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Good Morning Thursday

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Michael12 Thu 05-Aug-21 06:09:42

Good Morning Everyone,
Its another dry start here in brackley this morning , as yet no rain as forecast .
I am tempted to change the heading subject title to include the date and the day what are thoughts ?
Odd exceptions such as bank holidays .
Today , my usual short bus trip out later after watching the track cycling form Olympics .
Take Care,

NanKate Thu 05-Aug-21 06:16:50

Good morning Mick.

I think you idea of adding the date to the GM thread is a good idea 👍

Sun coming up behind the clouds here in South Bucks.

I wrote to BellasNana last night and sent the good wishes of Ashcombe Nannytopsy Blossoming and Monk08 I hope I didn’t leave anyone out.

Thanks Alizarin I’m back on track.

Off to watch the tennis in Washington. 🎾🎾

Alizarin Thu 05-Aug-21 06:17:08

Good morning from a brightening south Cornwall. Sounds a good idea to include the date Mick. Yesterday was spent fighting my way through and tying things up at my jungle allotment - I have masses of tall flowering oregano, marjoram and mint. The smell was amazing. My leeks are six feet high and flowering. Ditto globe artichokes. The fig tree has become a giant. I picked one raspberry and one framberry ha ha ha. Hey ho, next year it will be back to normal hopefully. A neighbour left some yellow courgettes and a marrow by my shed - I think he felt sorry for me!

(The photo is Hayle sands, where my family went yesterday You can just see St Ives in the distance. They had a glorious time.)

Have the best day you can, everyone.

baubles Thu 05-Aug-21 06:44:16

Good morning Mick, morning all from South Lanarkshire where it’s bright but cool.

That’s a good idea Mick, it might be nice to look back at threads and know which date they were written.

My sister arrived yesterday to stay for a week but has declined the offer to come with us today to childminding, I can’t imagine why. grin

I’ve booked tickets for the National Museum this afternoon as apparently we should expect rain. DS’s little ones love a wander around the exhibits.

The allotment sounds wonderful Alizarin. Glad you are ok now NanKate.

Wishing everyone a peaceful day. 🦩

Beechnut Thu 05-Aug-21 06:49:28

Good Morning everyone from Severnside where it is dry.
A date is a good idea Mick. We might find it useful if we wanted to look back at something.

I can take my pick of things today. There’s ironing, putting things back into the bathroom cabinet, a pedicure, sewing, tidying my craft room as when I was moving something yesterday some boxes fell down on my head. I might even get it all done. I should look at the bubble pond pump too as something is not right with the flow.

The painting I was doing was the front recess to the garage

I love St Ives Alizarin. We once stayed at a campsite nearby and the owner told us he went to school in our home town.

Take care all 🌺

Ashcombe Thu 05-Aug-21 06:51:41

Good morning, Mick and all who follow from a rather damp Whiddon Down, in contrast to yesterday’s sunshine. Including the date is a great idea, Mick, as it will avoid the potential for confusion.

Thank you, NanKate for your thoughtfulness regarding passing on messages. What a stunning photo, Alizarin!

We made the most of the weather and visited nearby Castle Drogo, the most recently built English Castle. Designed by Edwin Lutyens, the National Trust has recently spent eight years mending the roof and cleaning the exterior with magnificent results!

Later we had a superb meal at a pub where Dickens wrote Pickwick Papers! It is the oldest pub still in operation in Devon and Cornwall. DGD overcame a longstanding nervousness around dogs to hug a Blue Great Dane, a gentle giant!

Have a good day, everyone! Belated birthday greetings to Grandmafrench. Keep smiling! 😀👍🥰

Jaxjacky Thu 05-Aug-21 06:53:00

Good morning all from a cloud/sun S Hants, rain later. Good idea Mick.
I’m giving my allotment up Alizarin it was in such a state when I took it over last year, progress is low and disheartening, I’ll focus on our greenhouse and a small garden patch. My friend who has one says I can share, he lives in a flat so I supply seedlings for him already.
Good news Ashcombe France coming off amber plus, although I know there’s no rush.
Yesterday was grass cutting, tying up toms in the greenhouse, washing curtains and voluntary work. Today I have little planned.
Wishing muse well on her hospital trip today, no road hold ups and that the antibiotics are working for MrM 🤞.
Have a pleasant day all, for those poorly or worried, may the day ease pains of all kinds. X

