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Had to post This picture

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Neen Thu 23-Sep-21 10:33:28

Just passed this on someone's wall and still chuckling .
I love it .

Ali08 Thu 23-Sep-21 11:32:46

He looks like the man in the moon.

grumppa Thu 23-Sep-21 12:21:23

Chairman Mao during the happy hour?

Grandmajean Thu 23-Sep-21 12:34:06

A happy cottage loaf !

ginny Thu 23-Sep-21 13:19:51


ginny Thu 23-Sep-21 13:20:39

Why does this site make a smile emoji look like a grimace ?

NotSpaghetti Thu 23-Sep-21 13:32:55

I don't know ginny but it's happened to me too.

Aldom Thu 23-Sep-21 13:36:55

Great find Neen. Perhaps put the photo on the 1000 words thread too. Lots of great photos on there.

sodapop Thu 23-Sep-21 13:49:24

smile love it Neen made me smile too.

Aveline Thu 23-Sep-21 13:57:04

So cheerful!