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grannyrebel7 Wed 15-Sep-21 18:47:36

Did anyone see the interview on Good Morning Britain today? In case you don't remember this was one of the girls that ran off to join Isis back in 2015. She has been stripped of her UK citizenship but is now begging to be allowed back into the country. I don't know what to think about this case as you could argue that she was a young impressionable teenager who was groomed online I suppose. However, she didn't come across like that and gave the impression that she wasn't really sorry. Even when asked about her three children who died and her two friends, she didn't really seem that upset. I don't think by giving that interview that she did herself any favours. I know there was a huge backlash on Twitter against her. Who knows the truth? I will keep an open mind on this one.

Mollygo Wed 15-Sep-21 19:03:28

Not quite sure how she can, in one speech, back ISIS and the Mc bombing and then claim she didn’t know people were killed and women and children shouldn’t have been killed. What does she think bombs do?

GrannyGravy13 Wed 15-Sep-21 19:10:45

I wonder where she got the make-up, the western clothes, the jewellery and her perfectly painted manicured finger nails, I shouldn’t think that these are readily available in a refugee camp in Northern Syria?

Sago Wed 15-Sep-21 19:11:10

If 5 years ago she had been asked to chop off a child’s head and make the parents watch the she would have done it.

We need to trust Sajid Javid when he said “ If you knew what I knew you wouldn’t allow her in”

We have enough terrorists here without letting more in.

Rosina Wed 15-Sep-21 19:12:32

I do wonder if this young woman has a syndrome that renders her unfeeling - she seems disaffected by the path her life has taken. She has said that beheadings didn't worry her - a nightmarish, horrific sight for anyone, surely - her children have died, and she has witnessed atrocities and violence. Many have questioned the existence of the much publicised baby she allegedly had when her story first made headlines; she appeared in an interview with the 'baby' wrapped in her clothing, and it didn't move. She now seems to have become a Westernised, very confident and outspoken woman while in a refugee camp.

trisher Wed 15-Sep-21 19:17:28

She was born in Britain, she grew up in Bitain, she was radicalised in Britain. It's time we started taking responsibility for our citizens and their crimes. She should be tried in Britain and if found guilty of any crime spend her time in a British prison.

BlueBelle Wed 15-Sep-21 19:20:32

Absolutely agree trisher she was a young and impressionable girl who had been brainwashed she should be able to come back and if needed be prosecuted in her own country

Grammaretto Wed 15-Sep-21 19:21:13

Hasn't she been singled out as the scapegoat?
Several, if not dozens of, other Isis/Jihadi wives have managed to escape the Syrian camps and return to the safety of their own countries, or that of their "husbands" - under the radar.

Poor Shamima doesn't do herself any favours does she.
I didn't see Good Morning but I saw her on this evening's BBC news. She always appears a bit brain dead.

Casdon Wed 15-Sep-21 19:24:03

I agree too trisher. She is British, so she should go through our justice system like other British citizens do.

maddyone Wed 15-Sep-21 19:25:10

I saw her tonight on the BBC news too. I think she acts the part that is required according to what she wants.

Ilovecheese Wed 15-Sep-21 19:27:14

Whether she was misguided, groomed or is just a nasty piece of work she is ours and we should take responsibility for her, not palm the problem off on another country.

foxie48 Wed 15-Sep-21 20:07:15

She was a 15 year old girl when she was radicalised. I don't know anything about her apart from what has been shown in the press but I believe wholeheartedly that she should come back to the UK to face trial. IMO it is completely wrong to leave her in Syria. I cannot imagine what she found in Syria but I am certain it was not what she expected or wanted. If a 15 year old girl is groomed and does bad things in this country we look at the those who groomed her first. This is not what has happened in this case.

Kandinsky Wed 15-Sep-21 20:22:14

Zero sympathy & hope she never returns.

Zoejory Wed 15-Sep-21 20:22:14

We do seem very confused about age in this country.