Scentia Thu 05-Aug-21 07:03:08

Good Morning all from East Staffordshire where it looks sunny but I know that is a trick and rain is in its way!!
Good idea to include a date Mick
Off on Nanna duties soon and we are going to drive to DD work as a surprise to meet her when she finishes as we are booked into the soft play around the corner from her work.
It is my birthday tomorrow and my DH is taking me to Gloucester for the weekend, I have a lovely walk planned from Crickley Hill I think it is called.
Have a good day folks and keep a smile if you can, even if it’s just on the inside😁

monk08 Thu 05-Aug-21 07:11:11

Good morning from the Black country nice sunny start to the day. Washing on and housework to catch up with, going for a carvery later no cooking yippee🤗
Sounds a good idea Mick to put the date.
Alizarin had never heard of framberry they sound delicious will have to look out for them.
Great photos again Ash keep them coming.
Enjoy your day everyone and may you all find some 🌞

NannyJan53 Thu 05-Aug-21 07:29:11

Good morning from a sunny but increasingly cloudy Black Country.

Another hours walk with Mum yesterday along the Smethstow Valley walk, even she is amazed that she can do it and keep up a fast pace. She is always saying she realises how lucky she is at 91.

We are off to Somerset soon, to stay on the site where our caravan is stored. Will be back on Monday afternoon. The weather doesn't look too promising, but it a break away! So will not be posting much as there is no Wi-fi there unless you pay £5 a day!!

Yes, putting the date would be a good idea Mick

Have a good day everyone.

brook2704 Thu 05-Aug-21 07:31:32

Good morning everyone from Inverness where it’s light grey cloud and a bit of rain in the air. It’s still warm though, about 21 degrees forecast for this afternoon.
Lovely photos Alizarin and Ash thank you for sharing.
I’ve a busy day today as I’m off to meet my friend for coffee this morning - it was rearranged from yesterday, and then I’m at the much needed hairdressers this afternoon.
Thinking of everyone with worries and struggles, hope today is gentle and take care all whatever the day brings 💐

cornergran Thu 05-Aug-21 07:33:22

Morning Mick, morning All from an overcast corner of Somerset.

Managed everything planned yesterday including a thoroughly enjoyable lunch, well more chat than lunch, with my friend. Today we’re off along two motorways to see family after a visit to my parents grave. It’s hard to enjoy the journey but worth it to spend time with our older grandchildren.

Excellent idea to add the date to the heading Mick, thank you for suggesting it. Your photos have reminded me of our trip to Cornwall earlier in the year Ash, we stopped at Castle Drogo for a lunch break and a walk to break the journey. You’ll love Crickley Hill Scentia, fabulous views when it’s clear, a favourite area with our children many years ago.

Hope there is a smile for everyone today and Thursday is kind to us all.

Elizabeth1 Thu 05-Aug-21 07:39:02

Good morning everyone after having a really nice cool sleep we’ve wakened to the cooing of pigeons and bright sunshine here on the east coast of Fife. I’m not yet sure what the rest of the days weather will be like.

I like the idea of putting the date and the day on this heading it might make it easier to recall certain postings.

Fingers crossed today will be harmonious in this household. I’m needing to gain my confidence back having lost it since my recent near fainting event partially due to exertion and the heat of the afternoon sunshine.

Yesterday afternoon became quite warm,however I had a ceiling fan on and a genuine Japanese fan to hand while lounging in the conservatory chatting to my carer and playing mind games on the dedicated iPad. My ds and dh both went out to the opticians yesterday leaving me in peace unfortunately my poor sister brought back bad news about her eyesight failing saying his type of thing happens to those of a certain age. Here’s hoping it doesn’t get worse, I use my second pair of glasses to watch tv, but sometimes I just forget and screw my eyes up trying to read any subtitles. Must start using these glasses for long distance.

Best wishes to all today happy Thursday everyone flowers have a good day.

Greyduster Thu 05-Aug-21 07:45:03

Good morning, Michael and all GNs. The sun is struggling in Northumberland but it is dry at the moment. We had a long day yesterday in Alnwick; delicious breakfast in Barter Books cafe followed by a day of plodding around Alnwick Castle, (beginning with a hilarious “have a go” archery session - I couldn’t hit a barn door) the over to Craster and a walk up to Dunstanburgh Castle before dinner. By the time we came home DH and I were on our knees. Today we are doing - nothing! Hurray! Enjoy your day folks whatever you are doing.

