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Household things I’m glad I bought

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grannyactivist Sat 25-Sep-21 14:20:34

Having seen and commented on the thread where people are commenting on things they regret buying I couldn’t resist commenting on the things I’m glad I bought.

Mandolin (in use almost every day)
Bread maker (ditto)
Yoghurt maker (weekly)
Electric waffle maker (I have two for when family visit)
Stick blender
Ginger grater (makes the job so much easier)
Stand mixer
Steam mop
Carpet washer
Dishwasher (how did I manage without for so long?)
Popcorn maker (not just for the children)
Maslin pan, jam funnel and thermometer

I realise there are few things that I’ve bought and have regretted. 😊

Allsorts Sat 25-Sep-21 14:24:34

My I pad and I phone and smart tv, love them, too much.

Skydancer Sat 25-Sep-21 14:32:13

*Things I'm glad I bought*:
Electric blanket
*Things I regret buying*:
Slow cooker (still in the box)
Garden sprayer (whatever was that for!)
Telescope to watch birds (too heavy)
Machine to "lift" the face (ha ha... didn't work)
Floaty dress from charity shop (whenever would I wear it!)
Camera equipment (can't see properly due to cataracts)
Goodness... I could go on a holiday with all the money I've wasted.

Kim19 Sat 25-Sep-21 14:36:38


Calendargirl Sat 25-Sep-21 14:38:24

My slow cooker was one of the best £20 I have ever spent. Used frequently for all sorts of meals, useful to make pasta sauce when I have a glut of tomatoes, cook my Christmas puddings in it overnight…..

Bluebellwould Sat 25-Sep-21 14:40:01

Slow cooker, use 2/3 times a week.
Good set of rechargeable screwdriver and bits.
Chrome cast thingy, plugs on back of TV so I can stream YouTube off my iPad. I watch the sea rolling in and rain streaming down for hours.
My 2 cats.
An upright plastic wheelbarrow for dirty washing and moving heavy things about house.

Jaxjacky Sat 25-Sep-21 14:52:20

Electric blanket, two SLO cookers, Sabatier knife with steel, right angled garden hoe, greenhouse, thermals, vape so I actually gave up cigarettes.

Callistemon Sat 25-Sep-21 14:52:52

Washing machine
Slow cooker
Vegetable steamer
Floor steamer
Soup maker
Food processor + blender
A little electric chopping machine for garlic and onions
Stick blender
Measuring spoons and cups
Old fashioned non-digital scales

Callistemon Sat 25-Sep-21 14:54:14

A spider catcher which is useful for rescuing bees which stray indoors.

Aldom Sat 25-Sep-21 15:18:21

GtechAirRam vacuum cleaner. It's wonderful. Also my mobile phone.

ElderlyPerson Sat 25-Sep-21 15:19:17

One of these toolkits.

I saw it as available so I bought one in case I needed it.

I have used the pointed nose pliers to bend the fixing tangs on the back of photo frames, and to get open packs of Alpro soya drink when one end of the pull ring breaks off.

The cutters once to cut a piece of picture hanging wire off a coil of it.

None of the others yet, but there handy in case some need arises, such as a loose screw on a doorknob.

Maria59 Sat 25-Sep-21 15:31:22

Slow cooker great for rice pudding
Stick blender
Electric can opener
Carpet washer
Steamer saucepan
Oven with foldaway door (short arms made cleaning a standard oven very difficult)

Blossoming Sat 25-Sep-21 15:35:40

Slow cooker
Ninja air fryer
Zyliss manual food processor
Onion holder
Rubber broom

EkwaNimitee Sat 25-Sep-21 15:37:13

My Apple Watch, so unnecessary in theory, but I couldn’t be without it.
My Brabantia corkscrew, never has a wine bottle been opened so swiftly and easily.

