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travelsafar Thu 23-Sep-21 09:06:05

I have noticed that since lockdown i tend to wear the same clothes all the time. I only go out a couple of times a week, shopping and to my knit and natter group so i usually dress in smart casual tousers and top. None of my 'best' clothes have touched my back and in fact a couple of items i bought in the sale in Autumn 2019 still hang in the cupboard with tags on. I intend to have a cull when winter kicks in proper, a being really ruthless as i have so many items of clothing that havent seen the light of day for over 2 years now and obviously they are not really needed. Look out charity shops here i come!!!!!

Calendargirl Thu 23-Sep-21 09:14:05

I wear the same clothes day in, day out. They don’t seem to wear out! The crops I have on are 7 summers old, and the fleece I have just donned to go walking in must be about 12 years old.

I loathe clothes shopping, wore a uniform for work, and since retirement just don’t need many. Having said that, wardrobe has lots in that I just never put on my back.

Will have a good sort out soon.

Germanshepherdsmum Thu 23-Sep-21 09:19:57

Glad to see I’m not alone!

Maudi Thu 23-Sep-21 09:29:21

I'm the same wear the same things everyday, I've got new tops in the wardrobe bought before Covid that I'm saving for my holiday in Turkey if I ever get there lol.

eazybee Thu 23-Sep-21 09:33:10

I wouldn't get rid of clothes you haven't worn for two years, bearing in mind what the past two years were like. Saying that, I have noticed people are dressing down much more than we used to as we start to go out.

Scones Thu 23-Sep-21 09:40:16

When I was working in the 1980s the fashion was all 'capsule wardrobes'. It's only since I've retired that I have actually achieved one. I have so few clothes all chosen to suit the way I spend my days. I have a few tops, a few of cardis and warm tops, a denim jacket, a few bottoms and a couple of dresses. A mac and a winter coat. Two swimming costumes and a dry robe. I add layers and accessories to make me warm/smarter/glittery and that does the job.

To me it feels freeing to have less.

Aveline Thu 23-Sep-21 09:41:56

I'm the same. Comfy trousers and fleece tops/polo shirts for me. I have lots of nice clothes but somehow they're not relevant any more.sad

JackyB Thu 23-Sep-21 11:34:41

My problem is all those tee shirts and tops that are still good enough to wear but which have stains down the front I can't get rid of. Grease stains from cooking bleach marks from too enthusiastic cleaning. I really should wear an apron.

I don't know whether to keep them or demote them to cleaning rags. You can't give them away.

A friend once told me she had had an aunt whose wardrobe was only 18" wide. She would buy a set of clothes at the beginning of each season and wear them exclusively, then chuck them out when the next season came round.

BlueSky Thu 23-Sep-21 11:57:14

Same here. I’ve just started wearing new items I bought before lockdown. They used to make me sad seeing them in the wardrobe with the labels still on, purchased with holidays in mind!

BigBertha1 Thu 23-Sep-21 12:03:28

I like to ring the changes and wear my clothes now obviously not 'going out for the evening' things but dresses, trousers, jeans, tops something different everyday. DH tends to dress the same .. jeans and shirt but I get him to change these regularly. I just feel we will get fusty and musty physically and mentally if we don't make an effort daily. We also make sure we dont spend more than one day at a time without going out to get some fresh air/have lunch/go shopping.

Hetty58 Thu 23-Sep-21 12:08:53

JackyB, as children, we got half a dozen new outfits, shoes and coats twice a year. The old ones were disposed of, usually going to a jumble sale.

There was another shopping trip before holidays. I don't know how they did it - but it seemed normal at the time. We would have assumed that everyone did the same, having no idea that our parents were wealthy.

shysal Thu 23-Sep-21 12:29:24

Yes, I keep washing and wearing the same 3 sets of clothing. However, it was no different before Covid, I am not very sociable! Despite that I have two wardrobes and a large chest of drawers bursting with items that I might wear one day!

Riverwalk Thu 23-Sep-21 12:36:57

I just feel we will get fusty and musty physically and mentally if we don't make an effort daily

I think along those lines too Bertha.