Shamima is not to be trusted or believed according to many. Yet she was 15 when she set off for Syria. Obviously groomed.

Then we have Greta Thunberg who at 16 is, according to many, the saviour of the planet.

But Virginia Guiffre was a child at 17.

I believe Shamima should be allowed to return to face justice in this country. Is she supposed to stay in this camp forever?

GagaJo Wed 15-Sep-21 20:34:23

I think with the clothing thing, she has worked out that shrouded in the black cover-all, she remains the jihadi bride figure. She's trying to look like a British girl.

I think she'll try anything to come back to the UK. I don't blame her. Any of us would do the same in her position.

I also know/have known of a LOT of idiotic, very silly, 15 year old girls. It isn't a rational age. They'll cut their noses off to spite their faces at that age. For the ones I've known, it has resulted in them being expelled from school. For a niece of mine, it involved being allowed to leave school to be homeschooled. Except she wasn't homeschooled and got barely any GCSEs. It's wrecked her whole life. No education. No career. Few work prospects. All because she was a stroppy teenager. SB didn't know what she was doing. And her life has been hell for the last 6 years.

Gwyneth Wed 15-Sep-21 21:12:53

I would prefer to trust what Sajid Javid says rather than Begum. It’s too big a risk to allow her back into the UK.

Grammaretto Wed 15-Sep-21 21:27:37

As Zoejory suggests: there is no logic to what is considered old enough to be responsible. Leave her to rot as an example to others?
It is a cruel fate . I would never support a Government who would do that to a young person when they have the power to bring her back to the Britain of her birth to face trial.

VioletSky Wed 15-Sep-21 21:32:47


She was born in Britain, she grew up in Bitain, she was radicalised in Britain. It's time we started taking responsibility for our citizens and their crimes. She should be tried in Britain and if found guilty of any crime spend her time in a British prison.

I completely agree. Her mind is broken and she needs help

Callistemon Wed 15-Sep-21 21:33:46

She appears to be desensitised and not to understand the reality of her actions.

Now she sees herself as a would-be advisor to the Government.

Perhaps she should be brought back, tried and imprisoned but none of us know the full facts of what she has done so we're in no position to judge.

Calendargirl Wed 15-Sep-21 21:58:12


Zero sympathy & hope she never returns.


Forsythia Wed 15-Sep-21 22:03:18

No sympathy whatsoever. Watched her on six o’clock news and she kept referring to ‘your country’, the British etc. Clearly doesn’t see herself as British or the UK being her country. Just will say whatever she can to get what she wants. And I do wonder at the ITVs continued interest and promoting of her so called cause. Also, how easy it is for them to have access to her. All seems very strange to me.

Smileless2012 Wed 15-Sep-21 22:04:49

I agree with you too Kandinsky.

A "would-be-adviser to the Government" Callistemonshock heaven help us all.

Jackiest Wed 15-Sep-21 22:21:39

No sympathy for her and don't want her back but on the other hand I don't think any other country wants her and I don't think we have the right to pass our problems onto other innocent countries. So if I was Syria I would shove her on a plane and send her back where she came from. Which is here. What we do with her is up to us.

Gillycats Wed 15-Sep-21 22:24:10

If she comes back she will pose a huge threat to national security. So if she comes back she needs to be jailed for a very very long time. The problem with that is that the snowflakes will kick off about her human rights. She knew what she was doing, she’s educated and articulate. It’s a tough call maybe but our safety must not be compromised.

JenniferEccles Wed 15-Sep-21 22:24:34

Yes Sajid Javid’s comments were I think the most significant aspect of this case.

There is clearly a lot about this woman’s involvement with ISIS that we know nothing about, yet what we do know is horrific enough.

It was completely the right decision to strip her of her British citizenship.

The woman is potentially a danger to us, and, yes, what was the perfect manicure all about?

Poverty stricken in a refugee camp? It just doesn’t add up.