Wed 04-Aug-21 07:30:02

Good morning from Cheshire.
Sunny again which is lovely.
Love Northumberland and remember well the café at Caster. Sounds lovely Greyduster
Will come back to see later posts.

Grandmajean Wed 04-Aug-21 07:30:35

Craster !

NanKate Wed 04-Aug-21 07:32:59

Morning Mickand All.

Sunny day in South Bucks.

Our DGS the youngest got a Covid free result after a night of sickness and high temperature and bounced back the next day by going to an Activity camp with his brother.

I’m bracing myself for their annual hols with us next week. It’s hard work but fun.

Ashcombe I’m in regular touch with Bellasnana who is just taking a break from GN. I will tell her you asked after her.

Hope to see Marydoll here today. 💐

monk08 Wed 04-Aug-21 07:36:06

Good morning from a slightly overcast Black country. Quiet day today no boys, although there is plenty of ironing needs doing.
Will shop later nothing in the house I fancy for dinner so see if the shops have anything inspirational.
Safe journey home Gelisajams.
Have a nice day all and may you all find some 🌞.

harrigran Wed 04-Aug-21 07:46:23

Good morning from a sunny NE although there is condensation on the cars and dew on the grass.
Wanted to wear my sunglasses yesterday but found the frame broken when I opened the case, I was really annoyed as they were very expensive and had been sitting in a cupboard since last summer. They are prescription glasses and I would need an eye test to replace them as it is two years since last test.
DH has to see the dentist today to have his two front teeth as dentures fitted, we were surprised to be given an appointment for 6.30 but it will probably be quieter at the end of the day.
DH's telephone appointment with the Oncologist,due at 5.30, actually happened at 3.30 and caught us off guard. It was not the consultant but one of her minions and she told DH to continue with the chemotherapy as long as he could tolerate it. Sadly he has lost another few kilos this week and is only one third of his usual weight.
Enjoy the sunshine while it lasts, the forecast for the rest of the week is not wonderful.

Alizarin Wed 04-Aug-21 07:53:35

Good morning from my south Cornwall patio where the honeysuckle perfume is almost overwhelming. A blackbird likes to sit on the frame of my swing seat and jump up to pick overhanging blackberries. Expecting him any moment.

My newphews, sons et al are off to Hayle today, which has the most glorious sands but it's a long trek down to the beach from the car park, which my needing-replacement-knee will not like so I'm off to my allotment instead.

Kate I hope your tum is better. Marydoll, thinking of you and our fruit trees. Have the best of days you can everyone.

Nannagarra Wed 04-Aug-21 07:57:54

Good morning from the Sefton coast where the sun is shining.
A great deal of positive news here and plenty enjoying meet ups and holidays. Especially reassuring is Mick’s comment that people are ‘relaxed but cautious’ in shops. I like that.
Washing machine is in action, book is at the ready for an afternoon on the lounger and Tai chi beckons this evening.
Sending a 😀 and a 👋 to you all today.

brook2704 Wed 04-Aug-21 08:01:21

Good morning everyone from Inverness where it’s light grey cloud and another warm but cloudy day is forecast.
Safe journey home Gelisa after your wonderful holiday
Good that you’ve booked a break away with your DH grandmadinosaur its always good to explore somewhere new and have a change of scenery.
I’m off to the Aqua fit class at the gym today then going for lunch after the class with a friend. I’m looking forward to getting back into the water and splashing around! DH is off to DD2 house to help with the gardening there.
Thinking of harrigran and everyone with worries and struggles, hope today is gentle and take care all whatever the day brings 💐

ginny Wed 04-Aug-21 08:04:16

Good morning from a bright N. Bucks.
Off to DD3 in an hour to keep an eye on the boys while she goes for her second Covid jab.
Afterwards we are hoping to go to Wicksteed park for the day .
This evening is our first proper WI meeting since March 2020. I wonder how many will attend ?
Wishing you all a good day with a smile along the way.

baubles Wed 04-Aug-21 08:06:56

Good morning Mick, morning all from sunny South Lanarkshire.

It’s such a pity that our weather is set to change as my sister is arriving from London this afternoon and she makes such a thing about the Scottish cold and rain. We’ve had what seems like weeks of good weather, I swear she’s put a hex on it.

Anyhoo, some last minute dusting and sweeping this morning then we’ll go into town to meet her at Central Station.

Safe trip home gelisjam that’s a long journey. Northumberland is beautiful, DD and family had a wonderful holiday there last month, your boat trip sounds amazing Greyduster.
Harrigran thanks

It’s so lovely to hear of everyone’s holidays, family visits and meetings with friends. Life feels hopeful again.

Wishing everyone a peaceful day. 🦩

Gingster Wed 04-Aug-21 08:12:15

Good morning all and it’s another sunny day here on the Suffolk coast. 🌞
The forecast is dire for the weekend when we have most of the family coming to stay. 14 of us and 3 dogs. 🤪.
We finished woodstain ing the garden furniture yesterday and I did some of the shopping for the weekend. We will need to go again.
We will wash bedding and towels today and generally prepare the cottage for our visitors.

Your holiday home looks very inviting Ashcombe.

Harrigran - not much help from the oncologists minion then. Hopefully he can gain a bit of weight and feel stronger.
What a nuisance about your glasses 😢.

Have as pleasant a day as you can, everyone, whatever it brings. 🙏

Kim19 Wed 04-Aug-21 08:20:04

Morning Mick and all from a very promising up here in the north. Sun is streaming through my window as I contemplate my day here from bed. Oh, I'm awake early. Just don't get involved in too much action! Another quirk is that I have to decide what I'm going to wear before I rise. If I don't, I change my mind far too many times. Irritating, time consuming and boring. Nowt as queer as this folk! Today is a lovely outdoor garden lunch with some friends. Funny how we all seem to agree this has become a highlight, rather than a pleasantry, since Covid. I guess that's because we're all branching out gradually and not yet into our full swing. Hope everyone has a high spot in their days and recognises it 🌷

NannyJan53 Wed 04-Aug-21 08:23:22

Good morning from a cloudy but increasingly brighter Black Country.

Over to DD's today to ferry the girls as DD's car is in garage. One is off to a party and the other a swimming lesson.

Tomorrow we are off to our caravan to stay on the site it is stored on for 4 days. Just as the weather forecasts rain for that time!

Thinking of Marydoll and hoping she is well.

Wishing you all a good day.