I go out every day, sometimes twice, and never wear the same clothes for more than a day at a time. I'm currently having a sort out and trying to 'capsule' my wardrobe - don't have a lot of things but like a lot of people I wear the same old favourites and some things are hardly worn.

FindingNemo15 Thu 23-Sep-21 13:05:39

I am the same and live in the same boring few items. I have a wardrobe jammed packed, but cannot get round to thinning it down. Like others a lot has never been worn and probably never will be.

Hetty58 Thu 23-Sep-21 13:12:37

Two wardrobes of 'might wear' items - and a clothes rail of everyday, really comfy stuff. The more it's worn and washed, the comfier it gets!

grannyactivist Thu 23-Sep-21 13:16:30

I wear tunics and leggings 95% of the time. I can dress them up for work or if I have a meeting to go to, but equally they’re comfortable on the allotment or when I’m baking or doing housework.

I’m trying to do less laundry (saving the planet) so if I’m not leaving the house I tend to wear outer clothes for longer than I did previously.

GagaJo Thu 23-Sep-21 13:23:32

Shopping for clothes seems pointless to me now, unless it is replacing due to something wearing out. I wonder if it was always this way and I just didn't realise?

Covid/lockdown seems to have totally shifted my world view I think. Clothes? Meh. Career? Income. Family (I was not particularly family focused before)? Everything.

PinkCosmos Thu 23-Sep-21 13:24:19

I work from home and wear cropped joggers and t shirts/tunics every day. None of them need ironing which is a bonus. On the rare occasion I go out I get a bit more dressed up but more smart casual.

I can't remember the last time I wore a dress, although I must have a least ten in the wardrobe, some with tags still on.

TanaMa Fri 24-Sep-21 10:41:28

Have many 'special event' clothes I will never wear again. After I lost my husband and a mutual friend lost his wife, I would sometimes accompany him as ANO to some if his quite 'posh' events. Unfortunately he now has dementia so these outings are no more. Don't think many of the cocktail and evening wear, including shoes etc, are what charity shops would want. So really don't know what to do with them - any suggestions?

semperfidelis Fri 24-Sep-21 10:51:22

I have lots of clothes and I wore most of them during lockdown. I wore matching earrings and scarves too, despite not seeing other people every day. I still felt I wanted to look my best, despite the problems all around me. How I look affects my mood, and I've never wanted to feel that I've given up on myself, even though I'm an older person.

Poppyred Fri 24-Sep-21 10:52:31

We had planned to go away for a few days this month and as usual I started panicking about what to wear.

Looking through my wardrobe I found more than enough and I’m going to make a serious effort from now on to cut down on buying new outfits and make do and mend as they say. Will only buy something new for a special event or occasion.

ayse Fri 24-Sep-21 10:57:52

I rarely buy new clothes except for trousers. I’ve just lost weight so need the next size down but I’m keeping the larger ones for putting on weight.

The only other thing I buy regularly are knickers and socks but I’m currently working through my large supply.

It all just goes to show how few clothes we need rather than want

Redhead56 Fri 24-Sep-21 11:03:22

I am the same comfy pants now fleecy tops if I am going out I will put something smarter on. When I return I put my pants and top back on.
If we are going out for a meal or drinks I like a nice dress on. I have recently bought three light knitted dresses from TU at Sainsbury’s good enough to go out in.

nipsmum Fri 24-Sep-21 11:16:30

I glad I'm not alone in this. Comfy trousers tunic tops or long blouses has become my usual uniform. I rarely go out socially. Have a black skirt and several tops . That's as dressed as I can be nowadays. I was never really interested in clothes anyway, so little change there.

Riggie Fri 24-Sep-21 11:21:47

I don't know whether to keep them or demote them to cleaning rags. You can't give them away.

Actually you can, *JackyB". Many charity shops will take rags as they sell them on. They can be processed and are then used for things like mattress fillings.
Maybe ask at your local and bag them up separately so they don't have to sort them.