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Good Morning Friday 24th September 2021

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Michael12 Fri 24-Sep-21 06:03:54

Good Morning Everyone,
Its dark here in Brackley but its dry , apart from a small shop early this morning .
I will be watching both men's junior and under 23 road races in the World Championship on Euro sport most of the day .
Other than that with a coach trip on Saturday coming , and to a favourite location in York ,mind you if i do not visit Yorkshire once in a year it will do myself some good .
Take Care,

grandMattie Fri 24-Sep-21 06:20:24

Good morning from E Kent.
Yesterday was good. The phone line has been restored, it was a fault on the pole, Wifi was on a different line!
Furniture from Philip’s house has gone. The young men taking it are going to personalise it, sell it and give our chosen charity an extremely generous 20% of the proceeds! Very touched by that.
Today is quiet, bits and pieces. I’ve got to make the Star Wars waistcoat for DGS for his dad’s funeral. He chose the fabric and it’ll be an honour to do so.
Carpe diem. Love well, be gentle with yourselves. ☀️☀️☀️🦩❤️🦩🦩🦩❤️❤️🦩🦩🦩🦩🦩

harrigran Fri 24-Sep-21 06:27:00

Good morning from a dry NE where the forecast is for 20 degrees today.
DH is not having his chemotherapy today but has to return to the oncology unit for a blood transfusion, it is a very early appointment.
Nurse arrived as DH was returning home yesterday and saw what a struggle it was for him, she has arranged for twice weekly visits.
Housework this morning and make a shopping list for SIL, I missed last week.
Take care all.

Susan56 Fri 24-Sep-21 06:51:21

Good morning from Shropshire.

Mattie and harri, you are both showing such strength in dealing with such difficult times.You are both inspiring and we hold you and your families in our thoughts and prayers🌻

How lovely that the young men will donate to your chosen charity in Philip’s memory Mattie and the waistcoat sounds perfect🦩

harri, I hope your DH isn’t too exhausted by today’s appointment and am pleased that at last the nurse will be making regular visits💐

A day of childcare today.School pick up at 3 and then a play date in the park with DGD’s best friend and her grandma.They have been trying to arrange a play date for ages but with both mums working it has been difficult.They are so pleased we have arranged something and have said the grans are super heroes!☺️

Have a good day all.

Ashcombe Fri 24-Sep-21 07:02:17

Good morning, all, from a misty Sarthe. Our two hungry cats are pleased to be indoors on these cold mornings!

Your kindheartedness knows no bounds, grandMattie, so it’s good to know that it’s being repaid in the thoughtfulness of others. I hope we shall have the privilege of seeing your grandson's waistcoat when it’s completed.

I hope your DH’s transfusion gives him strength to face the chemotherapy, harrigran. I’m glad the nurse will visit more. What an apt name, Susan56, for grans like you!

Our friend came and mowed for two hours yesterday, besides helping me turn the mattress on our bed, a long overdue task! She’s strong from undertaking various lifting tasks on her smallholding. We enjoyed eggs from her ducks for lunch with (what passes for!) bacon here in France!

Wishing you all a good day. 🦩🥰🦩💐🦩

Urmstongran Fri 24-Sep-21 07:03:45

Good morning everyone from Malaga. I’m not looking at the weather forecast because as Andy Pandy used to sing in the 50’s ‘its time to go home, time to go home, teddy is waving goodbye!’.

We’ve had a fabulous summer. Now it’s come around to putting stuff away, sorting my airport handbag and leaving by train at 2pm. Our flight is around 5pm so we should be back in Urmston before 8pm. It will seem strange! Chilly too I expect.

We hit the ground running as were minding the Boy Wonder and L’il Miss at theirs all weekend because it’s our son in-law’s 46th birthday & they are away to Chester races with friends. If I don’t post in the morning it’s because I’m rushing about - we have to be at theirs for 9am!

You will stitch that waistcoat together with love, pride and sadness grandMattie - a real tribute to your Philip for your grandson to wear. So poignant really.

Right, time for a second cuppa. Himself is still snoozing. It’s just getting light here now at 8am.

Enjoy Saturday all who can. x

GrannyGravy13 Fri 24-Sep-21 07:07:48

Morning Mick and all

harrigran & grandMattie flowers

It’s granny duties today for The Imp, then DH and I are going out for dinner tonight.

