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M25 protesters chaos

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rosie1959 Fri 17-Sep-21 13:28:43

More reports this morning of Insulate Britain causing absolute chaos on parts of the M25
Apparently the police are now taking more decisive action to remove them and not before time
Blue paint has also been poured onto the road in a bid to disrupt more traffic
They will get little sympathy for this ridiculous type of action that the police seem to have been very slow to clear Sure a few HGVs could clear them quicker

lemongrove Fri 17-Sep-21 13:36:18

Complete idiots the lot of them, hope they are moved more quickly next time.

GrannyGravy13 Fri 17-Sep-21 13:40:24

The irony is causing miles and miles of traffic jams increases the pollution and alienates the general public who they are stopping earning a living, travelling to medical appointments or if they had done this a few weeks ago we would have missed my husband’s brother’s funeral…

LucyLocket55 Fri 17-Sep-21 13:42:46

A friend was desperate to get to her daughter who had a new baby and had phoned her in tears feeling unable to cope, her husband is in the forces and is away. She was stuck on the M25 for 4 hours because of these b******s and in the end, after ringing around, managed to get hold of her daughters GP surgery ( and you All know how hard that is!) who sent a health visitor round eventually. When she eventually got round to her daughter’s house, she was calmer but confessed she had thought of putting a pillow over the baby’s face. She has now been diagnosed with PND and will get help. My friend is staying with her, thank goodness as there have been further M25 blockages.

rafichagran Fri 17-Sep-21 13:43:00

Absolute fools, hope the Police take more measures to move these idiots on.

JenniferEccles Fri 17-Sep-21 14:09:27

This really makes me so cross.

As it’s a criminal offence to obstruct the highway, why on earth weren’t they moved on (or ideally all arrested) the instant the police arrived?

What happened to the new legislation which was supposed to give the police more power to deal with this idiots?

JaneJudge Fri 17-Sep-21 14:12:29

My husband and son got caught up in it all the other day. We are all a bit confused as there seems to be little reporting of it. Some poor woman had to be airlifted to hospital for gods sake. The only coverage I have seen is on newsnight

Plus they want to insulate houses, why on earth are they gluing themselves to carriageways. There are better ways to get your message across.

maddyone Fri 17-Sep-21 14:27:25

These selfish people annoy me. I don’t think this kind of action helps their cause, it just annoys other people who are trying to get on with their lives. Just selfish.

JaneJudge Fri 17-Sep-21 14:45:41

My son said if you look at it from a moral standpoint of climate change they're causing congestion and more emissions.

Callistemon Fri 17-Sep-21 15:27:15

Their actions contradict their words and cause the very thing they protest about.

I don't know why they weren't removed straight away.

Wheniwasyourage Fri 17-Sep-21 15:30:54

I'm all for getting serious about stopping emissions and keeping climate change at bay as far as is still possible, but this is definitely not the way to go about it. What on earth, as others have said, is the point of antagonising people and causing even more pollution? angry

Mollygo Fri 17-Sep-21 15:38:11

Attention seeking-it goes on all the time. I bet few of them walked to cause the disruption. Some of them, 😱😱 probably bought burgers to eat and wore leather footwear from animals that pollute, and those that didn’t, wore man made materials, and plastic which contribute to pollution. I wonder how many plastic water bottles were in use? It’s serious, but that’s a stupid way to protest.

JaneJudge Fri 17-Sep-21 16:11:39

My husband said he felt sorry for all the people in vans needing to do a days work, those on gig who wont have got paid F all and some poor woman was airlifted to hospital because of their actions (though they were apparently arrested?)

timetogo2016 Fri 17-Sep-21 16:20:45

Pathetic idiots.
The police should do the job they are paid for and no press would be a good idea.

JenniferEccles Fri 17-Sep-21 16:29:53

The point I don’t understand is what more do they possibly expect the government to do?
For starters we are being forced to change to electric cars before too long, as well as allegedly having our perfectly functioning gas central heating boilers ripped out, to be replaced by a far less efficient system. These protesters are targeting the wrong country.

Why don’t they clear off to China, and try to force their daft ideology on them? If they were sincere in their views that’s certainly one country they should be targeting.
I for one would love to see how their shenanigans are received there!

The sooner the new legislation is passed, giving police more powers to break up and arrest these idiots, the better.

Alegrias1 Fri 17-Sep-21 16:34:34

It is possible, you know, to disagree with protesters' methods without wanting them to be shipped off to China or blocked from all protesting.

Bring back, the birch, eh? That'll show them.

What do they want the government to do? Clue's in the name.

Scones Fri 17-Sep-21 16:41:36


Attention seeking-it goes on all the time. I bet few of them walked to cause the disruption. Some of them, 😱😱 probably bought burgers to eat and wore leather footwear from animals that pollute, and those that didn’t, wore man made materials, and plastic which contribute to pollution. I wonder how many plastic water bottles were in use? It’s serious, but that’s a stupid way to protest.

I expect some people at Epsom complained about Emily Davison holding up the races.

Sarnia Fri 17-Sep-21 16:41:43

Misguided barmpots, the lot of them. The Daily Mail (yes, I know!!!) published an article on the leader of this group of buffoons and his house has the lowest insulation rating of G. They just don't get it. Pick them up and move them. Stop pandering to these idiots.

Alegrias1 Fri 17-Sep-21 16:44:47

Why are they misguided Sarnia?

Because they don't live off grid and knit their own yogurt?

Callistemon Fri 17-Sep-21 16:52:46

Perhaps because they (or some of them) allegedly don't practise what they preach?

AGAA4 Fri 17-Sep-21 16:59:11

We need to do something about climate change but this is not the way. They will have caused more pollution with this kind of protest than if the traffic had been allowed to flow.

AGAA4 Fri 17-Sep-21 17:01:27

These eco-warriors need to have a rethink about how they can help to reduce climate change.

GrannyGravy13 Fri 17-Sep-21 17:11:27

Here’s a thought they call themselves Insulate Britain how about organising fund raisers then using the profits to insulate homes for those folks who cannot afford to do so themselves and do not qualify for the Governments scheme??

maddyone Fri 17-Sep-21 17:12:22

……knit their own yoghurt.
I’m sorry, but that did make me laugh grin

It’s a serious subject but this kind of protest really isn’t going to make people think differently, it’ll merely make them angry, not over climate change, but angry because their day has been interrupted. People will have lost money because they can’t get to work, they will have missed vital medical appointments, possibly cancer treatments, they will have missed planes, one lady on Gransnet couldn’t get to her daughter suffering from PND, and so the list goes on. This is simply not the way to do it. They should inconvenience the politicians not the general public.

eazybee Fri 17-Sep-21 17:14:57

They are articulate, they can write, they can hold open meetings but their message fails to impress most people who are capable of thinking for themselves.
Therefore the need to make an exhibition of themselves, literally.