Germanshepherdsmum Sat 25-Sep-21 15:42:30

Slow cooker
Soup maker
Flash speed mop (I know, environmentally unfriendly but jolly useful - dog)
Machine washable doormats - dog
Spider catcher
Seriously big lasagne/all sorts of things dish
Le Creuset casseroles
Big freezer

Sweetpeasue Sat 25-Sep-21 18:58:08

My sturdy mixer with bread dough hook. Amazing for kneading bread dough.
Slow cooker.
Pyrex measuring jugs( I take them to every holiday cottage)

Blossoming Sat 25-Sep-21 18:59:53

I didn’t buy Mr. B but I’m very glad to have him. He is the most precious thing in my life.

Shandy57 Sat 25-Sep-21 19:07:10

Cordless lawn mower, makes life so much easier as I have to mow the lawn at the front and back of the bungalow. No more wires trailing out of windows!

Westcoaster Sat 25-Sep-21 20:37:16

I absolutely love my Ninja Foodi Grill which I bought about a year ago. I've used it almost daily since it arrived, but it's completely taken over now that I'm on my own.
I did use the slow cooker a lot too, specially in winter for casseroles, but probably less now. Seems a bit of a pfaff just for me.

Amberone Sat 25-Sep-21 21:30:57

Shandy57 Love my cordless mower too! Has wheels, so easy to push, nice and light and no cord to get tangled and works on long, wet grass. Brilliant.

Also love my Ninja Foodie, use it all the time for air frying, occasionally for pressure cooking and grilling.

My new kitchen knives and easy-peasy sharpener. So sharp it makes life so much easier for chopping veg.

My cordless sanders, make sanding door jambs and skirting much easier.

Cherrytree59 Sat 25-Sep-21 21:53:44

Shandy and Amberone
Looking into purchasing a cordless lawnmower atm.
Can you please tell me the name/type of cordless mowers you both have smile

HurdyGurdy Sat 25-Sep-21 22:04:02

Cherrytree59 - we also have a cordless mower and strimmer. Both are Makita, as they fit in with the range of power tools that my husband has, and the batteries are inter-changeable.

I've only been "allowed" to use them once, and that was only after the novelty had worn off for my husband grin.

I found the mower very easy to use, and it was very easy to adjust the height of the cut, which is something I struggled with a bit with our old corded Black & Decker. It has more height choices too.

The strimmer I found a bit more awkward, but I think that was because it was adjusted to suit my husband's arm reach, and his is longer than mine. I was too impatient to properly adjust it, so it may well be easier than I made it. I thought it was quite heavy, but that's probably the battery. I have rheumatoid arthritis and my wrists are weak and I've little grip in my hands, but I managed to use both mower and strimmer without much difficulty.

Both have given good results, and my husband is very pleased he made the investment (I've no real opinion because I don't really use them).

NanKate Sat 25-Sep-21 22:16:11

I am welded to my iPad, iPhone, apps on the tv, plus my Kindle.

DH takes our insect catcher on holiday and uses it regularly.

Casdon Sat 25-Sep-21 22:37:54

I dislike cooking, so kitchen stuff isn’t on my list except the coffee machine, which is my best ever purchase, it’s the only household appliance that makes me happy every day.
Second favourite is my Lakeland heated clothes airer.
Third is the cordless hedge trimmer, which saves hours and is very satisfying to use.

Jane43 Sat 25-Sep-21 22:45:22

Water softener, definitely the best thing we’ve bought since moving into our current house 8 years ago
Built in eye level oven, previous one was under a unit and difficult to clean as we got older
Halogen hob, heats up almost instantly and very easy to clean
Bissell floor cleaner, vacuums and cleans hard floors and rugs
Cordless vacuum cleaner
Chest freezer
Electric tin opener
Gadget that makes opening tops on jam, pickles etc easy
Slow cooker
I didn’t buy them but my two apps for Internet banking are things I couldn’t do without
Again not something I bought but FaceBook messenger is something I use to send messages or phone friends and family