Gelisajams Thu 05-Aug-21 07:47:08

Good morning from Morecambe Bay where it just feels so hot after the cool of Shetland. Lots of grass cutting today before the forecast rain comes in. I need to sort out my garden - it looks like a jungle too Alizarin
Enjoy your break Nannyjan
Hope to here from Marydoll today I do hope she’s ok.
Thinking of all others too with problems, pains and worries 💐
Take care and stay safe everyone 🌸

Gingster Thu 05-Aug-21 07:56:29

Good morning and it’s still sunny here in Suffolk (at the mo).🤞
We had a walk along the beach yesterday and saw a little group of children, mums and nannas. As we walked by I heard my name called and an old friend running down to greet us.
She was staying on the campsite with her daughter and GC. We all used to have caravans on the site for years and had such fun. Lovely to see all the youngsters returning with their families.

We had a very nice meal at the local social club last evening. 2 meals for £10. Lots of locals there and a friendly atmosphere . We’ll go again as it’s on every wednesday.

Alizirin that Sandy beach looks amazing. If our beach wS like that I would swim every day. We have a pebble beach, with some sand when the tide goes out. It’s difficult to get in and out of and I usually go down a steep dip and plunge in (not very gracefully) 🤣😂.

Grandmafrench I’m so sorry I missed your birthday. You always remember everyone else’s. 🥰. I hope you had a very happy day.🌺

Happy birthday for tomorrow Scentia and enjoy your weekend away.

Mick another ‘yes’ from me. A good idea with the date. 👍

Wishing you all a happy day. 😁

Grandmajean Thu 05-Aug-21 07:56:58

Good morning. Sunny here in Cheshire but rain forecast.
Beautiful photo Alizarin Haven't been to St Ives for years. It is such a tedious drive from here. Beautiful resort.
Have as good a day as possible all !

BlueSapphire Thu 05-Aug-21 07:58:15

Good morning everyone from a sunny Northampton, though rain is forecast later, just when we are on our health walk. Never mind, it will be nice to get into the pub afterwards for a drink and a meal.

Must hoover round upstairs today, then await another Sainsburys delivery at lunchtime. I had forgotten to get a large bag of dry cat food so had to have another order this week.

Spent a pleasant afternoon at the well being cafe yesterday afternoon; I shall definitely be making it a fixture. I had thought it would be mostly 'old dears' ( my age group, ha ha!), but there was a wide range of ages and lots of activities available. You can take your own knitting, sewing etc, or just sit and chat. Beautiful homemade cakes available, and tea/coffee on tap. I spent a pleasant hour reverting to childhood and colouring in- could not resist this flamingo picture!

Lovely pictures of Castle Drogo, Ash; DH and I had a stop there on our way back from a holiday in Carbis Bay a few years ago.

Wishing all a pleasant day.

hollysteers Thu 05-Aug-21 08:02:56

Good morning Mick and all from Sunnyside, Lancashire coast.
Off on a jolly today into North Wales, with rain forecast, typical. Flask filled, sarnies made and back support at the ready, Cat refusing supermarket own brand food, well starve then!
Thoughts to harrigran and anyone with troubles.

BlueSapphire Thu 05-Aug-21 08:03:12

Why hasn't my picture posted?

BlueSapphire Thu 05-Aug-21 08:04:20

And so we have two flamingos!

Pittcity Thu 05-Aug-21 08:07:41

Good morning from sunny Colchester.

A date is a good idea Mick. I could see this thread as a book along the "diary of....." lines.

Thursday means laundry and shopping. We are also beginning a bit of DIY and decorating, starting with removing a fixed doormat and filling the space with tiles. B&Q is calling!!

Lots of love x

Nannytopsy Thu 05-Aug-21 08:08:19

Good morning Mick and all his followers. It is another sunny morning here in Suffolk but there’s a freshness in the air.
Our WI are starting a weekly cafe this morning, so I shall be helping at that today. It clashes with our village one, so I shall have to alternate or I shall miss out on all the gossip!
Rest your legs today Greyduster ! I have developed trochanteric bursitis in both hips and I find walking really hard just now. I must do something about it.
I hope today is kind to everyone

Grammaretto Thu 05-Aug-21 08:13:35

Good morning from the Scottish Borders. Sunny and mild here so far.
I was thinking of you Ash when the borders with France etc were opened a chink. I hope your DH can join you.
My DB can come and see help me after all as we've been taken off their red list (DK).
I'm off on a long walk today with my U3A. Trying to decide is it sunhat, raincoat, shorts, overtrousers, midge cream, sun cream or the lot!

I think a date would help me Mick as I see people continue to write well after morning.

Anniebach Thu 05-Aug-21 08:14:25

Good morning Auntyflo and all x