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Thank You Gransnetters 😃♥️

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FannyCornforth Tue 14-Sep-21 11:10:45

This post is to say thank you all so much for everything this past year.
I cannot express how much I have gained from your support, help, advice, friendship and fun.
This year has been incredibly tough for me.
As well as the usual Covid stuff, my physical health, chronic pain and mobility have meant that I’m practically housebound.
This has also had a knock on effect with my mental health.
I’ve had to give up my ideal teaching job that I worked so hard for.
And my husband has been very, very poorly indeed.
So, on today, my first GN Fanniversary*
I just want to say thank you to Gransnetters for always being here when I needed distraction and company flowers ♥️ smile x

thanks *Alegrias for your sleuthing!

LauraNorder Tue 14-Sep-21 11:23:59

🎉Happy fanniversary to you FannyC.
Thank you for lots of interesting and often fun threads that you start.
Sorry to hear that you’ve suffered so much, it doesn’t often show, demonstrating your stoic nature.
I look forward to many more FannyC threads. 🎈

FannyCornforth Tue 14-Sep-21 11:43:02

Oh Laura thank you too.

Doodle Tue 14-Sep-21 11:53:49

Fanny you have been through a lot. Hope things improve for you and your DH. 🤗

TillyTrotter Tue 14-Sep-21 11:55:18

Happy Fannyversary!
I second everything LauraN says. 😊

Cs783 Tue 14-Sep-21 12:04:49

What LauraNorder said. flowers

Grandmajean Tue 14-Sep-21 12:05:05

Happy Fanniversary ! - great word

JaneJudge Tue 14-Sep-21 12:41:49

Happy Fannyversary grin

Blossoming Tue 14-Sep-21 13:24:35

Happy Fanniversary lovely lady flowers

Smileless2012 Tue 14-Sep-21 13:27:32

What a lovely thread Fanny yep Fanniversary is a great wordwinecupcakeflowers.

crazyH Tue 14-Sep-21 13:29:46

Thankyou for being you flowers

dustyangel Tue 14-Sep-21 13:35:54

Happy Fanniversary Fanny🥳, you always post such cheerful and positive posts and I hope that both you and your husband have some improvement soon. flowers

farview Tue 14-Sep-21 13:39:52

As soon as I see a thread title..I know when it's one yours Fanny just as i always knew when it was a Phoenix thread 😊

Josianne Tue 14-Sep-21 13:45:27

I'm another fan of Fanny's posts. They might be different, but they are always funny and a bit off the wall sometimes.
Happy Fanniversary and I'm relying on you to get stuck into Christmas soon.
I wish you and your DH better health. flowers

Josianne Tue 14-Sep-21 13:46:23

Strange how at least 5 or 6 of the well wishers on this thread are posters I warm too as well.

nanna8 Tue 14-Sep-21 13:50:55

Glad this place has helped you, Fanny. I love your posts, you’re
one out of the box as they say here. 🌏🌹

Doodledog Tue 14-Sep-21 13:54:46

Happy Fannyversary🥳.

I’m sorry to read that it’s been a grim year for you- I hope things start looking up soon.

Lizzie72 Tue 14-Sep-21 13:59:44

Oh! I always thought you worked for Gransnet!
Sorry to hear about your troubles - hope the next year is betterflowers

MayBeMaw Tue 14-Sep-21 14:05:37

Happy Fanniversary from me too.
Gransnetters were a wonderful source of support for me when I was at my lowest through the last dreadful years of my dear Paw’s illness and then when I lost him and of course lovely Gracie and dear Hattie.
I am sorry you seem to have fallen out with me but I wish you many more happy years with Gransnet. 🎉 🎊

NotAGran55 Tue 14-Sep-21 14:08:34

Happy Fannyversary Fanny , thank you for the smiles 😀

Ps If you ever want to move we have a Fannys Lane just up the hill from here.

GranEd Tue 14-Sep-21 14:09:13

Happy Fanniversary! 🥳
Hope life soon starts to improve for you and yourDH. 💐

Calendargirl Tue 14-Sep-21 14:11:28



Nortsat Tue 14-Sep-21 14:13:37

Happy Fannyversary Fanny.

I very much enjoy your threads and postings. You add as much to GN as you receive.
I am sorry this has been such a challenging year and I wish you and your DH lots of good things in the coming year. 💐

Lucca Tue 14-Sep-21 14:15:39

And it’s Happy Gransnetiversary from me too !! Hope you’re treating yourself well.

Ashcombe Tue 14-Sep-21 14:19:07

Happy Anniversary to you, dear lady! wine

I had no idea that you had been through so much and I do wish you and your DH a better year ahead as you continue connecting on here. Posters like you help to make GN a worthwile site to visit. Keep 'em coming! smile