Keep safe and well folks 🙋‍♀️🦩

Oopsadaisy1 Fri 24-Sep-21 07:10:48

Dry outside here in Oxfordshire, a busy day today.
DD1 is coming for the weekend with GCs, partner and dog, so I have 3 beds to make up and bedrooms to hoover and clean, I pulled some crates from the loft yesterday as she wants to take some of her stuff home, Yaaay, she left home over 30years ago so it’s about time.
We have to go and collect Mr Oops car from the garage
Shopping delivery lunchtime
Vegetarian food to prepare for weekend as they need to be ferried to various places as they are going out and about and will need food to be ready at odd times.
Cakes to make and ice and DH tells me that he has invited his mate for dinner this evening……….
DD1 has just texted to ask if she can come over for the day with the dog.
Still it’s good to be busy, ( just for a short time, I can’t cope with all of this too often) I was only going to sort the garden out anyway and I might get some time later, let’s hope it stays fine.
Hugs to those who are feeling low Grandmattie and Harri my thought are with you both.

Jaxjacky Fri 24-Sep-21 07:17:56

Good morning all from high cloud in S Hants.
grandMattie that waistcoat will be a true labour of love 💐.
Glad you and your DH are getting more help Harrigran, it’s deserved.
Safe journey Urmstongran yes, you’ll find it chilly this evening.
Tesco delivery later and I must put fuel in my car, should have done so earlier in the week.
Have the best day you can all x

brook2704 Fri 24-Sep-21 07:35:31

Good morning everyone from Inverness where it’s a dry and bright start to the day

You sound busy today Oops but lovely to have family time - enjoy

I’m still recovering a bit from the new class I tried at the gym yesterday -it’s good to work different muscles though I think. Today I’m doing the Fitsteps dance class so that should be a bit easier thank goodness. Then a bit of pottering in the garden hopefully

Thinking of everyone with worries and struggles, hope today is gentle and take care all whatever the day brings 💐

monk08 Fri 24-Sep-21 07:39:25

Good morning all from the Black country, sun trying to break through.
DS and the boys coming for tea today Dil off to Aberdovey after work she is taking part in a tidal swim.
grandMattie and Harrigran thoughts with you both 💐.
Safe journey Urmstongran don't forget to bring back the sun with you.
Enjoy your day everyone and may you all find some 🌞.

cornergran Fri 24-Sep-21 07:39:27

Morning Mick, morning All, the sky is clear over our corner of Somerset.

Doors are installed, we’re pleased with them and it will be what passes for a normal day around here. Laundry to process. As we failed in our search for a temporary cleaner I’ll remove what dust I can reach and Mr C will sanitise the kitchen and bathroom. Frustrated I can’t do more. Mr C is starting to wilt just a bit.

flowers for mattie and harri along with anyone else finding life a battle. Safe journey urms, soon be back.

Take care everyone, hope Friday is kind to us all.

kittylester Fri 24-Sep-21 07:42:10

Good morning all from a brightish North Leicestershire.

My car to the garage this morning because it's juddering. DH has a hair appointment and I will kill time wandering round the shops. Then chosing bedroom carpet. I then have presents to wrap and post. We have 9 at the end of September.

Had a lovely catchup with a fellow gn yesterday but got so entranced by a little girl eyeing up an ice cream that I got my friends order wrong.

Have the best day possible everyone.

Grandmajean Fri 24-Sep-21 07:48:18

Good morning.
My son's birthday today. We will see him later . He is 44 ! I can't believe it. He is a smashing son , husband and Dad.
Looks like it's going to be a nice day here in Cheshire.
Thinking of you GrandMattie as I do often.
A difficult time for other Grans too. My best wishes ❤️ for some joy in your day.

Gingster Fri 24-Sep-21 07:49:25

Good morning all and, yes, it another beautiful day here in Suffolk. What a week we’ve had. Appreciated every moment of this lovely autumn sunshine.

Last evening I walked along the beach to the local campsite and sat on the terrace with book club pals. Pizza made on the wood fired oven and a glass of beer. A warm evening overlooking the sea - we talked briefly about the book and enjoyed a natter about this and that. So lovely!
Dh met me coming back along the beach which was lit by the bright moon.

We had two visits to our nearest nursery (about 5 miles away). The first time as we arrived, dh had forgotten his wallet and I hadn’t taken my bag. Back home and had a coffee and off we went again and our second visit was successful. Winter flowering pansies, wallflowers and ornamental cabbages. They all do well through the winter.🤞 and make a nice show in the pots and tubs.

Had a message from DGD who has started her second year at Uni. It seems as though it’s all back to normal now and she is enjoying meeting her tutors and fellow course mates. Freshers week will go ahead, so at last she will be enjoying her university experience. Last year was awful for them.

Not sure what today will bring 🤔.
We bought fish from the local fisherman so will enjoy that this evening.

GM you will sew that waistcoat and every stitch will be with love.❤️.

