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Good Morning Wednesday 15th September 2021

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Michael12 Wed 15-Sep-21 06:03:09

Good Morning Everyone,
Still Dark here in Brackley but its dry at the moment , did my usual yesterday .
Today a quiet day in expecting a parcel delivery by the Royal mail , getting a new BT box , as I have had to renew , or loose channels in a few months time like Eurosport .
But we will see .
Take Care,

Alizarin Wed 15-Sep-21 06:53:47

Glad about the BT box Mick, you'd miss your sports channels. Good morning from my patio where a lovely twilight promises a fine day. Yesterday went to St Mawes on the River Fal. The crowds!!!! Yikes. Scurried back home ha ha. A funny visit to my hip surgeon who confirmed all is ok, but he is quite a joker and pretended to shielded his eyes as I unzipped my jeans to reveal my knickers. As if he hasn't seen it all before. Hope your back is getting better Elizabeth. Today, to the physio to enquire about a knee brace as the waiting list for a knee replacement may be two years. Ooh. The best of days to you all.

Alizarin Wed 15-Sep-21 06:54:30

Oh, I left out south Cornwall. smile

grandMattie Wed 15-Sep-21 06:55:27

Good morning from a grey east Kent.
DD is coming today for a couple of days. Going to be hard as we are viewing my darling Philip then sorting out the funeral. DGS is still in a daze, poor lad.
Carrie diem, everyone. Have a gentle day, catch flamingoes. 🦩🦩🦩🦩🦩🌻🌻☀️☀️☀️😊

grandMattie Wed 15-Sep-21 07:04:46

Carpe diem…

Alizarin Wed 15-Sep-21 07:08:07

Oh grandMattie. flowersflowers

Pittcity Wed 15-Sep-21 07:14:58

🦩🦩🦩🦩🦩to you too Grandmattie

Good morning from a grey skied Colchester. Forecast to be dry today after yesterday's deluge.
I'm glad because we usually sit outside for our weekly Wednesday meetup. A lot of the ladies prefer it covidwise so we'll continue as long as we can.
DH is expecting delivery of shelving for his shed. This afternoon we will be sorting and moving stuff.

Love and flamingos for all x 🦩🦩🦩🦩🦩

Grandmajean Wed 15-Sep-21 07:15:03

Good morning.
Such a sad and difficult time for you and your family GrandMattie I hope you can take some comfort from our thoughts and good wishes.

Beechnut Wed 15-Sep-21 07:19:17

Good Morning everyone from Severnside. It’s dry, grey with a bit of mist.

I’ve a small job to do first thing and then the rest of the day will be for pottering.
We have something to look forward to. In the last few days we have heard family are coming to stay just after New Year.

grandMattie 💐

Take care all 🦩🌸

Ashcombe Wed 15-Sep-21 07:24:00

Good morning from the Sarthe after another night of showers.

Nothing much to say after reading grandMattie's post. So many supportive thoughts and prayers for you and your family, especially your poor grandson, for whom you must feel the need to be strong, despite your broken heart.

🦩With love to you all. 🦩

Grandmadinosaur Wed 15-Sep-21 07:31:38

Good morning. It’s grey and dull again but dry in East Yorkshire.

Not a lot planned today still adjusting to Wednesday being a grandchild free day.

grandMattie I will be thinking of you today and wishing you love,hugs and strength as you face this difficult day 💐

harrigran Wed 15-Sep-21 07:32:35

Good morning from a grey and damp NE.
DH is home from hospital and I am not sleeping well. He was supposed to have a telephone appointment with the oncologist yesterday but she never rang.
I have an appointment at the surgery for an over 75 MOT. That should be interesting, haven't seen a Dr for two years and my consultant discharged me without seeing me or doing final blood checks.
My sister is taking me and BIL will stay home with DH. I do not want to use taxis or public transport as DH is so vulnerable.
Family visited on Sunday and DS sent me a message on Monday to say that youngest GD had a gastric bug and it was going round the school. He suggested I cleaned wherever GD had been, that will be everywhere then.
grandMattie flowers

Urmstongran Wed 15-Sep-21 07:36:52

Good morning everyone from Malaga where it’s another gorgeous day ahead. Our forecast is for 27°C, sunny with a gentle breeze.

I went to bed at 10pm and woke at 8am - ten solid hours! Am I turning into a teenager? The joys of retirement anyway.

We had LWW yesterday - the afternoon sunshine was glorious! Today, no plans until this evening. We’re meeting our friends from Bolton for G&T’s in Pedro’s at 8pm then will cross over the road to share pizzas and wine.

💐 for you and your family right now grandMattie.

