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Things I have bought but hardly ever used

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NanKate Sat 25-Sep-21 07:46:24

In the 70s I bought a yogurt maker only used it a few times.

What about you?

Whitewavemark2 Sat 25-Sep-21 07:50:01

DH has a shed full. He loves gadgets and obscure tools.

MayBeMaw Sat 25-Sep-21 07:52:12

I used to have a hand mincer (Spong) which you attached to the kitchen table, inherited from my mother which she either eventually reclaimed or I passed on to someone else and I always wanted the mincer attachment for my Kenwood Chef.
A few years before he died we bought a new Kenwood as the old one had gone up in smoke after 30+ years and Paw made a point of buying the mincer attachment too.
Used it once sad Sorry Paw

Maggiemaybe Sat 25-Sep-21 07:53:03

Our yoghurt maker got a lot of use back in the day. The pasta maker, on the other hand, has seen the light of day three times.

And the spiraliser only comes into its own when my DGS are here, as they like the lollies left over when you feed a carrot through.

NotSpaghetti Sat 25-Sep-21 07:59:33

I was gifted a pasta maker. I used it twice. Years later (now) I often wish I had one!

A beading loom. Love the idea of this but again, used it perhaps twice.

Not a gadget but all my makeup goes off before I've used it half a dozen times.

However my hand mincer and my kenwood mincer attachment and my yogurt maker were all used a lot!

Ladyleftfieldlover Sat 25-Sep-21 08:05:30

I had a pasta maker and used it once. I lent it to a friend for two years. She didn’t use it at all and gave it back. Elder son then had it for a year. Used it once. I then took it to a Red Cross Charity Shop.

Sashabel Sat 25-Sep-21 08:09:32

I bought an ice cream maker over 10 years ago and it's still in the box and never been used. Charity shop here I come!!

Early Sat 25-Sep-21 08:10:21

I still have my stick-to-thecounter-top Spong - a wedding gift 46 years ago. I use it for grating carrots finely. My Kenwood Chefette lasted 45 years but the motor caught light last year! I still use the bowl.

A spiralizer was used once and the mandolin slicer sits unloved in the cupboard as I value my fingertips too much.

DillytheGardener Sat 25-Sep-21 08:11:52

Pasta maker (used once by ds1) who left it behind before he moved to nz and a toaster maker which is similarly never used. Good reminder to take them to the charity shop this weekend, thanks!

annsixty Sat 25-Sep-21 08:15:37

A steam cleaner for the hard floors.
I used it once and by the time I
had attached the cloth thingy, filled it with water, waited for the water to heat, I could have filled the mop bucket and done half the floors with the very efficient hand mop.
It went to the tip.

Squiffy Sat 25-Sep-21 08:16:35

I have a breadmaker, but my bread never turned out well, so I gave up. Since going gluten free, I keep thinking about trying again as gf bread is so expensive. I'm still at the 'thinking about it stage' five years later! blush 🙄😆

EkwaNimitee Sat 25-Sep-21 08:39:43

A mandolin. When I entertained more, I developed an ambition to provide classy salads rather than my crudely chopped crudités . Practice made me realise the danger to my fingers and it went into the cupboard for years until a fortnight ago when it went to the charity shop in good as new condition .

JessK Sat 25-Sep-21 09:18:23

I'm another bread maker owner who has failed to master the art of a good loaf of edible bread from the machine. Much easier to pop to the local baker!

tanith Sat 25-Sep-21 09:25:51

Sadly when DH died I gave many ‘helpful’ gadgets he’d bought to the charity shop. They included ice cream maker, popcorn maker (to Granddaughter) steam cleaner, electric knife, mandolin, bread maker, 2 Dab radios, blow up pool (for hot Summers) most only used once.

Scribbles Sat 25-Sep-21 09:31:51

A juicer - loved making my own juice 'cocktails' but cleaning the wretched thing was a nightmare.

A spiralizer. Whatever possessed me?

Both went to the charity shop when we moved.

A sonic cleaning brush. I still have that, rarely used but occasionally it justifies its keep.

Yammy Sat 25-Sep-21 09:34:55


A steam cleaner for the hard floors.
I used it once and by the time I
had attached the cloth thingy, filled it with water, waited for the water to heat, I could have filled the mop bucket and done half the floors with the very efficient hand mop.
It went to the tip.

I am the same,I had wanted a steam cleaner for years got one about 18 months ago used it twice and it's in the shed. I bought a Fash mop instead very quick but needs using often so DH went back to the bucket and mop version I still use the flash mop.
Also for years, I had an unused pasta maker that was a present, we got rid of it when we moved. During lockdown bought another one and it is sitting with a bag of oo flour unused yet again.

travelsafar Sat 25-Sep-21 09:36:01

Scribbles I too bought a juicer when they were all the rage and everyone was raving about them. It is either buried at the back of the shed or under the stairs somewhere, like you used once and such a faff to clean!!!!

Marmight Sat 25-Sep-21 09:47:53

Bread maker. A gift and used once. The hook thingy was embedded in the loaf.

Then there’s the huge elephant in the room (garage actually). A table top dishwasher from my family last Christmas. Still wrapped in santa paper. I don’t have any work space on which to put it. It was meant well but I wish they had asked me first : I was planning on a slim line under the worktop model 🙈

dragonfly46 Sat 25-Sep-21 09:51:24

I had a very cheap bread maker and used it all the time for years. A few years ago I thought I would upgrade to a 'better' one and bought the Panasonic. I have never got on with it and it is barely used.

halfpint1 Sat 25-Sep-21 09:54:12

My daughter bought me a hoover/steamer combined and I do use it, however I call it the 'tank'because it is so noisy and heavy. Now after a year I can see the floors are looking grimy and have decided to buy a new mop and bucket and do the job thoroughly!

Lovetopaint037 Sat 25-Sep-21 09:55:57

An ice cream maker. Makes decent ice cream and a really good make but after a few uses abandoned. That is awaiting my grandson moving into a new home as his fiancé loves cooking etc. Also have a food processor but use instead beaters for cake making and blender for soup making. Also have a separate chopping tool. I do have a Panasonic Bread maker and that is used as it makes decent bread, pizzas.

JenniferEccles Sat 25-Sep-21 09:55:59

The worst thing I ever bought was a sandwich toaster.
I guess it almost qualifies as never used as the first and only time I used it I realised I had made a mistake.
The mess! I was careful not to put too much cheese in the sandwich as I was aware it could squidge out, but squidge out it still did.
There was nothing to remove to clean in the sink so it meant multiple wipes with a damp soapy cloth.
Whatever made me think there was anything wrong with using the cooker grill?

I ended up giving it to a friend who was keen to have it despite what I said!

Over the years I have had the usual ‘must haves’ like electric carving knife, juicer, bread maker etc, which were a mistake but the sandwich toaster sticks in my mind!

There were some things I never fell for though like an egg slicer!

Sara1954 Sat 25-Sep-21 09:59:39

I am not a gadget lover, but like so many of you, I do have the once used (by my husband) pasta maker.

Hetty58 Sat 25-Sep-21 10:00:27

JenniferEccles, yes - sandwich toaster was swiftly hidden, as soon as I found out how long it took to clean it - then thrown out. These days I toast sandwiches in the air fryer.

Tizliz Sat 25-Sep-21 10:00:55

If you have trouble with your bread it is usually the yeast - keep it in the freezer and you will have more success.

My unused item is a mandolin. OH bought it and used it twice, far too much fuss