Good day to you all. 🍁🌻🍂🌾

dragonfly46 Fri 24-Sep-21 07:52:07

Good morning from sunny Leicestershire.

Got my second Nordic walk this morning, hoping it is less strenuous than the last one.

I too had a lovely time catching up with a Gransnet friend yesterday kitty 😉

Hoping everyone has a good day.

Neen Fri 24-Sep-21 07:54:26

It's gorgeous here in Suffolk. I hope something lovely happens for everyone x

Grandmadinosaur Fri 24-Sep-21 07:55:05

Good Morning all from East Yorkshire where it is a sunny start to the day.

GrandMattie and Harrigran sending much love to you. Both being strong in the troubles you face. Inspirational indeed. 💐

Yesterday I had a dentist appointment with further root canal treatment. The cost is as painful as the treatment 🤣 my next appointment isn’t until the end of November unless they get a cancellation. It doesn’t help that my dentist only works 1 day a week. After that I had dgs after school and dad collected him a bit later due to work so he was here till nearly 7.

No plans for today as yet. Just the usual collect after school collection. Think we will go to the park as he is still full of beans after. He can run of his energy. Maybe a pub tea too.

Safe journey Urms I’d be bereft at leaving apart from being back to family.

Have a good day all. Take care.

ginny Fri 24-Sep-21 08:01:42

Good morning. It’s looking a bit dull outside but maybe it will clear.
Not much planned for today. I’ll catch up with some housework and will look at my warmer clothes ready for switching what is in the wardrobe. Also have to sort out a muddle with my repeat prescription, so a trip to the chemist and probably a call to the doctors surgery.
Healing thoughts for all who need them .

Pittcity Fri 24-Sep-21 08:08:29

Good morning from a cool but brightening Colchester. Another warm, dry day forecast.
Supermarket and laundry this morning.
We are on the school run later and have 2 x dgs overnight as their parents are going to a wedding. DS is home for the weekend too. 4 men and me!
Love to all 🦩x

NannyJan53 Fri 24-Sep-21 08:16:34

Good morning from a dull Black Country, but hopefully as yesterday it will turn into a glorious sunny day!

u3a walking group this morning, then I really must get jobs done around the house this morning, as I have been out every day this week.

A walk down the Staffordshire railway path yesterday with Mum, where we popped into the charity shop and I bought a lovely pair of blue trousers, and a vase which matches a bowl I already have!

Then picked up DGD4 from after school club , where she had played Netball. She scored 2 goals, or is it nets?

grandMattie my heart goes out to you and your DGS.

Urmston although the weather has been gloriously sunny in the day here, it does get quite chilly in the evenings, so pack your thermals smile

Wishing you all a lovely day

Daisytwoshoes Fri 24-Sep-21 08:20:46

Just to say good morning everyone
Have a good day
Thoughts to those who are under the weather or have troubles 💐

Nannytopsy Fri 24-Sep-21 08:20:47

Good morning Mick and all his followers. As Gingster & Neen have said, it’s a beautiful morning in Suffolk. We shall visit to local auction house for their Friday morning plant auction - I want a sack of daffodils at the very least! Then we shall carry on to the coast, for fish and chips at Dunwich. We could stay here, dig out weeds and clean but impromptu trips are what retirement here was meant to be about.
Carpe diem!
Kitty & Dragonfly I am glad you got together. Covid got in the way of meeting people here. Perhaps it’s time to start again.
Glad you won’t have time to mope when you get back Urms!
I hope the day is kind to everyone.

Greyduster Fri 24-Sep-21 08:23:01

Good morning, Michael and all GNs. Sun is trying to break through the clouds here, and it’s chilly. Food shopping today and I must put some stewing steak in the slow cooker as DS is coming down tomorrow and I have promised him a meat and potato pie. Then I will go all out to finish the sweater I have been knitting - I think I’m going to need it this winter! Lasagne and salad for dinner.
Enjoy your day, folks.

baubles Fri 24-Sep-21 08:27:05

Good morning Mick, morning all from rainy South Lanarkshire.

My thoughts are with you gMattie.

Good to hear that you and your DH will have a little more support Harri.

Yesterday’s museum and gallery visits were so enjoyable. Part of the museum is dedicated to anatomical collections, some of which are a little gruesome but as the marvels of modern medicine grew from those early works I’m very grateful for them.

As well as the Joan Eardley works which I’d wanted to see in the art gallery, there was an exhibition of the works of Whistler which was a real treat.

Not a lot happening today, the weather is making me disinclined to go out, we’ll see what the day brings.

So many missing posters but I suppose that’s just life in the virtual world.
Wishing everyone a peaceful day. 🦩🦩