Elizabeth1 I hope your back is a bit easier. Diazepam was the best muscle relaxant when one of our daughters pulled her back recently. She is paying £45 a session (had her 2nd appointment yesterday) with an osteopath as she is ‘on the list’ waiting to see an NHS physiotherapist, referred on line by her GP. When will doctors open up to patients properly I wonder? Not for the foreseeable I fear.

Enjoy Wednesday all of us who can and count our blessings.

Susan56 Wed 15-Sep-21 07:38:53

Good morning from Shropshire.

Thinking of you today grandmattie and sending love, thoughts and prayers to you and your family.🌻🦩

Urmstongran Wed 15-Sep-21 07:40:42

Oh harrigran our posts crossed and there was you saying you’re not sleeping well and I smugly tra-la that I’d had ten hours! That must have seemed so crass.

grandMattie Wed 15-Sep-21 07:42:34

What a lovely bunch you all are!
I can’t tell you much your love, prayers and support mean to us. 🥰. Thank you.

Gingster Wed 15-Sep-21 07:46:13

Good morning all from a grey skyed Essex. Yesterday was dreary to say the least. Drizzle and mizzle!

Today we have eldest GD coming to see us before her return to Uni on Friday. I hope she has a better year than the last one. 🤞.
I think we’ll go out for lunch and we’ll have a wander to the market and shops to see if there’s a few treats she would like. ❤️.

Love and strength to you today GrandMattie. 🌺

brook2704 Wed 15-Sep-21 07:48:26

Good morning everyone from Inverness where it’s a bright and dry start to the day

Thinking of you and your family grandMattie at such a sad and difficult time 💐

Yesterday turned out to be warm and sunny in the afternoon and DH and I enjoyed a walk along the seashore.
Today I’m off to the gym and then meeting a friend for coffee and a chat later

Take care everyone whatever the day brings 💐

Urmstongran Wed 15-Sep-21 07:52:02

It’s obvious to me now just how many posters are missing from this thread. Where is everybody? On holiday? Oh yes, just remembered that GG13 is in Norfolk. But the others? I see them posting on other threads just not here, which seems strange.

BlueSapphire Wed 15-Sep-21 07:52:17

Good morning everyone from a grey and damp Northampton, but it is forecast to gradually get better during the day. So pleased I did the grass on Monday.

Have a hair appointment shortly so need to get my skates on as soon as I have finished my mug of tea. Then back for a quick lunch and off to our Wednesday club. My friend has been put in charge of the craft table this week, so she needs to be there extra early.

Started my new cardigan yesterday, but the wool is a completely different shade of blue to that shown on line, but no doubt I shall get used to it. Also I didn't notice that it came in 50g balls instead of the usual 100g, so I have only got half what I need. Have already ordered the other half.

Thinking of grandMattie today.. flowersflowers

baubles Wed 15-Sep-21 07:56:32

Good morning Mick, morning all from cloudy South Lanarkshire.

As we got her a few months before the first lockdown little pooch never got used to people she doesn’t know coming into the house so now we have a barking dog which I’m not happy about. Today I’ll spend time watching UTube videos on how to help her stop reacting to the doorbell. I suspect it will be an uphill task.

Wishing you strength today and in the days to come grandMattie flowers

NotAGran55 Wed 15-Sep-21 07:57:43

Thinking of you and your family today grandMattie whilst I’m at the food bank . flowers

Jaxjacky Wed 15-Sep-21 08:01:25

Good morning from a not sure as I’m still in bed Weston super Mare. Walked miles yesterday, up and down the pier, along the seafront, then to Cheddar. We didn’t walk the gorge, it was damp and our footwear wasn’t right, that’s my excuse anyway. MrJ off to golf, I may have a swim, read my tome of a book (Troubled Blood), it’s a workout even carrying it.
Thoughts with you grandMattie on another difficult day 💐.

ginny Wed 15-Sep-21 08:06:13

Good Morning to you all .
Yesterday’s visit to the Isle of Wight was a little disappointing ting. The sun came out but the resorts we visited all seemed rather run down and not as I remembered them.
Today we are off to Winchester to explore and visit the Flower Festival at the cathedral. Hoping to see some beautiful displays.

Special thoughts to GrandMattie and Harrigran and all who need them.
Hope you can all find a smile in your day.

NanKate Wed 15-Sep-21 08:06:18

Good morning Mick.

A grey day here in South Bucks.

grandMattie you, your DGS and family are in our collective thoughts at this very sad time. You have shown us the importance of telling our nearest and dearest how much we love them. 💐

Where is our Marydoll I do miss her kind and funny words.